LUNT LS100THa/DSII doublestack module for LS100THa

LUNT LS100THa/DSII doublestack module for LS100THa

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Model:  lunt_ls100tha_dsii
Part Number:  0551490

Double-stack module for higher contrast and more details at the solar surface at LS100THa telescopes.

The LS100THa H-alpha solar telescopes can be double-stacked by using a LS100FHa filter, or by using this internal DSII double-stack modules. Double-stacking with LS100FHa filter (article number 0550400) is the professional but expensive way. The DSII double-stack modules are a reasonably priced possibility for double-stacking. The DSII modules will reduce the bandwidth to <0.5 Angstroms. The DSII module is designed to provide enhanced surface detail, allowing for higher contrast views of the filaments and active regions.
The LS100THa/DSII module is designed only for using at LS100THa telescopes, it cannot be used at any other telescopes.
PLEASE NOTE: Only usable at LS100THa telescopes with red anodized front cell on the scope! Not usable at old LS100THa telescopes without the red front cell and not usable at LS100MT telescopes!

  • Bandwidth: <0.5 Angstrom
  • Tuning: air-pressure tuning system 
  • DSII module with internal Etalon for LS100THa telescopes
  • Pressure Tuner system
(LS100THa telescope not included!)

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