ZWO ASiair Plus Wireless Astrophotography Controller
ZWO ASiair Plus Wireless Astrophotography ControllerZWO ASiair Plus Wireless Astrophotography ControllerZWO ASiair Plus Wireless Astrophotography Controller
ZWO ASiair Plus Wireless Astrophotography ControllerZWO ASiair Plus Wireless Astrophotography ControllerZWO ASiair Plus Wireless Astrophotography Controller

ZWO ASiair Plus Wireless Astrophotography Controller

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Review of the original ZWO ASiair:

"The ASIair is lightweight and compact, and designed to be fitted on or near to your telescope with hook and loop pads. With so many useful features it is difficult to accurately describe its functions in just a few words, but basically it is a stand-alone computer that can control ZWO cameras and a filter wheel, provide Wi-Fi connectivity to a mount, and auto-guiding. 

Not only is the ASIair unit itself nicely made, the app that controls it is slick, well designed, and simple to use. Astronomy software can become complicated and having to navigate overly technical applications in the dark with cold hands is fairly daunting. 
​This app is a pleasure to use and provides almost everything you need to know on one screen, including image progress, guiding graph and image preview. There's a histogram stretch, to give an idea of how much faint signal the camera is collecting. Colour images can be debayered - where colour filters are adjusted - while you are on the move." 
Tim Jardine writing for BBC Sky @ Night Magazine

About this product

Model:  zwo_asiair_plus

This new 3rd generation ASIAIR Plus is a significant upgrade to the hugely popular ASIAIR PRO. 

New features include: 

  • Power input / outputs - DC 12v @ 5A (min voltage 11.5V, max current 6A). 4x 12v / 3A DC output ports, 2.1*5.5mm centre positive.
  • eMMC Storage - 32GB with I/O up top 2.5x Faster TF card with 20GB free and an additional 64GB USB drive supplied (plus you can use your own external storage)
  • Improved Mounting - A redesigned case makes the ASIAIR PLUS easier to mount using your scopes dovetail bar.
  • New CNC Aluminium Case - New metal case is much stronger and better at dissipating heat with minimal impact on WiFi signal.
  • Pro Software Features - Live stacking, automated meridian flip and more features in development!
  • Built In Wifi Antenna - Greatly increased wifi signal strength and range up to 20m
  • More Portable Than Ever - 24% thinner and 13% lighter
  • Gigabit Ethernet Port


Astrophotography without a PC or laptop! 

ASIAIR PLUS is a smart WiFi device. It is equipped with a lightweight power management module, ample USB interfaces, and multiple dovetail mounting methods.

With the rich features of the ASIAIR App, the whole procedure from device integration to image capture runs particularly smooth.

ASIAIR PLUS is the third generation of ZWO that has been continuously improved and newly designed since the first generation of ASIAIR was released in July 2018.

Please note - the ASIair PLUS does not include a power supply or power cable so please contact us for advice if you do not already have something suitable. 

Outstanding Features

1. Excellent craftsmanship, strong tactile appeal

Superb craftsmanship with a strong tactile appeal ASIAIR PRO shell is made out of Aluminium and processed by CNC tech. After the surface is anodised, it not only protects the shell well, but also has a comfortable feel. The size of the whole machine is 92 x 67 x 35 mm, making its size and weight excellent, which can be easily grasped by hand.

2. Unique look and easy installation

The slot/port position of ASIAIR PRO is nice and symmetrical, with M4 and 1/4 inch openings on the bottom and the side. With the use of the dovetail, the installation and removal become easy. The whole machine adopts bright vibrant Ferrari red tones, and the front is painted with laser star maps of the constellation Ursa Minor and Ursa Major, which is very beautiful.

3. Integrated power management, more storage space

ASIAIR PRO is equipped with a lightweight power management module. There are four DC 5.5 x 2.1 mm power outputs on the side of the body, one DSLR shutter release port, two USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports each. The power supply is stable and reliable, the interface is rich and diverse, and the wiring is easy and orderly. It also comes with 84 GB of free storage, so you can capture images freely.

4. Enhanced Wifi

Included with the ASIAIR Plus is a built-in WiFi antenna. When compared to earlier versions of the ASIAIR, the Plus version's antenna has an increased signal, making the connection between your device and the ASIAIR Plus more stable. This also enables the signal range to be wider. With the inclusion of the antenna, you will ultimately see a stronger WiFi signal and faster communication.

This small device can totally replace your computer or a mount hand controller. With the wireless technology, you can even control your astrophotography gear from inside! The 2.4G/5G Dual-band WiFi network has a working range of up to 20m.

