Ocal Electronic Collimator Pro
Ocal Electronic Collimator ProOcal Electronic Collimator ProOcal Electronic Collimator Pro
Ocal Electronic Collimator ProOcal Electronic Collimator Pro

Ocal Electronic Collimator Pro

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About this product

Model:  ocal_ec_pro

NEW OCAL Electronic Collimator Pro for quick, easy & precise collimation! 

Updated manual kindly produced by Stuart Smith now available :-)

The Ocal electronic collimator is an ideal tool for carrying our precise collimation of Newtonian reflector, Ritchey-Chrétien, SCT and other types of reflecting telescopes.

Collimating using an Ocal electronic collimator is a quick, easy and comfortable experience making it possible to achieve an accuracy down to 0.08mm of primary mirror axial error. It can also be used to collimate the secondary mirror.

The collimation errors caused by different visual axis of the human eye when used with traditional collimation tools are totally eliminated when using a digital collimator.

Software is used to overlay several calibration circles over the image showing the primary and secondary mirrors allowing for very precise, repeatable alignment.

The Pro version includes an M42 to M48 adapter, an M42 to 1.25" nosepiece and can also be operated from a mobile phone / tablet as well as on a laptop or desktop like the standard version. Currently an Android app is available, due to high licensing costs there is unlikely to be an Apple version.


  • Each Collimator has perfect pixel level accuracy with high quality control
  • Installing the collimator by M42 threads minimises installation error
  • The collimation errors caused by different visual axis of the human eye with traditional collimation tools is totally eliminated
  • The product can solve the problem of collimating large telescopes, with the assistance of collimation results shows on screen immediately
  • 4 steps collimation - It is easy and suitable for everyone
  • Can be used to check if the center mark of the primary mirror is set correctly
  • You can share your collimation result by screenshot and send to OCAL for technical support
  • Pro version also works on Android smartphones / tablets

Product Videos

(Pro Version only)

What's in the box

  • OCAL Pro Camera Body
  • 1.5m USB Cable
  • Android OTG Adapters
  • M42 to M48 Adapter
  • M42 to 1.25" Nosepiece

Downloads / Manuals

The following manuals and downloads are available for this product:


OCAL Software


OCAL v2 Updated Manual (PDF)

OCAL Original Manual (PDF)

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Great place to do purchase from
Tuesday, 5 April 2022  | 

I am quite impressed with my first purchase from FLO. I live in USA and saw they had the OCAL Collimator Pro in stock, made a quick inquiry about delivery which I received a fast response and then placed the order. I was expecting a week or two for delivery but was blow away by how fast my item arrived. Got shipment notification on a Monday and package received on Thursday, same week. I don't think I have ever received an international shipment in 4 days! Definitely will come back to FLO first for future needs.

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Problems down loading
Friday, 4 March 2022  | 

It looks as if the OCAL Collimator Pro would be the Answer to my prayers after trying many other types,
Alas both my Windows Computers will not let me download the website details to bring the camera up. They say ,it is an UNSAFE Programme.
So what to do , how do other people manage it? Frustrated , but Hopefull , Brian


Hi Brian - this is down to the security settings in your browser or your anti-virus software. You will need to allow it to be installed before it will let you proceed.

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Saturday, 26 February 2022  | 

The user instructions are not that clear especially regarding the Pro version on the mobile and the fact you have to copy in the Calibrator centering code from the downloaded spread into the mobile app as part of the offset. Otherwise it's an excellent tool for collimating all types of reflecting telescopes. I use it on my 8" RC and 180 Mak.

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Ocal Electronic Collimator Pro
Tuesday, 23 November 2021  | 

I have a Celestron C11 which I have had for quite a few years and have never felt the need to collimate it. However on seeing this product I decided to purchase it just to check that the scope was indeed fully collimated. It was easy to set up and use. Surprisingly the collimation was very slightly out. Something you would not pick up visually. I just had to tweak one of the screws on the secondary holder, and that did the trick. This product certainly did its job and was worth the investment.


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