Helios 2x40 Star Field Binoculars
Helios 2x40 Star Field BinocularsHelios 2x40 Star Field BinocularsHelios 2x40 Star Field BinocularsHelios 2x40 Star Field Binoculars

Helios 2x40 Star Field Binoculars

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"In summary, I really enjoyed the views through the Helios Starfield 2 x 40 and would heartily recommend it to anyone. For a very modest investment of £99.00, you’ll get a nicely engineered super-wide angle binocular that delivers excellent enhancements over the naked eye. It does exactly what it says on the tin. I can’t wait to explore the glories of Taurus and Orion later in the season with this quirky little naked eye ‘extender,’ when it will help to lift the spirits above the cold and the dark of long winter nights."  Review by Neil English

About this product

Model:  helios_2x40_starfield
Part Number:  30999

New Helios 2x40 Star Field Binoculars - Modified Galilean Optics with huge 24º Field of View!

The Helios Star Field binocular is a compact instrument based on a modified Galilean optical system.

A useful and fun addition to any astronomer’s toolkit, bridging the gap between naked eye astronomy and more traditional binocular astronomy.

With its super-wide field of view and low 2x magnification, the viewing experience is more akin to naked eye astronomy but with twice the magnifying power and about four times the light gathering ability than the naked eye. As a result so many more stars are visible. Viewing under clear dark skies is especially rewarding.

Stars of magnitudes between one and two times darker can be revealed. Ideal for viewing the Milky Way, open star clusters and constellations. The field is wide enough for most constellations to be captured in their entirety.

The optics are fully multi-coated and the large eye lenses make for comfortable viewing. The binocular features individual eyepiece focusing and images are upright. 

Robustly constructed CNC machined aluminium body. The Helios Star Field binocular can also be used as Theatre/Opera glasses. 


  • 2x Magnification / 40mm Aperture
  • Fully Multi-Coated
  • Individual Eyepiece Focusing
  • CNC machined Aluminium body
  • Supplied with neck strap and semi-hard zipped case
  • Weights only 189g (238g with case)

Binocular Field of View Simulator


  • Magnification: 2x
  • Objective Les Diameter: 40mm
  • Fully Multi-Coated Optics
  • Eye Relief: 10mm
  • Angular Field of View: 24°
  • Actual Field of View: 445m@1000m
  • Close focus: 2m
  • Inter-pupillary Distance Range: 56-72mm
  • Dioptre Range : -5 to +3
  • Size 122x49x38mm
  • Weight: 189g (238g with case) 

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I love it!
24 March 2023  | 

These Helios 2x40 Star Field Binoculars are very good in night sky observing. I'd say they are absolutely necessary when you are located in a big city. They give an observer about +2 star magnitude which is good enough to start seeing all the constellations' main stars, even with night city light pollution. Maybe a little disappointing here is that you still not able to see M31 Andromeda galaxy in a such light conditions. I'm exited to use them in out of the city some time.
The item itself is rather lightweight, pocket size. Given the relatively low cost this is a great idea for a present.
There are few minor issues however:
- you need to tune focus for each eyepiece separately and...
- ...and it is was tricky to set the focus for me, whatever I was rotating the eyepieces -- the focus was only slightly changing.
The potential root cause is perhaps with only 2x magnification your eyes are able to accommodate any focus that you set up. In the final result I've set more or less "infinite" focus for each eyepiece and enjoy observing right now.

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Helios 2x40 Field Binoculars
23 June 2021  | 

The Binoculars are nice and compact. Good optics . Anyone considering buying these should remember they are not zoom Binoculars they just give you 2x magnification but a wide view .

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Useful kit for astro and terrestrial
08 October 2020  | 

These are well made and are heavier than might be expected, though still light enough not to cause viewing fatigue. They come with a strap and carry case but no lens caps. No problem with inter pupillary distance and the adjustment does not shift. Focus is by individual eye, but I cannot quite focus one eye without glasses though it has a prescription of -4.75 and the billed adjustment is up to -5. No problem with glasses on, and while the field of view may be cut down, it doesn't seem that noticeable to me. My main issue wearing specs is that the lenses are set in plain metal and conceivably might scratch. A case of being careful and not being too greedy with the FOV. More annoying is that the binoculars do not fit in the case when adjusted for zero dipotre, and have to be refocused every use. Focusing requires several turns of both lenses and focus does not 'snap' but is gradual. Having to do it every time becomes tedious. The lack of lens caps drives you to putting them back in the case after each use.

Magnification x2 makes a useful difference exceeding expectation to what you can see astro observing, and in fact especially for some types of terrestrial viewing. Off centre image blurs from about the half way point from centre to lens edge, but that may just be my eyes and even 20/20 vision is sharp only over a certain range . Chromatic aberration is not a big issue with bright stars. It will show on the moon but only x2 is not helpful on this object. The binoculars end up coming into their own for viewing wide star fields, I imagine including any comet and probably work well with meteor showers. Bad weather has prevented that experiment. They excel for close range bird watching, say up to 10 metres, giving a natural wide view but with just that bit more detail that can absorb half an hour viewing the visitors to bird feeders. Depth of focus is not huge but not a problem in this usage.

I am glad that I went for a low price point version. I would be surprised if greater cost adds very much in terms of performance. I recommend these but be aware of what they can and cannot do. If only the storage case were a flexible pouch.


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