AstroHutech Camera Rotator

AstroHutech Camera Rotator
AstroHutech Camera RotatorAstroHutech Camera RotatorAstroHutech Camera Rotator
AstroHutech Camera RotatorAstroHutech Camera RotatorAstroHutech Camera Rotator


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Model:  hutech_CR110
Part Number:  CR110
Brand:  AstroHutech


The camera rotator allows for rotation of a camera/lens setup at any angle about its optical axis and is much more stable than the typical ball-head mount which disturbs the system balance (especially on light-weight portable mounts) and is susceptible to slipping.

The rotator is convenient for switching between landscape and portrait camera orientation, as well as any arbitrary angle, such as when a camera is mounted on an equatorial tracking mount and a level horizon is desired.

The basic rotator weight is 460g, including a standard photo tripod mount 1/4"-20 female socket attachment and a male screw for the camera body attachment. The ring inside diameter (ID) is 110mm, allowing even very bulky lenses to be accommodated. A flat area at the top of the ring includes 5 holes, tapped for M6 screws, allowing for attachment of piggy-back accessories.

The distance between the camera mounting plate and the rotation axis is 43mm. Two spacers are included which widen the camera plate and the mount plate, or raise the camera plate for small body cameras such as mirror-less cameras.

Please note: DSLR camera in picture not included ;-)

Optional Accessories

Additional accessories available separately include a plate and secondary rings for piggy-back mounting of a second camera, guide camera, or finder.


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