ADM Vixen Dovetail Plate Adapter

ADM Vixen Dovetail Plate Adapter

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Model:  adm_vdpa_adaptor
Part Number:  VPA

This Vixen Dovetail Plate Adapter (VDPA) allows you to attach accessories to a Vixen (V series) dovetail bar. The Vixen dovetail is approximately 1.75" wide with a 12 degree angle. The VDPA features a large clamping surface as opposed to single screw pressing on the dovetail. A countersink for a 1/4x20 socket head screw is drilled at the center. Spring loaded and guide pins for a smooth, easy opening solid locking system. Black Anodized and Stainless Steel for maximum durability and ultra good looks. 

Note: Two views of the same adapter are shown in the product photo but one adapter is supplied. 

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Not bad, but...
23 November 2020  | 

These are frustratingly quite easy to fall apart when unscrewing them. You MUST slide them onto the dovetail plate from the end and there is almost no tolerance left in how wide they can open before coming apart (using ADM branded Vixen dovetail as well, so it isn't a brand mismatch thing.) There is almost no tolerance for error, what seperates being able to slide these down the dovetail and the clamp falling apart is only a touch over a half a rotation of the knob.

Thankfully they are easy to put back together, but given how easy it is to make the clamp come apart I'd recommend against buying these. That said, if you are rarely removing the equipment from the dovetail, it won't be a problem, but if you are taking them off after each imaging session you're bound to over-turn the screw sooner or later and have the whole clamp come apart on you.

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ADM Vixen Dovetail Plate Adapter
17 October 2018  | 

Work perfectly and they are well made, however a bit expensive I think, hence 3 stars for price.

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Great for adding accessories to vixen dovetail.
21 August 2018  | 

If you have a vixen dovetail mounted on the top of your scope then these are perfect for adding accessories to it, such as a carry handle, finder shoe, guide scope rings, balancing weights, etc.

As they are compression locked along the length of the adapter they won't mark your dovetail with screw tip dots, however just be aware that you need to open the locking screw partially then slide the adapter onto the dovetail from the end. If you open the screw too far then it will pop out, but it's not difficult to put it back in if this does happen.

Extremely well made and won't mark your dovetail bar.

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Not quite big enough
26 April 2018  | 

These clamps seem to be made out of quality materials and work well except....

To fit on my skywatcher dovetail bar, they need to open up a fraction wider. I've lost count the number of times I have to loosen them to the point of them falling apart in order for them to fit around the bar. Made them just a fraction wider please!


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