Astro Essentials 1.25'' #11 Yellow/Green Filter

Astro Essentials 1.25" #11 Yellow/Green Filter

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About this product

Model:  ae_fltr_11_125
Part Number:  AD058

Astro Essentials 1.25" #11 Yellow/Green Filter

Astro Essential colour filters for astronomy are most often used to enhance contrast when observing the Moon and planets.

Results depend on seeing conditions, the telescope and the target being observed or photographed but the right filter can make a significant difference when, for example, viewing the lunar surface or teasing detail from Jupiter's weather bands or Saturn's rings. 

See our handy guide to colour filters and how they can help improve your lunar and planetary visual observing.

Wratten #11 Yellow/Green Filter

  • Enhances dark features on Mars.
  • Increases contrast between the dark belts and bright zones on Jupiter.
  • Enhances Saturn’s details to a lesser extent and can accentuate the appearance of the Cassini Division.
  • When used with a large telescope, can slightly improve detail on Uranus and Neptune.


  • Wratten #11 Yellow/Green Filter
  • 1.25" Filter Size with M28.5x0.6 Threads
  • Premium optical glass with dyed-in-the-mass colour mounted in a precision metal cell
  • Threaded both sides to enable stacking
  • Supplied in a protective storage case
  • Manufactured by GSO in Taiwan

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