Sky-Watcher AZ4 Alt-Az Astronomy Mount with Steel Tripod
Sky-Watcher AZ4 Alt-Az Astronomy Mount with Steel TripodSky-Watcher AZ4 Alt-Az Astronomy Mount with Steel TripodSky-Watcher AZ4 Alt-Az Astronomy Mount with Steel TripodSky-Watcher AZ4 Alt-Az Astronomy Mount with Steel Tripod

Sky-Watcher AZ4 Alt-Az Astronomy Mount with Steel Tripod

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"... the AZ4 does feel reassuringly solid. There are easy to grip friction clutches on both axes and there’s a stout, 29cm-long panning handle that may be screwed into one of two ergonomically sited points separated by a 90-degree angle for additional control. A rugged Vixen-style dovetail-mounting block ensures compatibility with a wide range of optical tubes up to around eight inches in diameter. It’s quite feasible to mount a six-inch Newtonian on this rig. For spotting-scope users with a mounting-point on the underside, an L-shaped bracket is also included. Another nice feature is the altitude and azimuth scales marked in one-degree divisions — a nice aid to locating celestial objects if you have a Palm or Pocket-PC planetarium program."  Ade Ashford - Astronomy Now, Dec 08

About this product

Model:  sw-az4-20216
Part Number:  20216

The Sky-Watcher AZ4 Alt-Azimuth mount is popular with astronomers and terrestrial observers alike.

The design features separate clutches on the Altitude and Azimuth axes and a panning arm that can be fixed in two different positions.

The movements are smooth and controllable.

Astronomy telescopes attach directly to the mount via a standard Vixen-type dovetail bar.

It also includes an L-bracket to attach a spotting scope or camera easily.

Sturdy 1.75” stainless steel legs for strength and stability.

The base of the mount is threaded M10. 

Weight: 8.1 kg

Carrying capacity of mount: Approximately 6.5 Kg.

(current stock is finished in black and not white as shown)

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Just what I needed!
17 October 2023  | 

I bought this to move my 130mm reflector from the dobsonian mount it came with to a more user-friendly height. It does the job perfectly and is absolutely rock solid. It's bigger and heavier than it looks on pics online, but if anything that's a plus - it's certainly not going to wobble about in the breeze. Service, advice and delivery was, as always, spot on.

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Rock solid
18 February 2023  | 

Been using this for years with the ST120 as a grab n go setup. Smooth and solid with no shake or vibration. Would highly recommend for visual observation.

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Great tripod and even better service
12 October 2022  | 

I bought this around 2.30pm on Monday and by 10.15am on Tuesday morning I was opening it!!! Tripod is great quality and very sturdy, one of the highest quality manual tripods out there in this price range! Great service from FLO znd great communication from Steve!!!

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grab and go mount
10 October 2022  | 

light weight and sturdy, smooth motion once moving, but a little sticky starting off, (that's my only gripe). There is very little to no noticeable vibration once an object is located, it is light weight enough that I can pick it up with my 130mm newt. attached and carry it out to my best viewing spot. I really like the mount and tripod combo, especially the value and the simplicity. If you are looking for a grab and go mount, I think this is a good choice for scopes around 8-12 pounds, it will get a lot of use.

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Great value
29 December 2019  | 

Been testing this for a good while now, and I'm very happy with it.
It is simple and solid and a great Mount for my skywatcher startravel 120, and probably even bigger scopes.
The only thing i did, was to put some new and better grease inside roughly a 10 minute job, and the Mount is very smooth.
I highly recomend this to anyone that needs a solid Mount, which by the way, also is great for grab and go.

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Skywatcher az4 mount
09 March 2018  | 

This mount / tripod is amazing for the price both axis are very smooth very well built I have a skywatcher 102 mounted but it will support much larger scopes this is a must buy definitely recommended FLO as usual brilliant in delivery

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Solid no fuss mount
18 March 2014  | 

I have been using the mount for 2 months now and I have experienced no issues whatsoever.
The mount has smooth controls with easy to use clutches.
Perfect for grab & go or as your main mount.


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Great value
26 December 2013  | 

My Skywatcher 127 came with a az goto mount. The goto is great but as a beginner living in a light polluted town with limited field of view, I sometimes have problems finding two stars that I know to align it to. If I just want to bob out and have a look at Jupiter or the moon, the goto involves some fiddling about even if you don't bother alligning. This got me thinking that for such occasions, a manual mount would be a better grab and go option.

I am so impressed with this mount. You can whiz it about without waiting for the motor to get you there. Also easier to correct yourself if you go to far. It's a sturdy bit of kit and extends higher than my goto. Very useful for looking at the sky directly above (with my scope anyway).

My one suggestion for making it better would be some markings on the legs to make it easier to lower whilst using it. You can do this yourself though - glow in the dark paint at inch intervals up the legs works a treat.

In summary, If I can see it with my naked eye, or if I know exactly where I'm looking this mount surpasses my goto.

FLO were, as always, faultless.

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14 August 2012  | 

I have owned this AZ4 for a little while, boy does it get some use! I bought it to use with my TAL100RS, and WO zenithstar 70 for grab and go viewing, and this mount meets the needs of these scopes superbly, i hung my skymax 180 pro on it, just out of curiosity, and it felt very secure, im sure it would be fine for some lunar viewing with this large OTA. Both axis felt a little "jerky" to start with, but seem to be running in nicely, the tripod is very sturdy, and offers a good height, handy for longer refractors.

The build quality is top notch, it even comes with a little tool kit.
This is a highly recommended tripod/ mount that will last years if looked after

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A wonderful grab & go mount
09 August 2012  | 

I use this mount (stainless steel tripod version) with a 4 inch F6.3 refractor, which weighs more than 5kg. Add a 2inch diagonal and a heavy ethos eyepiece, and itís a heavy load. The mount handles it beautifully, with absolutely no annoying vibrations. It is rock solid!
It is perfect for low or medium powers. Just set the Ďaxis tensioní to allow for any imbalance, and enjoy either sweeping across the sky. However, the lack of slow motion controls is a disadvantage for very high powers (moon & planets) - accurate pointing can be frustrating.
Tall heavy eyepieces (e.g. 13mm Televue Ethos at 590g + 2inch diagonal) can be a problem. Even if you perfectly balance the telescope while horizontal, it will be out of balance when vertical due to the eyepiece load. I found that removing the mounts panning handle solved the problem for all but the heaviest eyepieces. But take care of the balance when removing a heavy eyepiece!
The one niggle I have with the mount is that the saddle uses a single screw to hold the vixen dovetail. Fine for small loads, but with a heavy and expensive telescope this can feel scary. I use an ADM Vixen to Losmandy converter. For added peace of mind, where the mounts saddle screw meets the ADM Vixen dovetail, I have drilled a dome to ensure it cannot slip out. The two screws on the ADM Vixen to Losmandy converter then hold the telescope very firmly.

John Murphy (www.johnmurphyastro.inf)

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