Askar ACL 200mm f/4 APO Camera Lens
Askar ACL 200mm f/4 APO Camera LensAskar ACL 200mm f/4 APO Camera LensAskar ACL 200mm f/4 APO Camera Lens
Askar ACL 200mm f/4 APO Camera LensAskar ACL 200mm f/4 APO Camera LensAskar ACL 200mm f/4 APO Camera Lens

Askar ACL 200mm f/4 APO Camera Lens

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About this product

Model:  askar_acl200
Part Number:  ACL200

New Askar ACL200 200mm f/4 Lens Designed for Astrophotography

The Askar ACL200 200mm f/4 lens is the first of its kind designed specifically for astrophotography in addition to landscape photography. It is excellent quality, lightweight and simple to use. This is a groundbreaking product that perfectly combines the use of a telescope and telephoto camera lens. Using this lens for deep-sky imaging, it will produce clear and sharp images that have a very minimal amount of distortion and chromatic aberration, the resulting astro images are of high quality. This lens helps you unlock your creative potential and offer more photographic possibilities.

The ACL200 is excellent for chromatic aberration control, no need to worry that the chromatic halo in a photograph caused by a normal camera lens and telescope. It supports full frame photography and flat-field correction, it effectively corrects for chromatic aberration and produces superb images. For astrophotography, F/4 is a fast focal ratio, which can effectively shorten the exposure time and reduce the burden of tracking accuracy of equatorial instrument for a long time.

Suitable for use with dedicated astrophotography cameras as well as DSLR or mirrorless cameras using a M48 camera adapter to achieve the 55mm back focus distance this will work well with APS-C, 4/3 or even full-frame sensors.

For astrophotography the lens features two focusing controls, a coarse adjustment for rough focusing and 1mm micro adjustment for precision focusing.

The aperture can be manually controller from f/4-f/22 which makes this lens a great choice for daytime use as well.

Built-in 360º rotator for simple framing and an Arca-Swiss style dovetail plate with 3/8" and 1/4" threaded holes for flexible mounting.


  • 50mm Aperture
  • f/4 / 200mm focal ratio / length
  • High quality Six element APO optical design including two ED elements for excellent colour correction
  • 10 piece aperture blades
  • Dual-speed manual helical focusing with coarse and 1mm micro focus adjustments
  • Closest focusing distance around 3m
  • f/4-f/22 manual aperture control
  • 82mm front filter thread
  • Lockable 360º rotator
  • Approximately 135-180mm long / 100mm diameter
  • 1.8kg weight
  • Integrated 2" filter holder
  • Back-end connection: M48x0.75 male thread
  • Arca-Swiss style dovetail plate with 3/8" and 1/4" female threads for flexible mounting

Telescope Field of View Simulator


Integrated 2" Filter Holder

Optical Design

This lens is designed with triplet of six lenses, among which two pieces of ED ultra-low dispersion glass are added, making it better than ordinary lens in reducing chromatic aberration and have clearer image.

What's in the box

  • ACL200 body
  • Lens Shade
  • Arce-Swiss Style Dovetail Bar
  • Soft padded case
  • 2" Filter Holder (Assembled with the Lens)
  • Instruction manual
  • Quality Control Checklist

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