LUNT LS80MTBP & F Conversion Kit for LS80MT

LUNT LS80MTBP & F Conversion Kit for LS80MT

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About this product

Model:  lunt_ls80mtbpf
Part Number:  0551330

Transforms the LS80MT into a 2-lens ED Apo for observation & photography of moon, planets & deep-sky

  • Turns the LS80MT into a real all-round telescope
  • Provides night sky observation & photography
  • Provides Sun observation in the Ca-K line
  • Provides Sun observation in White-Light
  • Only usable with LS80MT telescope

The LS80MT solar telescopes can be upgraded with this optional conversion kit. This allows the telescopes to be used as 2-lens ED apochromatic refractor for observation and photography of the starry night sky.

The H-Alpha system of the LS80MT telescopes can be easily replaced by this conversion kit. The conversion kit offers a high quality and solid R&P focuser. Even the heaviest cameras or other accessories will be hold without any problems and can be focused sensitively by the integrated 10:1 reduction.

Simply loosen three knurled screws holding the H-Alpha unit including the focuser at the LS80MT. Attach here the new focuser, and your LS80MT is transformed into a 2-lens apochromatic telescope. The new focuser offers 85mm focusing way with backlash- and tilt-free mechanics also when using heavy accessories. A 2 inch clamp is directly at the focuser, and an adapter to 1.25 inch is included in delivery.

But this is not all: With this conversion kit Herschel-wedges or Ca-K modules can be used at the LS80MT telescopes for solar observation. This makes it possible to observe the sun in H-alpha, in Calcium-K wavelength light, or in White-Light - with one and the same telescope!

This conversion kit turns the LS80MT into a real all-round telescope!


  • Backlash- and tilt-free mechanics
  • 85mm focusing way
  • 10:1 reduction
  • 2 inch and 1.25 inch connection

LS80MT telescope not included! Can only be used together with a LS80MT solar telescope. This conversion kit is absolutely necessary if a LS80MT telescope should be used for night sky observation.

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