Askar 3nm ColourMagic Duo Band Filter

Askar 3nm ColourMagic Duo Band Filter

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Model:  askar_3nm_duo

The new 2" Askar Colour Magic Duo Band Filter is the perfect narrow band filter for use with colour imaging cameras.

The Askar 3nm duo-band filter has an extremely narrow bandwidth, and very high transmittance, over 88% at its center wavelength (500.7nm and 656.3nm).

This 3nm duo-band filter can effectively eliminate the influence of light pollution. Even if you image in an area seriously affected by light pollution, this Duo Band filter permits the capture of high quality data without bad light pollution gradients and colour caste. The Askar 3nm Duo Band filter is perfectly matched for use with modern colour sensors and ensures dramatically improved images of emission nebulae compared to shooting in broad band colour. 

The 2" Askar 3nm duo-band filter is ideal for photographing emission nebulae, planetary nebulae or supernova remnants, and has a very high transmittance at the central wavelength. The highly narrow bandwidth of the filter effectively blocks out the effects of light pollution or other distracting factors such as night glow. 


  • 3nm Duo-Band Filter 2”
  • FWHM: 3nm
  • CWL: 500.7nm & 656.3nm
  • Peak transmittance:88%
  • Thickness:1.85 ± 0.05mm
  • Barrier property:≥OD5 @ 200-1100nm
  • Surface finish:60/40
  • Parallelism:30″

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