Sky-Watcher EvoGuide 50ED Guidescope
Sky-Watcher EvoGuide 50ED GuidescopeSky-Watcher EvoGuide 50ED GuidescopeSky-Watcher EvoGuide 50ED Guidescope

Sky-Watcher EvoGuide 50ED Guidescope

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About this product

Model:  sw_evoguide_50ed
Part Number:  10199

Latest Version - Includes a Vixen-style 45mm dovetail and a mini finderscope mount.

Features an Ohara ED doublet objective that includes an S-FPL53 ED glass element. 

242 mm focal length results in a fast f/4.8 focal ratio.

Precise non-rotating helical focuser for fine focus adjustment. 

It has a T2 thread and a 1.25” socket, so connecting your autoguider, camera, or eyepiece is easy. 

Alignment rings are provided, each with three nylon-tipped screws.

The bracket's finderscope mounting foot is a regular Sky-Watcher / Celestron / Vixen-style mini dovetail, so it fits into most finderscope shoes. The Vixen-style 45 dovetail bar features a 1/4-20 thread for tripod mounting.

  • Weight: 865g
  • Length: 263mm
  • Tube diameter: 56 mm
  • Widest diameter (excluding rings): 60mm

NOTE: Not suitable for use with a Star Diagonal (eyepieces won't achieve focus). 


  • Highest practical power: x100 (Eyepieces not supplied)
  • 50mm Objective
  • 242 mm (f/4.8) Focal Length
  • 1.25" Fine Helical Focuser
  • T2 thread / 1.25” Focuser Barrel for Camera / Eyepiece Connection
  • Doublet ED lens with 2 Ohara glass lenses (1 lens S-FPL53)
  • Guider Rings & Bracket 
  • Sky-Watcher / Celestron / Vixen Style Dovetail Foot for Standard Finder Shoes

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27 April 2023  | 

I bought the Evoguide to complete a new telescope project I was building. It sits atop my new Skywatcher Esprit 120 triplet and the results with guiding are great. But not only is it a guide scope, I have plans to press it into service as a small and very capable F4.8 242mm imager too, after all it is a doublet and has a FPL53 element. Iím just waiting to or

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Solid feel, but there is something about the stability of the focuser system
09 September 2022  | 

Overall this feels like a good product. But there is something with the focuser and set-screws that causes some wobblieness. It might be harsh not to give a full 5 star score only for this.
Otherwise, be aware that this device would require some focuser rebuild in order to be operated by an electronic focuser EAF, and that there is no easy way to attach a guide scope to this with the included parts.

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Evoguide 50ED
19 April 2022  | 

Yesterday I received the tube its design and materials are cool, I cant wait to use for guide my Evostar 72ED this weekend. Excellent service from FLO.

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Ultimate in portable imaging rig
07 April 2022  | 

I bought this to use as part of a very portable imaging rig. Used in conjunction with its field flattener and an AZ GTi mount (converted to eq) with it's accompanying tripod and pillar, the ASI Air plus and budget 30mm guide scope. Camera's 183 mc and 224 mc.

It works superbly well. Everything is carried one handed, setting up takes a matter of a few minutes, tracks superbly as it weighs so little and should I wish to take it out somewhere in the car, the whole lot can be taken in one piece.

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Quality optics; Sturdy build; Versatile and portable
19 January 2022  | 

The scope was checked out last week, and has reached my hands speedily in three days. In a few days, I find the scope very likable with its quality in both build and APO optics. It can be very versatile as well. Designed as a guide scope, it may even be used as a tele-lens. For this usage, I have done a simple comparison with my kit zoom lens tuned at 210mm using my Sony NEX camera. Since images cannot be uploaded here, I have posted the images at the link at

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Awesome little scope
11 September 2021  | 

I bought this scope to use it as a budget widefield small apo, (other options are pricier), along with the starizona evoFF (still in the mail) I have used it so far with my qhy 183 color camera. It's really nice to see pinpoint stars , as opposed to the oversized, bloated stars that you see in a normal achromatic guidescope). This is the second time I bought something from FLO and now I understand why everybody loves you, guys. First class service, packaging, shipping, timely delivery, all perfect. Looking forward to buy something else from you soon, keep up the good work!

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The little scope that could..
23 July 2021  | 

Looking through the 50ED guide scope for the first time was a real surprise.
Clear, crisp & color free viewing through a finder/guide scope is not something that I am not used to.
The focuser is a bit sloppy radially, but axially (where it counts) it is fine with no discernible play.
Can't wait to get a camera only the back of it to see what it can do photographically.

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Evoguide 50 ED
12 February 2021  | 

Wow only one piece of plastic thatís an achievement in its self, thatís the eyepiece cap ,every other part of this well made and very versatile bit of kit is metal except of course for the lenses which are of top quality all in all worth every penny .

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Nice compact guide scope but...
24 January 2021  | 

I needed a small good quality guide-scope and this fitted the bill. However...
1) it didnít reach focus with my Lodestar guide camera., even with the supplied extender. I had to fit an additional T2 extension to get to focus.
2) the helical focuser is reasonably stiff but it doesnít lock down
3) there is a degree of rotary slop even if the focus wheel doesnít move. Not seen it affect guiding yet but I could imagine the image would shift if the guidescope cable took even the slightest knock during a session.

Rating (max 5):  
Amazing Little Scope
22 January 2021  | 

So I bought this not with the intention of it being a guidescope, but to be a cheap APO refractor do to semi-widefield deep sky astrophotography. I was using a budget camera, with a small sensor, and paired with this short focal length, it was the perfect setup to just fit the moon in shot. I've got some really nice crystal clear photos of the moon, and there was no chromatic aberration at all on the moon, and the view of stars are lovely and sharp. With a sensor my size (7.99mm), the field is flat and all the stars perfect points, which is another benefit. The only disadvantage of using the scope as an imaging scope is that it can be hard to aim, as there is no guidescope, so you end up juggling the eyepiece (not included) and camera to get the object in shot. This is not a complaint however, as the scope wasn't really designed for this purpose. I've found that it works surprisingly well for deep sky astrophotography on a cheap EQ-1 Mount, and I'm currently upgrading it with stepper motors to make the tracking more accurate.
Due to it being quite cloudy recently I've only got a chance to test it briefly on the Pleiades, Orion's Nebula and the moon, but all have been a very significant improvement on the lens I had for my camera previously. The build quality is superb, and all the parts work perfectly, although it is a moderately heavy setup.
Overall, it produces lovely images and it is a great budget scope for those wanting an APO, However I cannot say anything about the field flatness with a larger sensor, as I have not been able to test this.

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Q1. Will it achieve focus with a 1.25" prism diagonal (for example, the cheap Celestron one)?

No. Unfortunately not.
The Sky-Watcher EvoGuide 50ED will not work with a star-diagonal so is not suitable for use as a compact rich-field telescope.

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