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Price:  £278.00Skywatcher Skyliner 200P Dobsonian

Skywatcher Skyliner 200P Dobsonian


In stock - Delivery 1-3 working days.

Model:  dobsky200
Brand:  Skywatcher


The UK's most popular Dobsonian telescope.

"The Skyliner 200’s flat-packed base is very easy to build and set up, and comes with excellent instructions….The optics were sharp across 80% of the 1 degree field of view….We were very pleased with the appearance of al the test objects – we even managed to find the Crab Nebula, M81 and M82 in near-full Moonlight, whereas the other scopes were struggling. Under darker skies the Double Cluster had that ‘Wow’ factor when it was centred using the 25mm eyepiece, as did M35. The Pleiades (M45) was just a bit too large to fit in the field of view, but the main central stars looked stunning….Turning to Saturn, the view really took our breath away: we saw five moons, a clear-cut Cassini Division and a colour difference between the A and B rings. Not only that, but Saturn also displayed a prominent belt – with this scope planetary detail is certainly not compromised….Fans of deep-sky observing would certainly find the Skyliner satisfying….The Skyliner was a joy to use.”  BBC SKY AT NIGHT MAGAZINE


Features and specification

  • Magnifications (with eyepieces supplied): x48 & x120
  • Highest Practical Power (Potential): x406
  • Diameter of Primary Mirror: 203mm
  • Telescope Focal Length: 1200mm (f/5.91)
  • Eyepieces Supplied (1.25"): 10mm & 25mm
  • Dual-Fit 1.25"/2" Crayford-style Focuser
  • Parabolic Primary Mirror with Protective Silicon-Dioxide Overcoat
  • Super-smooth Azimuth Movement with Teflon Pads
  • Diffraction Limited Optics
  • 0.5mm Ultra-Thin Secondary Mirror Supports
  • 9x50 Finderscope
  • Direct SLR Camera Connection
  • Wooden Alt-Azimuth Mount with Accessory Tray
  • 77% more Light Gathering than 150mm

Skywatcher Skyliner 200P Dobsonian Questions & Answers

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Q1. How much does the full assembly weigh?

The boxed weights are a total of 32KG, (2 boxes, 14KG and 8KG) this will include the packaging and accessories. Allowing for this it will be around 29/30KG in total.

The 200P dobsonian is designed so you can carry the base out and then the telescope, its very easy to sit the telescope in the base once outside. The base will be around 13KG and the Telescope itself around 17KG.

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Skywatcher 200P Dobson
Saturday, 30 August 2014  | 

I was in a quandary if I was going for the 127 Mak or the 200 dobson, after a lot of help and advice from members of SGL the decision was made I went for the dobson, A decision I am not regretting,
ordered 12.30 am on the wed and was delivered by 9am following day I was over the moon with it and its performance. It is very quick and easy to locate objects, a lot quicker than a goto system. having a 130 az goto synscan it was like waiting for a kettle to boil. tracking i can cope very easy.
A brilliant telescope!!

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Absolutely brilliant.
Tuesday, 5 August 2014  | 

After very long and arduous research, I realised this telescope was the best choice for me, and I'm overjoyed to say I made the right decision. This telescope is absolutely incredible. After a few nights of observation, I've managed to see a plethora of astronomical beauties. Observing Saturn takes your breath away. Rings were clearly visible, including a few of Saturn's moons. Also looked at the moon and the clarity of the craters was remarkable. On the shadow side of the half-moon, I used my rubbish 6mm lens (meaning I was achieving 200x magnification) and I was surprised at the fact that the telescope was still achieving exceptional clarity. I looked up the see Lyra and felt the desire to try to locate M57 for the first time ever. The Ring Nebula shines at magnitude 8.8 and even with the moon up during the relatively early summer sky, it was incredibly bright. Using averted vision, you can clearly see the ring shape, using either supplied eyepieces. Looked at M13 but that was very fuzzy; quite disappointing, in truth. The only real drawback is the size and weight of it; it makes it awkward and difficult to carry and move about, which can be discouraging, but lugging the telescope around is far worth it for the exceptional views this telescope is capable of.

In conclusion, this is a fantastic telescope and I would recommend to any beginner or intermediate.

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Saturday, 1 June 2013  | 

I recently bought this telescope and I was astounded with the results I also bought the 2x Barlow which really helps when looking at stars and planets. I started off looking at jupiter which was amazing it looked so close but was so far away I started looking at other planets which also had amazing results. It is a great telescope for beginners and pros! Definitely recommend it

Rating (max 5):  
Better value than Hubble
Sunday, 7 April 2013  | 

This telescope is exceptionally good. I have had the pleasure of using one occasionally for the past year and it is easily the best instrument I have used. I can't believe that something of this quality is so cheap.

