ADM Max-Guider Guidescope Saddle

ADM Max-Guider Guidescope Saddle

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About this product

Model:  adm-max-f
Part Number:  MAX-F

The MAX Guider is the ultimate alt-azimuth aiming device for your guidescope or finderscope! The two adjustments make finding and centering a guide-star trouble free. The pointing position of both altitude and azimuth adjustments can be locked for flexure free, long exposure astrophotography. This is also the perfect solution for large camera lenses where a 2D camera mount or ball head just wont cut it.

Will comfortably carry an 80mm refractor. 

MAX-F: The Max-F (pictured) fits onto an ADM Universal Losmandy-type dovetail bar mounted on top of your OTA.

MAX-M: The base of the MAX-M is essentially a 7" ADM Losmandy-type dovetail plate with extra 1/4x20 tapped holes along the center-line. It fits into any Losmandy-type saddle. It can also be bolted directly to an ADM side-by-side bar. Dimensions 19cm long, 5cm high and 10cm wide.

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