Primaluce Lab Sesto Senso V2 Robotic Stepper Focus Motor
Primaluce Lab Sesto Senso V2 Robotic Stepper Focus MotorPrimaluce Lab Sesto Senso V2 Robotic Stepper Focus MotorPrimaluce Lab Sesto Senso V2 Robotic Stepper Focus Motor

Primaluce Lab Sesto Senso V2 Robotic Stepper Focus Motor

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Primaluce Lab Sesto Senso V2 Robotic Stepper Focus Motor

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About this product

Model:  pl_sesto_senso

The new updated Sesto Senso 2 is a highly accurate, vibration free, robotic focusing motor for your telescope! 

Connect it to the USB port of your EAGLE or Windows® computer to electronically control focus while still allowing you to manually move your focuser by hand if needed.

If you don’t want to focus using a computer, you can connect wirelessly from any smartphone or tablet using the integrated Virtual HandPad via the built-in Wifi network in the SESTO SENSO 2!

Thanks to the Self Centering Clamp technology (SCC), SESTO SENSO 2 can be installed on most focusers without the need of external brackets.

The supplied FOCUS Manager software and ASCOM driver allow easy configuration of the many advanced features of SESTO SENSO 2.

Thanks to the precisely controlled motor with integrated electronics, SESTO SENSO 2 achieves incredible precision of just 0.7 microns.

Compact, lightweight, integrated design

The control electronics are integrated into a single compact enclosure with its ports displayed on the side.

In the upper area you find the dimmable status LEDs that can even be turned off for better light management at night.

Below the LEDs, you will find the USB-C port to connect SESTO SENSO 2 to an EAGLE or other Windows® computer using the provided cable, the ARCO port to power and control the optional ARCO camera rotator with a single cable, the 12V power supply port that powers the motor and integrated electronics using the provided cigarette lighter socket power cable (an optional cable is also available to power it directly from the EAGLE) and the port for the optional temperature sensor that allows (by using third party software) to perform auto focus adjustment procedures with the ambient temperature variation.

Control it via USB-C from the EAGLE or from any Windows® computer with a standard USB port

Includes a sturdy USB-C port to connect to the USB port on your EAGLE or any Windows® computer (cable provided), and control it via the provided FOCUSER Manager software or the ASCOM driver. SESTO SENSO 2 uses a USB-C port providing increased reliability with its reversible plug: you can connect the USB cable in either orientation, preventing problems when connected in the dark.

Control via WiFi, from any smartphone or tablet via the Virtual HandPad

The SESTO SENSO 2 now has built-in WiFi remote control capability so you can control it from any smartphone or tablet, without the need of a computer! Just connect your device to the WiFi network of the SESTO SENSO 2 and start the app - You will be able to control the focuser by using the dedicated Virtual HandPad. Thanks to convenient preset settings, you can easily record and move the focuser to specific predetermined positions - Great for visual use too! WiFi control works even if SESTO SENSO 2 is also connected to a computer so you can control it simultaneously from 2 devices.

Easily connects to most focusers thanks to its Self Centering Clamp (SCC) without the need of external brackets

SESTO SENSO 2 doesn’t require any external brackets to attach to focusers: just remove the fine and coarse knobs from your focuser and you will reveal a shaft. SESTO SENSO 2 is designed to fit to a 25mm diameter shaft, common to most focusers on the market (optional adapters available for focusers with shaft diameters of 33 or 37mm - other diameters are currently not compatible if in doubt please measure the shaft diameter on your scope). SESTO SENSO 2 uses a new shaft connection bushing, improved over the previous generation, that has been designed to accommodate different focusers more easily. Another advantage of the SCC technology is that you can always use the manual (coarse) knobs of your focuser, even if SESTO SENSO 2 is installed (if you move the focuser by hand, in order to control the focuser again with SESTO SENSO you will only need to manually bring the focuser to the minimum position and press the "Set position as 0" button to calibrate it again). SESTO SENSO is compatible with many telescopes, like (but not lmited to these):

  • SkyWatcher EVOSTAR 72 ED, 80 ED, 100 ED and 120 ED
  • SkyWatcher ESPRIT 80 ED, 100 ED, 120 ED and 150 ED
  • SkyWatcher Newton 200mm and 250mm, f/4 and f/5
  • StellaMira 85mm and 104mm ED2 Triplets and 80mm ED f10 Doublet
  • Takahashi FSQ85
  • Takahashi FSQ106
  • Telescopes with Baader SteelTrack® focuser
  • Telescopes with FeatherTouch 2" focuser (3" and 3,5" models require optional 33mm or 37mm adapter)
  • GSO Ritchey-Chretien with 2" and 3" focusers
  • TS-Optics TSED80F7 (with 33mm optional adatper)
  • TS-Optics TSApo60f6RED (with 33mm optional adatper)
  • TS-Optics TSAPO72F6 (with 33mm optional adatper)
  • TS-Optics TLAPO804 (with 33mm optional adatper)
  • TS-Optics TS71SDQ
  • TS-Optics TS86SDQ

SESTO SENSO 2 can be used with many different telescopes, like Newtonians, refractors, and Schmidt-Cassegrain (and aplanatic versions) with external manual focusers. If you are searching for a motorized focuser for your SC/RC type telescope and you haven’t already installed an external focuser, may we suggest our ESATTO focuser with a high load capacity, integrated motor, and the same advanced electronic control found in the SESTO SENSO 2.

