LUNT LS130MT/DSII doublestack module for LS130MT
 LUNT LS130MT/DSII doublestack module for LS130MTLUNT LS130MT/DSII doublestack module for LS130MT 

LUNT LS130MT/DSII doublestack module for LS130MT

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About this product

Model:  lunt_ls130mt_dsii
Part Number:  0551690

With this module LS130MT telescopes show even more details on the solar surface

  • Only for use at LS130MT telescopes
  • Reduce the bandwidth to <0.5 Angstroms
  • More details on the solar surface will become visible
  • Air pressure tuning system Pressure Tuner
  • Etalon well protected inside the telescope

​Double-stack module for more contrast and details on the solar surface at LS130MT telescopes.

At the LS130MT H-alpha solar telescopes double-stacking is possible with these internal DSII double-stack modules. The DSII modules reduce the bandwidth to <0.5 Angstroms. The DSII modules are designed to show the surface details of the Sun better, the contrast is significantly increased and thus filaments, active regions and other surface details are much more visible.
Like the LS130MT telescope, the DSII Double-Stack module is tuned via the innovative Pressure-Tuner system, and the sensitive Etalon is well protected inside the telescope.

The LS130MT/DSII module is designed exclusively for use in the LS130MT telescope, it cannot be used at other telescopes.


  • Bandwidth: <0.5 Angstrom
  • Tuning: air-pressure tuning system
  • Weight: 2.3kg

What's in the box

  • DSII module with internal Etalon for LS130MT telescopes
  • Pressure Tuner system
(LS130MT telescope not included!)

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