Sky-Watcher AZ5 Deluxe Alt-Azimuth Astronomy Mount
Sky-Watcher AZ5 Deluxe Alt-Azimuth Astronomy MountSky-Watcher AZ5 Deluxe Alt-Azimuth Astronomy MountSky-Watcher AZ5 Deluxe Alt-Azimuth Astronomy MountSky-Watcher AZ5 Deluxe Alt-Azimuth Astronomy Mount

Sky-Watcher AZ5 Deluxe Alt-Azimuth Astronomy Mount

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Model:  sw_az5_mnt_head
Part Number:  20312

NEW Sky-Watcher AZ5 Deluxe Alt-Azimuth mount - Ideal for Grab-and-Go!

The Sky-Watcher AZ5 is an easy to use, grab-and-go telescope mount for visual astronomy and daytime terrestrial observations. 

Constructed from cast aluminium and designed to attach small telescopes up to 5kg in weight, via a regular 45mm dovetail bar.

The aluminium telescopic tripod legs can be extended and clamped in any position via integral leg locks.

Supplied with two flexible slow-motion cables, one for vertical and one for horizontal, for smooth precise control.  Can also be moved manually around each axis for rapid panning and elevation adjustments - track distant moving targets with ease.



  • Helical Worm Gear Drive: 96 Teeth Alt & AZ Axes
  • Mount Rotation Angle (Continuous): 360° (Azimuth), -50° to + 90° (Altitude)
  • Payload Capacity: 5kg
  • Two-Position Adjustable Altitude Fork Arm
  • 45mm Sky-Watcher/Vixen Dovetail Saddle
  • 2 x Flexible Slow-Motion Axis Drive Cables
  • 21.5cm Extension Tube (included only with Mount & Tripod package, but can be purchase separately)
  • 3/8" Threaded Connections
  • Extendable Aluminium Tripod with Accessory Tray
  • Height  with Optional Tripod (excl. OTA): 86.5cm - 158cm (maximum height includes 21.5cm Extension Tube)
  • Total Overall Weight: 2.3kg head only / 4.9kg head with tripod.

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Solid tripod is required.
03 December 2022  | 

I've got this for my SW 80ED refractor. It does required a solid tripod. I've tried several photo tripods including some high ends but still it was a bit wobbly.
Eventually I've purchased used wooden surveyor tripod, which required some work to attached AZ5 to it, but the difference is significant. It doesn't wobbled even at high powers.
All in all great solution for grab&go, but make sure your tripod is strong enough.

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Brilliant delivery, disappointing tripod
10 November 2022  | 

First, kudos to FLO and DHL for brilliant service delivering this to the West Coast of Canada (Vancouver) in four days. The mount itself looks very good. I do not recommend the tripod purchased at about 100 pounds extra. While it was not evident from the FLO listing, the included manual makes clear that there are two possible tripods, the "Heavy Duty" and the "Portable". The tripod included with the kit is the "Portable" which should more accurately be described as the "Flimsy and useless." I had hoped to get a tripod I could use with my ZWO AM5 mount, but I would not use this tripod for that. The AZ5 I plan to use with my Skywatcher ED80, but using it with the supplied tripod would be recipe of misery. Pity the poor beginning astronomers who fall for this. Fortunately, I have a Manfrotto 475 mount that should work well. I do think FLO should have made the tripod options more clear and Skywatcher should not offer this tripod as an option.


I'm sorry you are so dissapointed by the tripod - having used it extensively myself including for astrophotography I found it perfectly serviceable as long as it was either not fully extended as high as it would go or, if additional weights were put on the spreader or hung from it to help stabilise it. It is also worth mentioning the option with the tripod also includes the extender which is 28 value on its own so the tripod cost is more like 68 and finding very good tripods at that price point is a challenge!

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Fast Shipping
12 October 2022  | 

Order equipment on a Wed and delivered to the US by Friday.

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Just perfect
31 March 2022  | 

First time using FLO and I have to sya that their delivery was great coming the next day and all well packaged. The mount itself is very substantial but easy to mount on the correct tripod (remember it requires a 3/8 stud). Mine has a Startravel 102 fitted and it is precise in its movements with no apparent backlash, the short az control requires you to reach forward but this is remedied by the use of the extension rod. In all a great alt/az mount.

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Sky-watcher AZ5 Delux Alt-Azimuth Mount
07 March 2022  | 

Just had my first light with the AZ5 delux mount sitting on stainless steel 3/8,the tripod wind felt like half a gale i was amazed how steady the moon was in my mak 102 at 54x

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Great alt azimuth mount for 6 inch dobsonian
22 February 2022  | 

Bought this as an alternative mount for my skywatcher heritage 150p. My OTA weighs around 3.8kg and within the limis of the AZ5.

Smooth Alt Azi movement, points up into the zenith well. Stable tripod with no shakes on high power magnification. Good alternative mount..

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Az5 mount
09 February 2022  | 

Good slo-mo control,but has a lot of free play with clutch fully tightened on azimuth leading to vibes in the scopes
Returned an Az4 because of 'sticky' action and it looks like this may be returned also Flo are a very good company if only you could visit and try first or even talk to someone on the phone before a purchase instead of buying 'blind' !!

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Really good Mount
21 January 2022  | 

Bought the AZ5Mount for my Skywatcher 72ED.
The mount is heavy, good quality and very steady for my set-up.
Very easy to use, moves smooth in both axis , and when locked the slow motion control is very good.
I was able to oriented the scope in all the positions, and worked very well.
FLO were GREAT! Shipped very quickly (2-3days max) and communication and help was outstanding.
Highly recommend it.

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Sturdy and easy to use
25 November 2021  | 

I bought this because I wanted ta 'grab-and-go set up that I would be able to move to different parts of the garden for best views of various celestial objects (the mount has a Skywatcher 120T startravel with crayford upgrade fitted). Previously I used an equitorial mount but by the time I moved it, stopped the telescope tube from flopping about in transit like a new-born babies head, re-aligned and set it back up, the view I had been chasing would have disappeared and I would have to trudge (now in a seriously bad temper) back to the garage with all the gear. But no more! Now I can literally 'Grab and Go", and in less than five minutes be stargazing. Moving the set up could not be easier. The Alt/Az mount is stable and secure and although the tripod set up is lightweight it provides a secure, and largely vibration free platform (any wobbles disappear in a second or so). The clever mount makes even the highest altitude targets easily attainable and it's quick and easy to organise is comfortable viewing experience.
My only niggle is that the azimuth axis has some backlash in it (the altitude axis has non), but for the price together with its other virtues this is only a small point - I am sure I ought to be able to fine-tune this out when I get a few minutes.
So: a really good no nonsense mount that provides secure, and lightweight mounting. One that adds considerably to the enjoyment of 'grab and go' stargazing.

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Sky-Watcher AZ5 Deluxe Alt-Azimuth Astronomy Mount
07 November 2021  | 

Very impressed with the AZ5 mount head, much larger and more robust than I expected, and allows use on my series 5 Gitzo tripod. The adjustment of Alt and Azimuth is extremely fine and positive, which is excellent. My first use of First Light Optics, and I'm impressed by the website and service, plus pricing is competitive.

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