Stop reading this and buy one.

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decisions decisions!
Sunday, 8 April 2012  | 

I spent weeks making up my mind! This scope at 8" and its price sits bang in the sweet spot for best value. It is a very serious bit of kit and excellent quality.
I have used the similar eq mounted scope and the larger 10" version of this. This is the one to go for!
Delivered nice and quick and a great service from FLO.

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Ideal for a complete newbie!
Friday, 30 March 2012  | 

I was in 2 minds whether to get this dobsonian with it's brilliant aperture and DSO capabilities, or get a GoTo Skywatcher with 150mm aperture.
I chose the Dob because everyone gave me good recommendations from the SGL forums, and I am so glad I purchased this scope - especially from FLO!

The scope itself is made of an excellent quality and the instructions are excellent. Got the scope setup within about 40 minutes and I was away!

The scope is easy to transport, despite it's size as the scope and base can be separated with ease. The supplied eyepieces aren't too bad, either.

Then there's FLO, who were outstanding with this delivery and scope. Their communication with me was brilliant and when the order was completed at 3PM, I received it the following day.

I would recommend this scope to anyone, I cannot see anyone not liking this brilliant product. Even a complete newbie to astronomy would love this scope, so go for it, it's absolutely brilliant - I'll never look back!

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Newbie first proper telescope
Friday, 30 March 2012  | 

Ordered tues eve, delivered thurs afternoon, brought it home at 6, was ready to stargaze at 6.30. Excellent service. Yet to check collimation (only very minor bug, no collimation cap, but does tell you how to easily make one), but at first try the moon was awesome even saw detail on the side in shadow. Missed jupiter , but saw venus as a half moon, could just make out ice cap on mars . Saw my first nebula in orion. Had a veiw of saturn incl. the rings & one visible moon. Sirius looked like a diamond jewel & to finish had a waggle around & found a globular star cluster that turned out to be m5.
Very cool.

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Couldn't be happier
Tuesday, 28 February 2012  | 

What a great scope for the money.

Went with the 200p Dob after lots of recommendations from Stargazerslounge. The build quality is high for the price and FLO's customer service and delivery speed is excellent.

Word of warning this scope is BIG!


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Newbie to the stars
Wednesday, 28 December 2011  | 

Had to wait a week before i got a chance to take a peak but it was worth the wait.

I know nothing about telescopes or the stars but after 2 weeks searching reviews and forums on the net this was the budget one to get.

FLO price was the best and I was very pleased to receive before christmas (2 days turnaround).

Still have to collminate etc but my first night got a fantastic view of a quarter moon.

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Surprisingly good quality
Tuesday, 7 June 2011  | 

This 8 inch dob is surprisingly good quality, because you’d imagine there to be some faults with such a mass market, low cost telescope.

Yet the primary looked impressive with a star-test: no astigmatism, no major turned down edge, very similar rings inside and out of focus. I looked for a reason to have the primary sent off for testing and possible re-grinding, but couldn’t find a justification. The secondary did have a 1mm edge shaved off it, but is otherwise fine.

Indeed, the overall optical train showed features of Saturn that you’d expect from a good 8 inch: the Cassini division, colour difference between A and B rings, 4 moons and a definite belt on the planet.

What I particularly like with this Skywatcher 200 is that the optics and hardware are good enough to justify modifications to the 3 key areas:
-Cooling with a big 12cm fan to really blow out tube currents and clear the boundary layer off the mirror,
-Decent collimation with a sight tube and Cheshire/ laser. A laser alone isn’t sufficient as it indicated correct collimation when in fact a sight tube revealed the secondary to be slightly elliptical and too low in the OTA. This factory setting wouldn’t harm images, but they can be improved.
-Flocking with self-adhesive flocking paper and a home-made lightshield; important if you live under a little light pollution of a town/ city.

Following these modifications, M82 at zenith was beautiful on a good night with a Pentax XW 10mm eyepiece and averted vision: two dark bands through the cigar-shaped galaxy, one end gently phasing out into the night and the other slightly cupped, mottling across one side and occasional stellar brightness.

Experienced astronomers say you notice greater detail in any object the more minutes you observe- 10 mins is a good start. Based on that, the height of the 200 and 250 Skywatchers are ideal for relaxing in a comfortable chair after a day at work and picking out details. No crouching, tiptoes, stepladders, bending the neck. Just sit and enjoy.

But to really get the most out of this scope, search on forum about putting setting circles on a Dob and buying a cheap PDA with free astronomy software to convert RA/Dec into Alt/Azi, then take the 200 into the dark countryside with a copy of Luginbuhl and Skiff’s deep sky objects and be awestruck.
1000s of things to see.

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