Astro Essentials Right Angled Eyepiece for Polar Scopes
Astro Essentials Right Angled Eyepiece for Polar ScopesAstro Essentials Right Angled Eyepiece for Polar ScopesAstro Essentials Right Angled Eyepiece for Polar ScopesAstro Essentials Right Angled Eyepiece for Polar Scopes

Astro Essentials Right Angled Eyepiece for Polar Scopes

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Model:  ae_ps_ra_vf

This useful right-angled eyepiece and adapter makes polar alignment much more comfortable.

The adapter has 30mm internal aperture so fits most Sky-Watcher, Celestron and Orion polar scopes and includes a non-marring brass compression ring for a secure fit without damaging your polar scope. 

The right angled eyepiece is easy to use and focuses with a simple twist. It can also be rotated 360º for the most comfortable viewing position and features a 1x or 2x zoom for precise polar alignment.

Folding rubber eyecup provides comfort and helps keep out stray light. 

Supplied in a soft case. 

Works great with Sky-Watcher Star Adventurers!

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My back is happy!
Thursday, 5 May 2022  | 

Bought this to solve an issue polar aligning my EQ-5 - bending down to see Polaris meant getting into positions I couldn’t hold for long - this works brilliantly! I can get away with hour having to half crouch, and it works a charm when allied with the polar illuminator and the PS Align app. It comes with a plethora of adaptors so can also be used with possibly every dslr available!

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Simple and effective way to avoid a cricked neck!
Wednesday, 23 February 2022  | 

I had slight reservations about this product given the mixed reviews (of this and the Skywatcher equivalent) but these have been completely allayed. It works perfectly on my EQ5 and EQ3 polar scopes. Drooping issue mentioned elsewhere appears to me to be related to not putting the adapter fully home on the body of the polarscope. If you try to fix it to the outer focusing ring of the polar scope it definitely droops - this problem disappears when the adapter is pushed all the way home before tightening. "Budget" optics are more than bright enough to facilitate clear views of Polaris and the reticule. All in all really pleased with my purchase.

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Helps me not having to kneel down
Wednesday, 23 February 2022  | 

This piece of kit works just fine. Fits over my polar scope and saves me having the kneel down. So I am very happy with that. Plus the x2 zoom is very useful to spot what actually is happening!

The way this eyepiece fits to your polar scope is it just slips over and you tighten a single screw that in turn tightens a collar. This works fine, but does pull the alignment reticle out of the center of the view. I knew this at time of purchase and wasn't put off. To fix the issue, I have wrapped a few turns of PTFE tape around my polar scope and now the eyepiece fits over snug and only a few turns of the screw is needed to lock it in place. Minor issue solved! (Along with duck tape, PTFE tape solves loads of problems).

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Useful back saver
Monday, 17 January 2022  | 

It's certainly a useful bit of kit for an old codger like me where bending down to look through a polar alignment scope brings its own particular challenges. It comes with viewfinder brackets that very usefully mean I can also attach this to a number of DSLRs. that plus the 2x magnification switch should prove useful in acheiving sharp focus. The only real drawback I've come up against is that if you leave it attached to your mount indoors in my case an EQ35 then take it out you'll find yourself hammerd by condensation which forms annoyingly throughout the unit so either pre-cool it to outside temperature or just pop it on when needed. Promptly supplied as ever by FLO.

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Direct comparison with Skywatcher
Monday, 20 December 2021  | 

Due to a 'who's buying what' present confusion, I ended up with both this and the Skywatcher equivalent.
Which allowed me to perform a side by side comparison on my SW EQ5Pro.
Firstly, despite what has been written here previously, they both fit snugly and well, with no drooping or any concerns about reattaching to the polar scope.
The only difference being the Skywatcher uses three plastic tipped screws at 120' around the adaptor and the Astro Essentials uses a brass tighten ring with a one screw movement.
Of the two the Astro Essentials is probably the better method, only one screw to tighten and doesn't mark the polar scope.
The quality of both the eyepiece and the adaptor is better in the Skywatcher, the Skywatcher eyepiece is noticably heavier, the quality of the optics looked the same but I was only able to do this in daylight so you may see a difference in the dark.
In conclusion, the Skywatcher is better quality but more expensive but I think the Astro Essentials has a better fixing method and it does the same job.

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No more neck ache
Monday, 28 June 2021  | 

This has meant I can polar align more accurately without discomfort. Bright image and fits well without issues . Mine does fit securely - I have left it in place as unsure how it would cope with regular removal and re-attachment .

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Old age back saver!
Monday, 8 February 2021  | 

This right angled view finder works perfectly on my Star-Adventurer! Was surprised to find an assortment of pieces to adapt it to various brands of cameras view finders included with it.

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Right Angled Eyepiece for Polar Scopes
Thursday, 4 February 2021  | 

What a great piece of equipment. No more kneeling down to align the polar scope on my star adventurer. Easy to fit and take off once alignment is done. Great service from FLO as always. Maybe though they can change the sticker on boxes from may contain clouds/snow to may contain clear skies as actually getting outside to use my telescope and tracker more than once a month would be nice

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Thursday, 4 February 2021  | 

Received the Right Angled Eyepiece with adaptor, this product is utter garbage.

Firstly, the quality of the items are extremely poor and are typical of cheap Chinese products, in fact the same eyepiece is available on e-bay for half the cost you are charging.
Secondly, the adaptor does not align correctly with the eyepiece, it is off centre and does not give full view of the polar alignment, to correct requires removal of some of the adaptor material.
Thirdly, fitting the adaptor to the eyepiece was extremely tight, this has damaged the eyepiece retaining clip.
I wouldn't put this anywhere near my EQM-35 mount, never again.

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Tuesday, 2 February 2021  | 

Looks pretty much identical to the SkyWatcher unit with one exception, it only has one thumbscrew to its detriment. The unit kept drooping regardless as to how tight you do it up as it is on the side. Had the thumbscrew been on the top this would have pretty much stopped that from happening, or even better, use three thumbscrews like ths SkyWatcher unit, afterall, I expect that is why the SkyWatcher uses three to begin with! Shame really, I don't think it warrants the price either being only around £10 cheaper than the SkyWatcher unit, having said that, I don't think the SkyWatcher price is very good either for what it actually is. I returned mine for these reasons and will wait until the SkyWatcher units become available, whenever thatmight be. So, to sum up, potentially a good product but let down by the lack of thumbscrews and the price which is why I gave it only 3 stars.


I'm sorry you were unhappy with this Andy but, I think you've misunderstood how this works - we only use one thumbscrew against a brass compression ring so that it doesn't marr the polar scope. This is a more expensive option to produce than basic grub screws and should offer a more secure fit without damaging the polar scope as the brass ring tightens around instead.

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