Primaluce Lab Sesto Senso Sixth Sense Robotic Stepper Focus Motor

Primaluce Lab Sesto Senso Sixth Sense Robotic Stepper Focus Motor

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About this product

Model:  pl_sesto_senso
Part Number:  SESTOSENSO

Includes set of 5 bushes for different focusers. 

PrimaLuceLab Sesto Senso robotic focusing motor for your telescope!

Clever design means motor and the control electronics are together in a compact metal box (dimensions 87 x 60 x 43mm). 

Replaces your focuser's micrometer knob.

Connecting it to your computers USB port enables you to remotely control focus with high precision (0.7 microns!) without vibration. 

The supplied software and ASCOM driver provides a number of advanced features, useful for astrophotography. 

Compact, lightweight and integrated design

Sesto Senso has 3 ports. In the picture below, to the right you see the 12V power supply port that powers the motor and integrated electronics. Using the power cable provided in the package, it can be powered by a common 12 volt cigarette lighter socket. At the centre you see the USB connection port that connects Sesto Senso to a computer, using the provided cable. To the left you see the port for connecting the optional temperature sensor and allowing you to perform auto focus adjustment procedures with the ambient temperature variation.


ASCOM driver and configuration software

Sesto Senso has been designed for astrophotography and provides all functions with commands useful for even the toughest pictures. It comes with Sesto Senso software that allow you to control the focuser and ASCOM drivers, so you can use it with the most popular astrophotography software such as BackyardEOS, BackyardNikon, MaximDL, FocusMax, Voyager, Sequence Generator Pro and others. If the recording software supports more focusers, you can also use more Sesto Senso at the same time.

At present Mac support is more limited. Users of The SkyX Pro can use the Sesto Senso with a third party driver and there is an INDI driver available for Stellarmate users.

Sesto Senso software allows you to adjust various advanced settings:

  • Movement speed and acceleration/deceleration ramps
  • Motor torque to increase the focuser weight load capacity of the camera when the focuser is stationary
  • Moving and positioning test with reading of steps number
  • Selection of pre-settings for low, medium and heavy loads
  • Reading of stored settings in the internal electronics
  • Reading of temperature (requires optional temperature probe)

Compatible with many focusers

Thanks to its special design, the Sesto Senso robotic focusing motor is compatible with many focusers by using the bushing kit supplied in the package. You just have to choose the right bushing for your focuser and install Sesto Senso, it's very simple! Another advantage of the design is to be able to easily move Sesto Senso from one telescope to another. If you change telescope, you can easily connect Sesto Senso to your new instrument!

Set of 5 bushings for various focusers:

  • Red bushing Ø2.5mm for AIRY refractors (ED72, APO80, ED90, ED100, APO104T, APO120, APO150T), OrionOpticsUK VX and CT, Baader Steeltrack® focusers, TS-Optics V-Power, Omegon V-Power and Skywatcher
  • Black bushing Ø2.8mm for Feather Touch focusers
  • Green bushing Ø3.5mm for Takahashi telescopes
  • Silver bushing Ø3.1mm for Moonlite focusers
  • Yellow bushing Ø4.0mm for AIRY refractors (APO 65F, BLACK 80T) and SharpStar telescopes with 2" focusers

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What's in the box

  • Sesto Senso
  • Cogarette plug power cable
  • Micro USB Cable
  • Set of screwdrivers and nipple for assembly
  • Set of 5 bushes for different focusers
  • USB Stick with ASCOM driver, control and setting software, PDF user manuals (English and Italian)

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Very nice design and manufacture at a competitive price
Tuesday, 19 February 2019  | 

I have been looking for sometime to provide a stepper motor drive for my first generation Explore Scientific ED102 which has a reasonable Rack and Pinion focuser. Up to now the options seem to be either expensive and convoluted (requiring a new focuser plus special adaptor etc.) or a bit 'Heath Robinson'. This new product caught my eye. The standard adaptor clamp for the SESTO SENSO is 25 mm in dia. I removed the focusing knobs from the ES 102 and measured the diameter - seemed to be about right (but the ES 102 is not in the list of compatible scopes). When it arrived from FLO, I found I had to carefully file away about 30 thou from part of the clamp in order to get it to fit snugly.

Now it's fitted it works a treat! Software installs without problems and is easy to use (although I have not tried the ASCOM driver yet). I am very pleased with the product - it is nicely designed and made, and easy to disassemble if needed. For me it is a much better solution than the alternatives.


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