Askar LRGB Filters

Askar LRGB Filters

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Askar LRGB Filters 1.25"

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Model:  askar_lrgb_fltr_125
Part Number:  1.25 LRGB

The Askar LRGB imaging filter set is designed for use with a CCD or CMOS monochrome imaging camera. 

This filter set enables users to achieve 1:1:1 equalised RGB exposures.

The LRGB filter set includes four mounted imaging filters that pass red, green and blue bands of light together with the full luminance spectrum across the visible band. By taking sub exposures through each of the filters and combining the separate sub exposures with image-processing software, stunning images of the planets or deep-sky objects are possible.

With 1:1:1 colour ratios the Askar LRGB imaging filter set can greatly simplify and thus reduce the time of post processing and assists greatly for automated imaging. 

The Askar LRGB filter set has a precise passband including a gap between the red and the green to improve colour balance and partially reduce the impact from sodium light. The blue and green filter passbands slightly overlap to allow the emission from nebulae to achieve a more natural colour. 

The Askar LRGB filter set is suitable for planetary or deep-sky imaging.

This LRGB filter set includes built in IR blocking on each filter and features high 90% transmission.

The production process is strictly controlled and every single Askar LRGB filter set is individually examined and tested.



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