StellaLyra Dual Alt-Az Mount with Counterweights
StellaLyra Dual Alt-Az Mount with CounterweightsStellaLyra Dual Alt-Az Mount with CounterweightsStellaLyra Dual Alt-Az Mount with Counterweights
StellaLyra Dual Alt-Az Mount with CounterweightsStellaLyra Dual Alt-Az Mount with CounterweightsStellaLyra Dual Alt-Az Mount with Counterweights

StellaLyra Dual Alt-Az Mount with Counterweights

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Model:  stellalyra_dual_az_mnt

StellaLyra Dual Alt-Azimuth Mount

The price includes two 2 lb counterweights. 

The StellaLyra Dual Alt-Azimuth Mount is a strong, robust, portable platform that can handle a maximum of 2x 10 kg telescopes. 

It is fitted with two Vixen Compatible Saddle Clamps so two telescopes can be mounted simultaneously (one on top, one on the side). 

Both axes have precise manual slow-motion controls. 


The StellaLyra Wooden Tripod shown in the photos is not included, but we recommended it for its excellent vibration-dampening performance.

The mount has an M10 mounting thread, so it also fits the Sky-Watcher 1.75" Stainless Steel Tripod for HEQ5/EQ5. 

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StellaLyra Dual Mount with wooden tripod
28 April 2024  | 

So , the mount and tripod are currently being used as a very nice and expensive coat hanger as the usual curse of the FLO cloud warning is in full swing . What I can comment on though is the build quality , which seems robust and functional . When tried (indoors ) with a large refractor the movement was very smooth . Together with the the StellaLyra wooden tripod this system will be very nicely balanced and weighted . The clamps are good , not great, as they are short and only have one screw . They do the job but one must attach the dovetail squarely in the clamp otherwise the scope could fall . This could be quite tricky when it's dark so I purchased an ADM dual knob.clamp which is far more secure . A dual knob clamp should be present from the start imo . I set the mount up to be able to carry three scopes , a 6" frac, an 8" SCT and something else .. maybe a small wide field frac to be initially used as a finder although I may use a starsense unit on the top clamp . Everything is well balanced . The tripod is good but for the money I would have liked to have seen a spreader tray . I think this omission is an poor oversight . Maybe this could become an accessory on FLOs site ? Also , why not include the flexible slow motion cables although these can be purchased as an accessory.
All in all though I am pleased with the mount . I have had SkyTee mounts before and this is very similar . Can't complain about the service which in my book is just as important as the product . Ordered one day delivered the next on DPD ,who,for me are an exceptional firm .
This review is to e of those "gushing" with praise reviews as I think it's right to point out if improvements could be made , but I still give the product 5 stars for the whole process or ordering to delivery .
Oh , one last thing, it holds well over 10 coats quite nicely .

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Solid mount that can take the weight
10 February 2024  | 

Great, solid Alt-Az mount that can easily handle the weight of my long F11 Frac plus binoviewers. Arrived super quick, ordered Sunday and arrived in Canada by Wednesday...! It's well priced and the stellalyra graphics add a nice touch, giving it a more high end vibe than the standard skytee.
I've paired mine with a guide handle from Agena that's a must have for me.
Lastly, I've only given 4 stars instead of 5 because mine arrived with scratches. Disappointing and perhaps a heads up for FLO quality control.

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SyellaLyra Altaz Mount with Counterweights. A great mount at a bargain price.
02 December 2023  | 

I was after an altaz mount for the Askar 103 Apo. Alas, the AZ5 is fine for powers up to about x80, but above that the view was far too shaky to get the best out of planets and the Moon.

I wanted a rock steady mount, manual, with slow motions for the Askar apo - approaching 6k with dovetail, rings, small finder and binoviewer with x2 Orthos. Money was not plentiful and I had a limit of around 300. I was surprised there weren't more options in this price range, certainly that I might have confidence could cope with the Askar.

I had a SkyTee (1st incarnation) around 20 years ago if I remember correctly. In my recollection, it could hold a big load but there were some drawbacks. It was rather rough and ready, the movements were not that smooth, not much finess and in those days it was generally accepted you had to replace the two clamps. If you didn't there was every chance that a clamp could spring apart, if you undid the knob too far, and spill the scope onto the floor!

Roll on 20 years and we have the mk 11 SkyTee. The mk11 designation perhaps indicating it may have improved over the years?

In addition, FLO now have their own version under the StellaLyra brand. In the pics there are at least a couple off differences between it and the Mk 11. It also comes with a couple of counterweights. I had some confidence/hope that FLO would have specified a better spec than the Mk 1 and possibly the Mk 11. With a black Friday reduction on offer, I ordered the StellaLyra.

It arrived on Nov 29th and I was impressed with its appearance and sturdyness - at least set up in the lounge!

Nov 30th, frozen snow on the ground, - 3 degrees and a GRS transit pending at 9.36pm at an altitude of 48 degrees. I was set up by 8.35, the SL mounted on a Vixen channel aluminium. tripod.

Well, in summary, what a agreat decission, rock steady and firm but smooth slow motions. The Askar was mounted on one side no counterweight used on the other side. ( FLO rate the mount as 10 kilo each side) at around x150 Jupiter was indeed rock steady, the seeing was fairly good and it looked like a drawing. The detail, particularly around the two EBs was very good with either barges or other details spilling into the EZ. The GRS was visible all the time. There was easily more detail that I have seen through any four inch class scope scope for some years. One or two expletives punctuated the cold night air. Wonderful.

I'm not sure which was more responsible for the wonderful views, the quality of the optics or the steadiness of the mount. The seeing was good, but by no means the best. Certainly the Askar on the AZ5 wasn't in the same class at high power - not unexpectedly.

The clamps were very good, and far better that the originals on the SkyTee Mk 1, in my view they don't need to be replaced. Having said that I did replace one with an ADM clamp.

The only small negative with the mount was that one of the azimuth slow motion knobs caught on the slow motion locking lever. I noticed this on the day it arrived and removed the offending knob. I never missed it, and I may put on a short-stalked knob which won't foul the locking lever.

I'm over the Moon with the mount, it's a bargain buy at the price, it would probably be fairly at home with the Askar 140 Apo 🙂.

I have never used the SkyTee Mk 11, so cannot comment on how it may compare with the StellaLyra.


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