Alpine Innovations Bino Bandit
Alpine Innovations Bino BanditAlpine Innovations Bino BanditAlpine Innovations Bino Bandit
Alpine Innovations Bino BanditAlpine Innovations Bino Bandit

Alpine Innovations Bino Bandit

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About this product

Model:  phoneskope_bino_bandit
Part Number:  SB1D18

Bino Bandit - A handy glare-reducing addition to your binoculars

Bino Bandit provides protection from wind and glare. It also prevents ambient light from entering binocular eyepieces. The result is increased comfort and higher contrast views.  

Made from flexible neoprene Bino Bandit fits most binoculars with objectives 32mm or larger (also works well with the Swarovski BTX module).

Simply stretch it over each eyepiece in turn, it then sits neatly in front of the eyecups.

The sides of Bino Bandit can also be buckled together across the eyepieces for use as a makeshift rainguard. 


  • Fits most full-size binoculars
  • Blocks wind and glare
  • Prevents ambient light entering the eyepieces
  • Improves clarity contrast
  • Reduces eye strain
  • Covers eye cups when not in use
  • Fold one or both sides forward to vent as needed


Customer reviews

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An essential item
29 December 2022  | 

This is a brilliant product, I now have it permanently attached to my binocular and will buy another for my bino-viewer. Removes all peripheral light, allows faint detail to be picked up and creates a more immersive experience even in daylight. Highly recommended.

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Excellent - should come with the binoculars
23 September 2022  | 

I very rarely review things, but these are excellent. They're easy to fit, feel comfortable in use, improve the image and reduce eye strain. I found it easy to adjust them so they blocked out pretty much all the light around my eyes.
I'd say they were pretty much essential. Well worth the price.

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Bino bandit
08 September 2022  | 

I bought this for my several pairs of binoculars, which I use quite frequently whenever a gap or gaps appears in the clouds. I found it as effective in my Pentax SP 20x60, as it was in my little 8x40 wide fields. I also have a pair of 15x70 which were also fine with the bino bandit. It’s easy to attach your eyepieces with a generous amount of stretch available to accommodate even wide eyepieces. Delivered swiftly from FLO, as is the norm. Fantastic service.

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Bino Bandit
16 August 2022  | 

Did the Bino Bandit make a difference? Well, a little. I tried them on many pairs of binoculars. The Celestrons for example have rubber eye cups which do the same thing and exclude external light so it made no difference to them. However, I tried them in darkness and bright sunlight on pairs that just have normal eyepieces and in bright sunlight the Bandit did make for more comfortable viewing… just. It wasn’t a huge difference but it was noticeable. Even in darkness it helped a bit as it blocked out an annoying streetlamp glare which crept in the sides. There are little clips on the sides which allow it to clip itself together making a protective eyepiece cover as well. Although if you have a half decent pair of bins you will already have lens covers so for me that particular feature just gets in the way. They seem well made although for what they are, they are on the very extreme limit of what they could get away with charging for them which essentially is a small piece of neoprene strategically stitched to make an eye shade.

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Alpine Innovations Bino Bandit
21 April 2022  | 

I'd read some good reviews about this so I thought I'd try it myself and I have not been disappointed. Delivery from FLO was quick I had a quick session with it last night with my Olympus 8x40 binoculars whilst the scope was imaging and it made a big difference in my light polluted back garden. It is easy to fit and I found it comfortable to use and the normal glare I get from the nearby streetlight was completely cut out.


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