Primaluce Lab 2" OnAxisLock Eyepiece Holder for Takahashi Telescopes (M72x1)

Primaluce Lab 2'' OnAxisLock Eyepiece Holder for Takahashi Telescopes (M72x1)


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Model:  pl_oal508tak72x1
Part Number:  OAL508TAK72X1
Brand:  Primaluce Lab

Primaluce Lab

Premium quality OnAxisLock 2" Eyepiece Holder for Takahashi (M72x1) Telescopes from Primaluce Lab.

This PrimaLuceLab OnAxisLock eyepiece holder is designed to replace the traditional eyepiece holder on Takahashi telescopes using an M72x1 thread and will allow you to insert any 50.8mm diameter accessory. Specially designed to perfectly center your accessories and offer a rigid and secure connection for heavier equipment, the double locking rings were designed to not mar your accessories and be easy to tighten even while wearing gloves.

A secure connection for heavier photographic or visual equipment is crucial to avoid flexure. The PrimaluceLab OnAxisLock visual backs avoids the pitfalls of a classic locking screw connection providing a specially designed double ring clamp to securely hold even the heaviest of cameras or eyepieces with uniform pressure.  The accessory is perfectly centered as a result and the adapter does not mar the barrel of your accessory keeping them in better condition.   The shape of the outer locking ring was designed to allow for easy tightening, even with gloves on. 

The OnAxisLock for Takahashi telescopes fits the M72x1 thread, replacing the traditional eyepiece holder provided with many Takahashi telescopes and allows you to insert any 50.8mm diameter accessory.  

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Primaluce Lab 2" OnAxisLock Eyepiece Holder for Takahashi Telescopes (M72x1) Questions & Answers

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