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"The ASIair is lightweight and compact, and designed to be fitted on or near to your telescope with hook and loop pads. With so many useful features it is difficult to accurately describe its functions in just a few words, but basically it is a stand-alone computer that can control ZWO cameras and a filter wheel, provide Wi-Fi connectivity to a mount, and auto-guiding. 

Not only is the ASIair unit itself nicely made, the app that controls it is slick, well designed, and simple to use. Astronomy software can become complicated and having to navigate overly technical applications in the dark with cold hands is fairly daunting. 
​This app is a pleasure to use and provides almost everything you need to know on one screen, including image progress, guiding graph and image preview. There's a histogram stretch, to give an idea of how much faint signal the camera is collecting. Colour images can be debayered - where colour filters are adjusted - while you are on the move." 
Tim Jardine writing for BBC Sky @ Night Magazine

About this product

Model:  zwo_asiair
Part Number:  ZWO-ASIAIR

Astrophotography without a PC or laptop! 

The new ZWO ASiair is a smart WiFi device that enables you to control all ZWO ASI USB 3.0 cameras, ASI Mini series cameras, and an equatorial mount. Plate solve and image with your phone or tablet/iPad when connected to ASiair via WiFi. 

Quick Guide to ZWO ASiair (pdf)


Dual bandwidth WiFi Control
5G & 2.4G  supported. You can switch between 5G & 2.4G depending on your environment. 5G is faster for downloading and not so crowded as 2.4G but works best over shorter distances without many obstructions such as walls. 

Independent Guiding & Imaging
Standalone guiding & Imaging without the need of PC. Everything is under control using only your phone or tablet!

Preview and focus in real time:
Using WiFi ASiair can preview images in nearly real-time. 

Debayer works for colour cameras. 

Auto White Balance
AWB also works for colour cameras.

Zoom a small area to provide max brightness curve and HFD curve, helps users achieve precise focus manually.

Auto & manual histogram stretching 
Screen stretching is always useful for dark deep sky imaging.

Plate Solving
Offline plate solving can be done in only a few seconds.

SkySafari Bridge
The Skysafari app can be used to control a mount through ASiair, choose the target and go.

Supported cameras
ASI USB3.0 camera, ASI cooled camera, ASI mini cameras. (not compatible with the ASI120MM/MC camera)

USB2.0 Port
ASiair comes with 4 USB2.0 ports, you can connect up to 4 USB devices, without using a USB Hub.

Power Supply
ASiair needs a 5V@2.5A external power supply, it’s micro USB port. Normally, ASiair consumes only 500ma current but peak value would be 2.5A so please use the power cable supplied with the ASiair. Other cables might be too thin so unable to provide enough power. ZWO also provide a 12V-5V DC Converter, so you can connect ASiair to a suitably specified 12V power supply. 

SD Card and Card Reader
One 32GB Micro SD card is supplied with OS pre-installed and 25G space available for storing images. An SD Card reader is also supplied for transferring the images to your PC for processing. (We highly recommend you back up your SD card when you receive your ASiair). 

Supported Mounts
Most astronomy mounts are supported, including those from iOptron and Sky-Watcher. 

ASiair supports IOS-9 upwards (iPhone 6, 7, 8 & X) and all Android systems. 

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Simply Awesome!
Wednesday, 30 October 2019  | 

What a great piece of kit, seriously.
Bought to go with my Evostar 72ED Pro, Canon DSLR and my Star Adventurer Pro. So easy to set up and start using. Handles Focusing, Polar Alignment, Autoguiding and Plate Solving all with ease, image transfer over wifi to my android pad is super fast using the 5g wifi connection and also works really well even when only using 2.4g. Small and light enough to be connected to my counterweight using the velcro strips provided without any fear of it falling off or undoing the velcro by itself. Easily powered using my Sky Watcher 17ah powertank which also powers 2 dew straps, can go all night without low power issues.

Polar Alignment with the ASIair is an absolute dream compared to using the Star Adventurers built in polar scope (which I still found to be pretty easy, intuitive and relatively fast). As standard it uses your regular image train rather than your guidescope, which may seem counter-intuitive but allows for much more accuracy than a low focal length/ wide field guidescope does. On my first attempt at using this feature I was polar aligned better than I ever have been before, in a much shorter amount of time and with much more ease compared to having to keep looking through the star adventurers polar scope. Even though i'm sure i'll get better at getting even more perfect polar alignment, this first attempt allowed me to get pin point stars with 3min exposures UNGUIDED, for the star adventurer pro, using a 420mm scope, this is amazing!

Plate Solving is super quick (2-3 seconds) and basically automatic (press a single on screen button button after taking an image) as long as you have the right focal length set in the options. Even on the Star Adventurer Pro this feature has allowed me to find and frame any given target with infinitely more ease. Simply take a preview image, plate solve it, check the ra/dec of image with target in Stellarium (running off same pad as ASIair) and then move ra/dec closer to target, take another preview and plate solve again, rinse and repeat until your target is centered, so much quicker and easier than doing it all by eye.

Autoguiding couldn't be easier, tell the software what focal length your guidescope is, get it in focus and then press 2 on screen buttons and you're autoguiding, all from within the same software package, so no switching between programs or associated lag/slow down from running multiple programs. For the Star Adventurer Pro, autoguiding is done through the guide camera (On Camera ST4) which connects to the mount and has not been an issue at all.

Lastly the ASIair also allows me to set up my imaging sequence and takes control of my Canon DSLR (700D), so no more intervalometer or extra software required.

For me, this is almost a necessity now, couldn't imagine imaging without it, a really well made and easy to use all in one device that negates the need for a laptop with 2-3 different bits of software all running simultaniously. And if you have a GoTo mount, you also will get all of that functionality too, simply awesome!


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