Baader SteelTrack Diamond NT for Newtonians

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Model:  baad_st-nt-diamond_2957230
Part Number:  2957230

Features Baader's unique 'Diamond form' micro-geared drive system for zero backlash, zero cogging and zero flexure. 

Fits Newtonian telescopes 8" inch and larger. (Will also fit most 6" Newtonians if the telescope's original focuser is a 2" type). 

Whilst the mounting plate has been optimised for SkyWatcher/Celestron/Synta reflector telescopes it can also be used to upgrade most other Newtonian telescopes. 

Diamond Form Drive System

  • True diamonds form a micro-geared high precision drive system never accomplished before
  • In comparison to conventional crayford or rack & pinion drives, this micro-geared movement has zero backlash, zero cogging, and zero flexure
  • Diamond Steeltrack 2" focusers lift a payload of 6kg (13 lbs) straight up, without slipping, without excessive bearing preload (bearing preload can be increased further if necessary)
  • Bearing system utilises unbreakable Instrument Grade Roller-Bearings instead of simpler Ball Bearings handles higher loads with greater rigidity and accuracy. No Teflon-pads anywhere
  • 1:10 Stainless Steel fine-focus mechanism, ready for attachment of the optional Steeldrive temperature compensating motor drive system
  • Detachable drive block assembly is reversible for right hand or left hand fie-focus operation and for attaching the Steeldrive motorblock onto Diamond-NT-Steeltracks for newtonian telescopes
  • Shortest possible mechanical design achieves optimum balance between focuser height (backfocus) and rigidity requirements
  • Zero shift locking knob to precisely stop any movement without affecting optical axis adjustment

Focusing Drawtube

  • Each bearing individually adjustable for precise alignment of mechanical vs. optical axis
  • Ultra-hard subzero coated bearing races – precision milled and much harder than anodising or stainless steel
  • Oversized 55mm inner clear diameter, to prevent vignetting, with anti-reflection knife-edge baffles

Clamping System

  • S58 Dovetail ring-clamp built into focusing tube for accepting optional T-2 / M48 / M68 and other S58 direct thread adapters to enable direct thread connection of accessories and cameras without 2" clamp
  • 2" eyepiece clamp with hardened bronze clamp ring (length of clamp: 12.5mm / ½") included as standard
  • Optionally available 2" Baader Clicklock-clamp w. integrated S58 dovetail (added length: 16mm / 5/8")
  • Two auxiliary threads (M60x1 and M55x0,75) cut into the RT & NT focusing-tube for attachment of dedicated field flatteners or focal reducers/correctors

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Quality focuser
Monday, 6 June 2022  | 

Very pleased with this precision focuser from Baader. For the price, excellent quality and easily fitted to my TS Photon 6"Newtonian scope. Delivered quickly from the team at FLO.
As usual, exceptional advice from the folk at FLO. Many thanks.

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Excellent Upgrade
Wednesday, 27 October 2021  | 

I now have two SteelTrack focusers and I cannot fault them. I use both with auto-focus motors and even with heavy loads there is absolutely no slippage or movement. They are really well made and are fully adjustable to allow perfect alignment. If I ever need to upgrade again - this would be my first choice. There is more flex in the steel tube of the OTA than in the focuser!
As usual the service from FLO was spot.

Note: Nothing to do with the focuser itself, but I would question the fitting to 6" scopes. I have fitted it to my 6" newtonian, but it needed quite a bit of fettling and some DIY spacers and longer bolts to get it to fit. Also, I had to make a foam insert to try and reduce the gap under/round the focuser to prevent stray light entering the tube.

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First look/handling Diamond Steeltrack NT
Tuesday, 8 June 2021  | 

Oh dear. Looks like my other scopes are going to need an upgrade. My Baader Diamond Steeltrack NT has just been delivered, superb build quality the motion feels solid yet silky at the same time especially the slow speed motion.
Still have to build the 16" dob it's been purchased for but what a great bit of kit.
Definitely recommend this. The manual is very comprehensive (better still when you open it at the right end!)

