Astro Essentials M54 Tilt Adjuster
 Astro Essentials M54 Tilt AdjusterAstro Essentials M54 Tilt Adjuster 

Astro Essentials M54 Tilt Adjuster

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Model:  ae_tilt-adj_m54-m54
Part Number:  ae_tilt-adj_m54-m54

Astro Essentials M54 Tilt Adjuster

You know the problem, you have achieved the best possible focus but in one or two corners the stars still aren’t quite right. Perhaps it is a tilted sensor or an accessory that isn’t quite orthogonal to the optical axis. 

A tilt adjuster enables you to make minute adjustments in real-time until you find the sweet-spot, regardless of what is causing the tilt. 

To use simply loosen the small setting screws then adjust one of the larger adjustment screws, watching the affect it has on the image. When you have found the sweet-spot retighten the setting screws. 

Adds approx 9-10mm to the optical path. 

M54 Tilt Adjuster featuring M54 Threads both scope and camera side.



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