ZWO has designed the ASIAIR Plus so that it may also be hardwired via an Ethernet cable to your home's WiFi router. This allows you to access the device anywhere within your router's WiFi range. There is no VNC or remote desktop; the ASIAIR is able to handle all tasks needed for DSO imaging. These include Preview, Plate Solving, Focus, Polar Align, Guiding, Autorun, Plan (multi-target), Video (Planetary Imaging, Live Stacking, and more!

5. Ports and Outputs

ZWO has also added indicators for the four DC-12V outputs to the body ASIAIR Plus. These indicators, along with a function in the ASIAIR app, allows you to check the power status easily, and you are able to monitor power consumption in real-time. You can find the app in all major app stores. The ZWO ASIAIR Plus also comes with two USB2.0 ports and two USB3.0 ports that will allow you to connect your ASIAIR device to your camera, mount, ZWO EAF, and more. Please make sure to check power requirements for any device you plan to connect.

Also included are a gigabit Ethernet port and DSLR Shutter Release cable receptacle. The Type-C USB port allows for connection to a laptop for exporting files from internal storage and the TF card. This connection allows for the transfer of data, eliminating the need to pull out the SD card and the use of a card reader. Please note that a USB-C to USB-A cable is required, but not included. The ASIAIR Plus also supports external TF cards and USB drives for upgradable storage capacity. The storage capacity is recommended to be 512GB and 1TB maximum. It currently supports three file system formats: NTFS, FAT32, and exFAT.

6. Recover Mode and eMMC

ZWO has included a Recovery Mode where the system will detect faults and recover itself if the ASIAIR Plus cannot boot up. Additionally, this version of the ASIAIR has been redesigned with eMMC storage; there is 32GB of storage space and 20GB free space storage for saving images and videos. With the eMMC, the ASIAIR Plus' I/O speed is up to 2.5x faster than the ASIAIR Pro.

eMMC Features
  • Avg. Read Speed: 85MB/s
  • Avg. Write Speed: 52MB/s
  • Storage Space: 32GB
  • Free Space: 20GB
  • Super System Stability: Reset Firmware and Auto Recovery




App Functions

ASIAIR supports both iOS and Android systems.

基本 RGB

1. Simple APP interface, as easy as 1, 2, 3.


2. Accurate focus: After the rough focus is completed, select one star, then accurate focusing can be done through curves such as brightness and HFD. It can also be completed with ZWO EAF by remote control.

3. Polar Alignment: Based on the powerful plate-solving function, you can finish arc-second polar axis alignment only within few minutes.

4. Accurate GoTo: With the rich celestial object database, precise GoTo can be achieved after selecting the target.


5. Stable guiding: Independent and stable guiding can be achieved without the PC.

6. Preview mode: You can see the image of the target directly under ‘Preview’.

7. Autorun: Set the target and configure the schedule, ASIAIR will execute the imaging sequence automatically.

8. Live Stacking: You can see the stacked image (lower noise with calibration frames) of the target directly while capturing.

Supported DSLR

ASIAIR PRO is a smart WiFi device that allows you to control all ASI USB 3.0 cameras, ASI Mini series cameras, and Mainstream DSLR cameras. (It can not support ASI120MM/MC camera)


1. Some DSLR cameras have a 30-second exposure limit, which requires an external shutter release cable to ASIAIR PRO.

2. The items with an exclamation mark in the table above have not been verified by actual tests and will be continuously updated in the future.

Supported Mount

We have also been working closely with major manufacturers to complete bringing in the match of iOptron, Vixen, Rainbow, Avalon, Explore Scientific and other models (including some new models). For now, the ASIAIR PRO is able to support hundreds of equatorial mounts from more than 20 manufacturers worldwide. For details, please refer to the “ASIAIR PRO User Manual”.


What's in the box

Customer reviews

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Good upgrade
Tuesday, 28 June 2022  | 

I upgraded from an ASIAIR Pro. Foremost because of the Wi-Fi. Which thankfully is much better and I can now comfortably control the ASIAIR Plus from my kitchen. Itís only 5 meters away but that was too much for the Pro. The benefit of the faster eMMC and I/O is a bonus. I donít have hard numbers but Iíd imagine that would make for an improved frame rate for planetary and lunar imaging.

Rating (max 5):  
Monday, 30 May 2022  | 

If you reading these reviews because you are not sure if it's worth the money or if it's good enough, i can tell you right now that this thing is AMAZING! JUST BUY IT!!!! You gonna love it! I just switched on, then connected to my home wifi and booom... i can control everithing from my pc or my phone from anywhere in my house. Ah and the telescope is like 20-25 meters far from the router in the back garden!

