Skywatcher Startravel 80 OTA

Skywatcher Startravel 80 OTA


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Model:  startravel-80-10734
Part Number:  10734
Brand:  Skywatcher


Specification and optics are the same as the Startravel-80 (ST80) but comes with 45º Erect Image Diagonal and is supplied without equatorial mount and tripod. Complete with tube rings and photo-tripod adapter.

Popular as a travel-scope, for grab-and-go astronomy and for use as a guidescope. Optically this telescope is better than its price suggests! 

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ST80 Guide scope
Saturday, 22 November 2014  | 

As a guide 'scope for imaging this little telescope is hard to beat. It's weakness for observing - chromatic aberration and poor UV filtering - is a positive benefit for guiding as a good guide camera like the Lodestar, together with PHD guide software, work best with very slightly diffused stars. So this telescope gets 5 for guide purposes - I don't use it for observing!

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EVOSTAR 80 - 5 Stars for Guiding / 3 for Observing
Tuesday, 7 June 2011  | 

Observers review:
As a pick up and go observers scope it makes for a light weight travel option, it has fast optics and short tube length which means you will get lots of false colour on bright edges you will also get some colour distortion but the views per £ certainly outweigh any negatives. Some of these issues can be resolved with filters you may want anyway.
Great starter scope and much MUCH! better than these national geographic type starter scopes on fleabay and supermarket clearance shelves, in fact itís not in that league at all.
Imagers review:
Well what good can be said about the Startravel 80 OTA? Well from an imagerís point of view a lot! This little gem finds its way atop of some of the worldís most exotic telescopes, the reason is because at f/5 it has fast optics which means for astro imaging it makes a great guide scope, easily picking out faint stars, when youíre in a bleak area of little guide stars to choose near the target a fast scope is a bonus, otherwise youíre going to need a way of moving the guide scope about, this will introduce flexure a long exposure imagers nightmare, I have only once ever needed to move the ST80 to find a guide star, I simply loosened the front scope ring and wedged a small piece of firm paper between the scope ring and the ST80 tube, this raised the scope enough to find a guide star. ST80 remains rigidly bolted above the imaging scope. I hate guide scope rings, thank fully I donít need them.

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