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Celestron CGE PRO

Celestron CGE PRO£3,959.00  -  £10,440.00

The Celestron CGE PRO is a fully computerised observatory class German equatorial mount with a capacity to hold 90lb optical tubes. A superb mount for the serious astro imager that would also make an excellent base for school, college or university observatory projects. The CGE Pro has been designed with the features to accommodate the most demanding imaging applications.

Celestron CGEM DX GOTO

Celestron CGEM DX GOTO£1,749.00  -  £8,499.00

Essentially the new Celestron CGEM DX is the regular Celestron CGEM mounted on the Celestron CGE PRO's tripod. It also has a new power board that enables the motors to draw more current, giving it a higher payload.

Celestron CGEM GOTO

Celestron CGEM GOTO£1,289.00  -  £4,599.00

The Celestron CGEM mount is essentially the next step up from the ubiquitous Skywatcher NEQ6 PRO and sits neatly between the Celestron Advanced Series CG-5 and the CGE PRO.

Celestron Advanced VX Mount

Celestron Advanced VX Mount£699.00

The new Celestron Advanced VX mount is a completely re-engineered upgrade to the hugely successful Celestron CG5-GT mount



Celestron Omni CG-4 mount

Celestron Omni CG-4 mount£259.00

Mid-sized German Equatorial Mount with sturdy 1.75" steel-pipe tripod with adjustable height and center brace/accessory tray. Ball bearings in both axis for smooth trackin. Easy setup, no tools required. 

Includes two counterweights, 7 lb and 4 lb.

Celestron StarSense Accessory

Celestron StarSense Accessory£249.00

The revolutionary technology in the award-winning SkyProdigy telescope is now available for all Celestron computerized telescope including the SLT, SE, CG5-GT, VX, CGEM and CPC series. 




ADM Dual Saddle upgrade for EQ5 and CG5

ADM Dual Saddle upgrade for EQ5 and CG5£120.00

The original and BEST dual saddle.

Replaces the standard Skywatcher EQ5 or Celestron CG5 saddle with a dual-saddle device that enables both the popular Vixen (Skywatcher/Celestron) and Losmandy type dovetails to be mounted directly to the mount.

Dual Axis Motor Drive for CG-4 and Omni

Dual Axis Motor Drive for CG-4 and Omni£119.00

This dual axis motor drive, with drive corrector capabilities, is designed for Celestron's CG-4 and Omni mounts for tracking in RA, it also allows movement in DEC.

Precision drive correctors are a must for those with a serious interest in astrophotography or CCD imaging. Four speeds are available: 1x (sidereal), 2x for guiding, 4x, and 8x for centering.

Celestron SkyQ Link 2 WiFi Adapter

Celestron SkyQ Link 2 WiFi Adapter£113.00

WiFi Access to the Universe with Celestron SkyQ Link

Celestron's innovative new SkyQ Link WiFi Module takes the technology behind their SkyQ app even further by activating a wireless control feature for most computerized Celestron telescopes.

Celestron NexStar+ Hand Controller - EQ Mounts

Celestron NexStar+ Hand Controller - EQ Mounts£92.00

The Celestron NexStar+ EQ Hand Control is a standard accessory on all current equatorially mounted NexStar-style telescopes, and is compatible with the Celestron Advanced VX, CGEM, CGEM DX & CGE Pro computerised telescopes.

Celestron NexStar Hand Controller for Adv. CG-5 GT, CGE & CGE Pro Mounts

Celestron NexStar Hand Controller for Adv. CG-5 GT, CGE & CGE Pro Mounts£70.00

This flashable Celestron NexStar hand controller is compatible with Advanced CG-5 GT, CGEM and CGE Pro series computerised mounts.

AstroMaster Tripod

AstroMaster Tripod£66.00

Heavy duty tripod with steel legs provides a stable platform for binoculars, small telescope tubes, spotting scopes, etc.

Celestron Polar Axis Scope

Celestron Polar Axis Scope£33.00  -  £34.00

Provides accurate polar alignment by providing a means of visually aligning your German equatorial mount with Polaris and true North.

Available for CG-4, Omni CG-4, CG-5, AVX and CGEM mounts.

Motor Drive for Celestron Astromaster GEQ

Motor Drive for Celestron Astromaster GEQ£32.00

Variable speed RA Motor drive offering the convenience of hands free tracking of astronomical objects.

Compatible with all Celestron German Equatorial (EQ) AstroMaster and PowerSeeker telescopes. 

Celestron Counterweights

Celestron Counterweights£28.00  -  £88.00

Additional counterweights for Celestron mounts.

FLO Skywatcher ST80 Dovetail

FLO Skywatcher ST80 Dovetail£22.00

This solid CNC-machined black-anodised dovetail mounting bar has countersunk holes spaced specifically for the Startravel-80, and is supplied with the necessary M6 bolts. 

Skywatcher L-Bracket Dovetail

Skywatcher L-Bracket Dovetail£19.90

The Skywatcher L-Bracket dovetail is a useful accessory for mounting telescopes, spotting-scopes and binoculars to mounts such as the Vixen Mini Porta and Porta II, Skywatcher AZ-4, Supatrak and AZ Synscan Goto and Celestron SLT and SE series mounts.

Celestron Aux Port Splitter

Celestron Aux Port Splitter£19.00  -  £77.00

The Aux Port Splitter from Celestron is an accessory for computerised telescope mounts. 

Note: You need one of these when connecting a Celestron StarSense to a Celestron CG-5 GT mount.  

Celestron Car Battery Adaptor (for all NexStars)

Celestron Car Battery Adaptor (for all NexStars)£17.90

Power your Celestron computerised telescope from your car battery or a portable 12V DC power supply.

Serial cable for Skywatcher and Celestron mounts

Serial cable for Skywatcher and Celestron mounts£12.00  -  £16.00

These well made Serial RS232 cables are suitable for use with Skywatcher mounts using a Synscan handset and Celestron mounts using a Nexstar handset.

Connects PC and handset for control of the mount via suitable planetarium software. Computers without an RS232 port will also require a RS232-USB adapter.

Also suitable for connecting a handset to a PC for upgrading the handset's firmware. 

Please select the mount and length required.

Celestron CG-5 GT GOTO

Celestron CG-5 GT GOTOPlease Contact Us

The Celestron CG-5 GT is essentially the Skywatcher EQ5 PRO (made by the same company) but features a heavier duty tripod, quality ball-bearings in both axis and a more sophisticated Celestron GOTO alignment routine. 



Celestron Nexstar SE Mount & Tripod

Celestron Nexstar SE Mount & TripodPlease Contact Us

This is essentially the mount and tripod normally supplied with the Celestron Nexstar 6 and 8 SE series. A sturdy computerised GOTO mount with Celestron's unique patented single fork arm with integral hand control. 

Suitable for use with short-medium length telescopes. 


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