Masuyama Ultra-Premium Japanese Eyepieces
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Masuyama Ultra-Premium Japanese Eyepieces

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Model:  masuyama_2inch_ep_26mm
Part Number:  MOP-26

Legendary Japanese Masuyama eyepieces are back!

These Japanese-made five-element modified Plossl eyepieces are designed by Dr Masuyama. 

Their traditional design benefits hugely from modern manufacturing techniques and premium fully multi-coated optical glass.

When used in telescopes with f-ratio f/8 or above, their performance is very impressive! 

The removable rubber grips also make them suitable for use use in binoviewers. 

The 2" versions with focal lengths 26mm or longer have long eye-relief so are comfortable for use with eye-glasses: 

  • 10mm / 85º :  Approximately 6.5mm eye-relief.
  • 16mm / 85º :  Approximately 10mm eye-relief.
  • 20mm / 85º :  Approximately 12.5mm eye-relief.
  • 26mm / 85º :  Approximately 16mm eye-relief. 
  • 32mm / 85º :  Approximately 20mm eye-relief
  • 45mm / 53º :  Approximately 32mm eye-relief
  • 50mm / 53º :  Approximately 40mm eye-relief
  • 60mm / 46º :  Approximately 46.5mm eye-relief


  • Made in Japan
  • Fully multi-coated premium optical glass
  • Removable rubber grip (65mm wide with grip, 60mm with grip removed)
  • Smooth barrel
  • Long eye-relief suitable for eye-glass wearers
  • Five element, three group optical design
  • 2" Threaded for 2" filters. 1.25" threaded for 1.25" filters.

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