HiTec Astro Weather Deluxe
HiTec Astro Weather DeluxeHiTec Astro Weather DeluxeHiTec Astro Weather Deluxe
HiTec Astro Weather DeluxeHiTec Astro Weather DeluxeHiTec Astro Weather Deluxe

HiTec Astro Weather Deluxe

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About this product

Model:  hitecastro-weather-deluxe
Part Number:  weatherdeluxe

Hitec Weather Deluxe

Hitec Weather deluxe is a fully featured cloud sensor with integrated ambient and rain sensor. Utilising an RS232 connection allows a much longer cable run than is possible with USB.  The unit is designed to be located outdoors permanently so you never need to miss a clear sky again. Hitec Weather Deluxe comes with a comprehensive software suite containing advanced features not found on competing products.  Just some of these features are listed below;

  • Sensor parameters are fully adjustable to suit your location and climate.
  • RS232 cable allows unit to be located up to 150ft from the host PC.
  • Power and signal are provided through a single cable.
  • E-Mail alerts are fully configurable so you get the information you need when you need it.
  • Astronomical calculations are done on the fly to allow factors such as twilight and moonlight to be factored into your observing decisions.  This removes the need for a light sensor.
  • Separate and highly accurate ambient temperature sensor is located outside the box so as not to be affected by electronic heat.
  • Rain sensor will alert you at the first drop of rain potentially saving you a lot of money should a sudden rain shower pass over. Rain sensor integrates a controllable inbuilt heater to avoid false alarms caused by dew or frost.

Comparison Table between Weather Deluxe and Weather USB

                                                      Weather Deluxe                              Weather USB

Cloud Sensor

Yes  (100deg FOV)

Yes (10deg FOV)

Ambient Temp. Sensor



Cloud Sensor Field of View



Rain Sensor




Serial RS232 (USB with adaptor)


Power Relay



Power Requirement


USB self powered


 E-Mail, Screen



IP66 Rainproof

Not designed to be rainproof.

Max Cable Length

Tested to 150ft

15ft (USB standard) longer with active repeater.

ASCOM Safety Monitor Driver

Yes (32bit only)


Astronomical Calculator




HitecWeather provides a system in which all of the parameters which define the clarity (or otherwise) of the users sky can be determined using a method which HiTec have spent time learning to understand and develop.  These parameters can be simply set in the software provided and thus allow the user to adapt to different prevailing conditions.  By default Hitec Weather is loaded with parameters which have been found to work well from the United Kingdom.  However overseas customers might need to adjust these to suit local climates.  In short wherever you live and whatever your climate Hitec Weather will work for you with minimal effort.  If desired, users can download recommended parameters automatically.


Customer reviews

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Using HiTec Astro Weather Deluxe with N.I.N.A. and 64 bit systems
Wednesday, 8 June 2022  | 

I've been happily using the HiTec Astro Weather Deluxe for four years on a 64-bit windows PC. I've also found HiTec to be very supportive and helpful. I use the Weather Sensor as part of an automated observatory and since discovering N.I.N.A., I've been using it to provide a Safety Monitor Flag into the sequences. I also struggled with having 32 bit drivers (my focuser has the same problem).

The solution I found was to use a marvellous piece of software from Optec - the Optec ASCOM Server. The server can present 32-bit and 64-bit driver interfaces to your client software but in turn connect to your 32-bit device driver. I use it for both my focuser and weather sensor. One little niggle - not sure if Optec fixed it - Optec provide two servers "Server 1" and "Server 2", this allows you to connect to two instances of the same device type. For some reason Server 1 in my system only connects to the ASCOM Safety Monitor Simulator! However, it's no problem selecting Server 2 and that lets me connect to my HiTec Weather sensor driver.

Hope that helps - no need to return these marvellous little weather sensors - just use an ASCOM server then get your N.I.N.A. "Loop while safe" sequences running!

I have no connection with FLO, HiTec or Optec other than being very happy with the service and support as a customer.

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Please update the drivers!
Wednesday, 2 February 2022  | 

It works very well and I'd be very happy with it if only 64bit drivers were available. I can only include it manually in my workflow because I use a 64bit implementation of NINA and this product only has 32bit drivers, Kind of defeats the object of the device at least in my use case. Take away the driver issue and it is really accurate and easy to use.

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Lack of 64Bit Drivers
Sunday, 19 December 2021  | 

Whilst the unit and software itself are fine, the lack of 64 Bit software is a major letdown. I wanted the device to specifically use with NINA and now find that it is incompatable. As per the previous review this defecit should have been pointed out in the sales information at FLO or Hitec's own documentation. If id know that the software was 32 bit only, i wouldnt have purchased. Im now stuck using email notifications via pushover as a workround in the mean time.

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No 64 bit drivers
Tuesday, 14 December 2021  | 

32 bit drivers only .. almost unuseable for Nina and modern observatory software etc that benefit from 64bit drivers. Very very dissappointed to have bought the unit, gone to all the trouble of installing the unit to only find it works in 32 bit. I wasted some hours on this project. This is a major fail and really should have been highlighted on the product description.

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HiTec Astro Weather Deluxe
Thursday, 22 October 2020  | 

Product arrived within 48hrs of ordering - the usual efficient service from FLO.
Setting up emial alerts was more complicated than expected but that was mainly due to security issues with Gmail programming, but with help from FLO this was all sorted within a couple of days.
The weather Deluxe works exactly as expected, email alerts for when the sky has cleared and also when clouds have arrived or rain has started.
My only niggle hence the 4 stars was the serial connection, which meant I needed a serial to USB adaptor for use with any modern PC.
All in all a great buy and a happy customer.


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