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Super stable focussing platform and exemplary support from FLO
Sunday, 16 August 2020  | 

I bought this as a major upgrade to the rather nasty Skywatcher rack and pinion on my 2005 vintage Orion Optics 8" Newtonian. You do need to be able to drill four holes in the right places on your OTA and the attachment process seems unnecessarily fiddly but once done this provides a super stable focussing platform. The fine focussing is excellent - finally I can achieve focus in real time rather than having to guess through all the wobbling where focus will probably be. The first sample FLO sent me was slightly sticky but they provided exemplary support and I was soon up and running with a nice smooth version. I had a whole list of things I thought I might need to upgrade (including the mount) but the changes to my set up using this focusser are night and day and should keep me happy for some time yet. Not cheap but money well spent.

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Another Quality Purchase
Monday, 17 February 2020  | 

An addition to my mn190 which will improve my
Imaging setup a great deal. A powerful and reliable focuser is essential, and the Steel track certainly is all that.
Just need to strive to add the Steel drive now. Need to save up for that 😁

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Quality focuser and fast delivery
Wednesday, 29 January 2020  | 

As always, ordering from FLO is easy (to easy according to my financuial controller), delivery was quick and they will always be my first port of call for astro gear. The SteelTrack focuser is beautifully made, has a quality feel to it, and seems rock solid. Fitting wasn't too difficult, although it was not helped by Baader inexplicably putting a 1.25 mm allen key into the box where a 1.5 mm key was needed to undo the grub screws holding the body in place - most of us have loads of allen keys lying around so it wasn't a big issue, and I'm sure a 1.25 mm allen key will come in handy for something! The other problem I faced is that you do need additional shims to fit the focuser to anything less than an 8 inch tube - I was fitting this to a 150P-DS. The confusion was that there are shims included in the package, but these are only good for down to an 8 inch tube, anything less requires additional shims (I'm sure the Baader site does say this somewhere to be fair), or cobbling something together as I did.

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Quality focuser
Monday, 31 December 2018  | 

The quality is far superior to the dual speed one I had on my 200P, which used to flop about when the scope was moved. Just waiting for a clear night to try it out.
I will say it comes with no instructions, I watched a video on how to do it on youtube, which helped but the holes did not match up with the ones on my scope. Luckily I'm quite handy at DIY.

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Baader Diamond Steeltrack NT
Friday, 30 November 2018  | 

Recently purchased and fitted the Diamond Steeltrack NT to my
Quattro 12S and what an upgrade. No slippage or flexure whatsoever, the build quality is superb, carries camera, filter wheel and OAG with ease, a fantastic upgrade from the standard Skywatcher standard unit which is not up to the task of F4 imaging. I also fitted a DIY stepper motor to the focuser for imaging which works perfectly. As a test I sat 5.5kg directly on top on the drawtube and lifted it up and down vertically with zero slippage and perfect repeatability so Baaders capacity claim stands up. Unfortunately the mounting holes are not Skywatcher compatible thus requires redrilling the OTA but that's an easy task for anyone with basic mechanical skills. As usual first class service from FLO, a pleasure to do business with.

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Tuesday, 9 October 2018  | 

Great quality from FLO, very well packaged, quickly deliverd !

The focuser seems of great quality.

I'm happy with this purchase and with FLO

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Beautiful piece of engineering
Monday, 1 October 2018  | 

If you're used to stock focusers as I am then it's easy to appreciate how much better than the standard one that came with my Skywatcher 200P this is. So smooth and solid, lovely design and with no sign of slipping even without using the lock screw. Handles a CCD camera and filter wheel with ease.

The installation instructions on the Baader site are wrong though! The focuser is designed to replace the one on an 8 inch Newtonian, especially Skywatcher, and there's no way the attachment holes on the focuser line up with the existing holes on the tube - so you can't position the focuser using them. Also you need one set of shims to pack it out as well. Maybe it's an age/model thing - my old focuser was the single speed Crayford.

That said, it's still fairly easy to install.


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