TS-PHOTON 6'' f/4  Advanced Newtonian Telescope with Carbon Fibre Tube
TS-PHOTON 6'' f/4  Advanced Newtonian Telescope with Carbon Fibre TubeTS-PHOTON 6'' f/4  Advanced Newtonian Telescope with Carbon Fibre TubeTS-PHOTON 6'' f/4  Advanced Newtonian Telescope with Carbon Fibre TubeTS-PHOTON 6'' f/4  Advanced Newtonian Telescope with Carbon Fibre Tube

TS-PHOTON 6" f/4 Advanced Newtonian Telescope with Carbon Fibre Tube

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About this product

Model:  ts_tpc6f4
Part Number:  TPC6F4

TS-PHOTON 154/600mm Advanced Newtonian with Carbon Tube for Astrophotography and Observing

Note: Product photos show regular model with metal-tube

Manufacturer description:

Astrophotography is easy for you with this compact Newtonian from the TS-PHOTON series. Due to the aperture ratio of f/4, this astrograph provides pure speed and therefore short exposure times. Of course, we also offer the matching coma corrector TS SUPERFLAT. Thus this PHOTON Newtonian becomes a very good astrograph.

With approx. 5 kg weight and only 530 mm length, this Photon Newtonian is an ideal travel telescope. For wide field observations, you can even mount the telescope on a good photo tripod. The dovetail bar provides the matching 1/4" photo thread at its base.

Of course, the rich field Newtonian is best placed on a good astronomical mount, for example the EQ3-2 from Skywatcher or a good GoTo mount. Then there is nothing more to prevent a fulfilled astronomical viewing session. 

The advantages of the carbon composite tube:

The TS-PHOTON Newtonian comes with a high-quality carbon composite tube. Beside the weight advantage of approximately 0.5 kg, the main advantage is the better stability of the focus when the temperature changes. That is important for astrophotography. Then the temperature falls, metal contracts and the focus moves. Readjusting the sharpness becomes necessary. This combination of tube and mirror makes readjusting the sharpness usually obsolete even for long-term exposures. The images become sharper.

Berger Anti Reflex Paint for best possible internal blackening:

For this PHOTON Newtonian,  Berger Anti-reflection paint is used. It darkens the inside of the tube as well as velours foil. The big advantage, besides a lower weight, is that the paint almost gathers no dust. The optics stay clean. With velours foil, dust gathers at the primary mirror very quickly.


  • Aperture 154 mm (6") - focal length 600 mm - focal ratio F4
  • High-quality parabolic primary mirror with 94% reflectivity for a brighter image.
  • Large secondary mirror for a well-illuminated image with astro and DSLR cameras.
  • Precise 2" MONORAIL (aka Linear Bearing) focuser for more stability than with conventional Crayford focusers.
  • Carbon tube for more stability with better portability at the same time - Made in Germany!
  • Optimal internal blackening with Berger Antireflexfarbe (anti reflection paint).
  • Adjustable primary and secondary mirror cells made of metal, useful collimation aid on the primary mirror.
  • With only 530 mm length and approx. 5 kg weight, this is an optimal travel telescope which can even be mounted on good photo tripods.
  • Focus position ready for observing with all popular eyepieces and for astrophotography with standard correctors.
  • Central mark on the primary mirror for easy collimation
  • Extensive scope of delivery: 8x50 finder, tube rings, universal dovetail bar, 2" extension tube for observing, adapter for 1.25" eyepieces.
  • Pictures show the version with metal tube. The carbon tube is made in Germany and has no logo.
  • Weighs 4.8kg including tube rings and finder.
  • 550mm long with a 178mm diameter.


What's in the box

  • TS Photon 6" f/4 Newtonian with Carbon cComposite Tube
  • Tube rings
  • Vixen-Style Dovetail
  • 2" 35mm Extension Tube
  • Dust Cap
  • 8x50 Optical Finder Scope


Aperture: 154 mm (6")
Focal length: 600 mm
Aperture ratio: F4
Primary mirror: Parabolic primary mirror with 94% reflection and protective quartz layer
Secondary mirror: 63 mm minor axis with 94% enhanced reflection and protective quartz layer
Resolution: 0.77"
Limiting magnitude: 12.7 mag
Focuser: 2" Monorail (aka Linear Bearing) focuser with 1/10 dual speed, adapter to 1.25" and compression ring
Backfocus: Working distance ca. 70mm from the 2" connection of the focuser
Tube weight: 4.8 kg with tube rings and finder
Tube dimensions: Length 550 mm, diameter 178 mm

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