Rating (max 5):  
Finally got one!
Tuesday, 22 March 2022  | 

Thanks to FLO and their excellent customer service I got a notification that the Asiair Plus is finally in stock. I ordered one immediately and received the unit couple of days later. Absolutely fantastic piece of kit. I tested my new telescope setup first time with the Asiar Plus. Sky Watcher HEQ5 mount, RedCat 71 telescope, ZWO 2" five position filter wheel and ZWO ASI6200MM Pro (Mono) camera. The setup was easy, easiest polar alignment ever! Weather permitting I will try autoguiding tonight.

Rating (max 5):  
ASIAIR-Just wow
Monday, 21 March 2022  | 

It does do everything that everyone says it does. I was trying to think of a good analogy of just how amazing this is. Imagine only ever knowing what itís like to drive a Mk1 Reliant Robin, which every time you try to go anywhere in it there is always something wrong that you have to fix before you set off. And itís a different problem each time! Then half the time it breaks down before you arrive. Then suddenly you switch to a brand new Tesla! It really is that much of a step change. I used to run two laptops, both now mothballed. No more trying to focus on something you canít see whilst trying to get it centred, this takes you right to the object, each time, every time and itís bang on. This is without doubt the best thing I have ever bought to aid photography. I can now do in 15 mins what used to take me hours!

Rating (max 5):  
Revolutionised my imaging process !
Thursday, 10 March 2022  | 

I was an early adopter of the ASIAIR plus and with the great service from FLO I was surprised how quickly it arrived. This has made a dramatic impact on what was otherwise a big issue when Imaging away from home. The main issue it resolves for me is my laptop battery just couldnít cope with a 5 hour session on its battery. Adding a inverter wasnít an option with my power tankÖ with this device, I can use my iPad Pro to control everything and the ipad is good for 10 hours. There is a new FW update coming that has some VERY useful features such as target angle views and ZWO are always innovating and adding new functionality. The only downside Iíve had is the physical connector ports which arenít as secure as Iíd like - the issues manifest in the main camera disconnects as does the EAF I have attached to the WO73 mkIII. Once this happens, the fix is to unplug and re-insert the cables and restart the ASIAIR. Taping down the leads to put some light strain on the cables helps overcome the looseness of the USBís. Wi-Fi works perfectly for me in both station mode and direct to the ASIAIR. The latter mode I only use when imaging at a remote site. Overall Iím really happy with the ZWO portfolio and have no issues with being Ďlocked iní to only using ZWO kit - it just works for me and removes all the issues I had with using multiple SW solutions on a laptop that at best could control everything for a couple hours !

Rating (max 5):  
Excellent to control and run astro-photo sessions wirelessly
Saturday, 15 January 2022  | 

Previously, I used a laptop connected to a camera to take photos. I'd always struggled with guiding (I'm a bit impatient with such things). Someone recommended one of the ASI Air devices. I'm very happy with it. It connects wirelessly (at least 5 metres and through a wall, I've not tested it to its limits). Connection wise (it describes these in the guide), its got 4 power connectors (note to self - you have to turn them on in the control panel), it's also got a USB-C connector which you can connect to a laptop (although I have no idea if you can do anything other than download the images through it), four USB sockets and a wired network (which I don't use). It is fairly small and light. It has 20Gb of storage onboard (and you can add more through the microSD socket - note I had to shove the card right in to get it to click in place). On my set-up it is driving the mount through an EQMOD cable, the camera (incl power for cooling) and the guide scope. It can do focusing and filter wheel as well. Only challenges I had (which weren't too bad) were: control software wants to be it's own network, so constrains a little bit what you connect to if using a tablet. Plate solve on the polar alignment confused me for a bit (auto switching resolution), but worked fine in the end and got accurate go-to and tracking out of it. Overall really happy with the device particularly driving the scope from indoors. I wish I'd got something like this before.

Rating (max 5):  
Tuesday, 11 January 2022  | 

Not used it yet but I am certain it will be great

FLO Delivery fast safe and efficient as always many thanks

Rating (max 5):  
Fantastic gadget that simplifies astrophotography
Monday, 27 September 2021  | 

This is a brilliant gadget that smooths out the difficulties inherent in astrophotography. The price is very reasonable considering everything it does! The only catch is that you're locked into ZWO-branded kit, (plus all the DSLR / Mirrorless cameras listed). The antenna works well, and I get a decent signal despite my ASIAIR Plus being 15-metres from my WiFi router, through two brick walls and one set of conservatory doors.

Full review, and comparisons with the ASIAIR Pro, here:


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