Lunatico Dragonfly V2.0 Observatory Controller
 Lunatico Dragonfly V2.0 Observatory ControllerLunatico Dragonfly V2.0 Observatory Controller 

Lunatico Dragonfly V2.0 Observatory Controller

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About this product

Model:  lunatico_acnsel05
Part Number:  ACNSELDR

The Lunatico Dragonfly is a roll off observatory controller for remotely control of your observatory. 

6 Reasons to buy the Dragonfly

  1. Smart: can perform operations by itself (for example, send you an email or push message, reboot the router if no internet, WOL, etc…)
  2. Smartphones support: custom control app
  3. Universal: with ZeroConf, access it from anywhere – no configuration required
  4. Versatile: roof open and close operations can be customized. Actions can be launched when a sensor or relay changes.
  5. Secure: password protection available (3 levels)
  6. Supported: complete ASCOM and INDIGO and INDIlib roof and switch drivers

With the Dragonfly you can:

  • Switch on and off lights and equipment
  • Open and close the observatory roof
  • Control 8 relays (4 of them double NO/NC, and 4 NO)
  • Monitor the AAG Cloudwatcher and check for safe or unsafe weather conditions
  • Monitor, using magnet or mechanical sensors the mount’s position, the status of the roof…
  • ZeroConfiguration network system
  • ASCOM switch & dome interfaces
  • Improved internal web server:
    • Simple page to manage the relays and sensors,
    • Javascript for web page integration

ASCOM support is available, and also INDIGO and INDIlib. And with a free application for mobiles and tablets.

This Version 2.0 Dragonfly includes the following new/enhanced features when used with the new software version:

  • Relay restrictions (do not close relay if…)
  • Roof control from the main panel
  • Improved log window
  • New DragonflyConfigurator software to manage the internal settings
  • New macros, actions the Dragonfly can perform autonomously, very powerful (internet connectivity testing, email / push message sending, wake on lan, relay open / close, sensor checks, etc.)
  • Internal clock, with timezone support (useful for macros)
  • 3 level password protection
  • improved ZeroConf connections
  • Log automatically recorded to disk, including any relay activity

… and of course some internal improvements and fixes.

The new hardware also addresses some network problems, found mostly at shared observatories with a lot of network activity, and improved relay protection in case of power supply noise.

Dragonfly / Internet Switch Comparison



Internet Switch

Relay control YES YES
Actions on relay changes YES NO
Sensor display YES YES
Actions on sensor changes YES NO
Smart (autonomous operation) YES NO
Versatility TOTAL VERY LOW
ZeroConf YES NO
Relay Safety (restrictions

Technical specifications:

  • Manages 8 relays (4 of them double NO/NC, and 4 NO), to switch DC or AC
  • 8 input sensors: magent, contact, etc
  • Extremely protected against noise
  • Direct network connection (ethernet)
  • Power supply: 12V (up to 24V is fine), D.C., requires less than 1A, standard 5.5 / 2.1mm jack, positive inside.
  • Size: 135 * 61 * 244 mm. box only (total mounted 157 * 70 * 244 mm.)
  • Easy installation with DIN rails (optional)


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