Aziak Binocular Clamp Size 1
Aziak Binocular Clamp Size 1Aziak Binocular Clamp Size 1Aziak Binocular Clamp Size 1
Aziak Binocular Clamp Size 1Aziak Binocular Clamp Size 1Aziak Binocular Clamp Size 1

Aziak Binocular Clamp Size 1

£39.00✓ 2 year warranty


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About this product

Model:  azk_binoclamp1
Part Number:  Bino Clamp Size 1

Simply the best way to mount your binoculars to a tripod for stability while glassing!

The Bino Clamp is a lightweight, low-profile, simple, incredibly secure binocular-to-tripod adapter.

It fits into a bino harness while installed and quickly and securely mounts to a tripod. 

The price is for 1x Bino Clamp. 


Size 1: Suitable for 46mm to 51.1mm diameter binoculars

Weight: 14.2g / 0.5oz

Dovetail: Arca Swiss

Fastener Material: Stainless Steel

Clamp Material: Nylon

Mounting Socket: 1/4-20 UNC


Check out the installation page for detailed information on installing your bino clamp. 

Suitable For

  • Vortex Razor HD 8x42
  • Vortex Razor HD 10x42
  • Vortex Razor HD 10x50
  • Vortex Razor HD 12x50
  • Vortex Diamondback HD 8x42
  • Vortex Diamondback HD 10x42
  • Vortex Crossfire (Non-HD) 8x42
  • Vortex Crossfire (Non-HD) 10x42
  • Vortex Crossfire HD 8x42
  • Vortex Crossfire HD 10x42
  • Swarovski NL Pure 8x42
  • Swarovski NL Pure 10x42
  • Swarovski NL Pure 12x42
  • Leica Trinovid 8X40
  • Leica Trinovid 10X40
  • Leica Trinovid HD 8X42
  • Leica Trinovid HD 10X42
  • Zeiss Victory SF 8x32
  • Zeiss Victory SF 10x32
  • Zeiss Conquest HD 8X32
  • Zeiss Conquest HD 10X32
  • Zeiss SFL 8X40
  • Zeiss SFL 10X40
  • Zeiss Classic 10X40
  • Leupold Yellowstone 10X42
  • Leupold BX-2 Alpine HD 8X42
  • Leupold BX-2 Alpine HD 10X42
  • Leupold BX-T HD 10X42 MIL-L
  • Leupold BX-4 Pro Guide HD 8x42
  • Leupold BX-4 Pro Guide HD 10x42
  • Leupold BX-4 Pro Guide HD 10x50
  • Leupold BX-4 Pro Guide HD 12x50
  • Leupold BX-5 Santiam HD 8x42
  • Leupold BX-5 Santiam HD 10x42
  • Nikon Prostaff P3 8X30
  • Nikon Prostaff P3 10X30
  • Nikon Prostaff P7 8X30
  • Nikon Prostaff P7 10X30
  • Nikon Monarch M7 8x30
  • Nikon Monarch M7 10x30
  • Meopta Optika HD 8X42
  • Meopta Optika HD 10X42
  • Athlon Neos G2 HD 8X42
  • Athlon Neos G2 HD 10X42
  • Athlon Talos G2 HD 8X42
  • Athlon Talos G2 HD 10X42
  • Athlon Argos G2 8X42
  • Athlon Argos G2 10X42
  • Athlon Argos G2 10X50
  • Athlon Argos G2 12X50
  • Athlon Argos G2 UHD 8X42
  • Athlon Argos G2 UHD 10X42
  • Athlon Midas G2 UHD 8X42
  • Athlon Midas G2 UHD 10X42
  • Athlon Cronus G2 UHD 10X42
  • Kowa SVII 8X32
  • Kowa SVII 10X32
  • Carson RD 10x42

May suit other models as well, please check the sizing page for more details.

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