What's in the box

  • Sesto Senso 2
  • 12v DC cigarette-style plug power cable
  • USB-C to standard USB cable
  • Hex keys for assembly
  • Set of 5 colour-coded bushes for different focusers
  • Quick installation guide

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Fitting a Primaluce Lab Sesto Senso V2 Robotic Stepper Focus Motor to a Lunt LS60THa/B1200CPT 60mm H-alpha Telescope
Tuesday, 20 April 2021  | 

Fits straight from the box without any additional adaptors but the instructions are not too clear and it required a couple of restarts of the PC before the focuser was recognised and the software worked correctly. other wise works well and would recommend it. The scope won't fit into the original case however easily so I'm looking out for a new container.

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Not suitable for Esprit (alike)
Tuesday, 10 November 2020  | 

I connected the Senso v2 to the reduction shaft of my Esprit 100 ED. It turned out there was to much slip between the reduction shaft and the main shaft of the Esprit to get repeatable focus results. Then whit some drilling I managed to connect the Senso to the main focuser shaft. But unfortunately the Senso is not strong enough to move the focuser when the telescope is tilted. Even with the highest power settings in the software.
The problem is that the Senso has no internal reduction gearbox and therefore has not enough torch. At least for this application.

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Easy to fit and Remove
Monday, 2 November 2020  | 

I have the Skywatcher Esprit 100 and it came (and still lives) in a large and very beautiful hard case. The telescope will not fit into the case with a focusser attached. The Sesto Senso can be removed and reattached in minutes using three (3) supplied allen keys. This is a huge advantage that outweighs every other consideration

It was very easy to fit once I had figured out how to remove the coarse focusser knob - the rubber gripper around the circumference rolls back and the screw is hidden underneath.

I downloaded the drivers and it worked immediately. Sharpcap recognises it as an Ascom focusser. The remaining coarse focusser knob can still be used to set up the approximate focus position while the Sesto Senso is switched off. I haven't attempted to use the Wifi feature as yet, but I like that it is an option.

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Sesto Senso V2
Friday, 16 October 2020  | 

Superb. The unit it'self was really easy to install on my StellarLyra 6 inch RC, calibration was easy too once I realised the motor was moving the drawtube the other way. Software looks simple enough though I'll be using it through SGP mainly. FLO were ace yet again. Ordered around 3pm yesterday and here just after 9am this morning.
I'll update this once I get to use it in anger under the sky. It seems extremely smooth and quiet in operation. I've just been running it on a distant tree so far just to confirm movement and get an idea on step size (very small).

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Solid Focuser
Tuesday, 30 June 2020  | 

The install was very simple and sems very solid. The device is a bit heavier than I expected.. but not bad.. just more than I expected. It is solidly built metal case which accounts for it. I have used it with NINA, APT and tried with ASIAIR.

NINA and APT worked fine as expected since it uses ASCOM drivers.. the com port selection can get a bit fiddly, but seems ok. ASIAIR Pro will not work with the focuser.. doesn't see it at all.. which is VERY disappointing.

The calibration took some figuring out.. Setting the 0 point is easy, but going out to "all out" is slow and tedius. You just hit a button and it drives out until you stop it and tell it you are done. The issue is it is slow and you have know know when to stop it. I made a mark on my tube to let me know. If you move the focuser manually at any time you have to rezero it all the way in. The only flaw is it must be done in the App outside of your control software. If you move the focuser manually and need to reset 0.. do NOT hit the "init cal" button or it wipes both positions. Just wind it in to 0 and "set zero".

Overall it has been fine so far.. still trying to decide how the backlash is. It does pull the most amps of my system.. and the temp goes up fast if you are having to search for focus through the range.

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Game Changer
Saturday, 14 March 2020  | 

I purchased the Sesto Senso having tried the cheaper alternative from ZWO. Both myself and FLO were uncertain whether the ZWO would fit my scope and FLO were happy to reimburse me if I couldn’t find a solution. As anticipated, I was unable to find a way to attach this to my William Optics Z103 refractor and FLO were true to their word and refunded the purchase price.

When it arrived the Sesto Senso plus the focus adaptor worked like a charm. It was easy to fit, simple to set up and straight forward to use.

My set up is controlled by Sequence Generator Pro and the auto focussing routine with SGP plus the Sesto Senso is a real game change for me and my astrophotography. Pin point stars are achieved in a few minutes and can be refocussed as needed through the night.

The Sesto Senso may be slightly more expensive than other alternatives but I am delighted with the purchase and the simplicity it brings to my astrophotography.

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Sesto Senso gen1
Monday, 23 December 2019  | 

Great quality product, easy to install, easy to use in APT.
A handcontroller would be interesting for visual use, but gen 2 is fixing this.
I recommend this product !

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Primaluce Lab Sesto Senso Sixth Sense Robotic Stepper Focus Motor
Wednesday, 12 June 2019  | 

I get this focuser motor to use it with my Esprit 150, I fitted it easily on the fucuser and it works just fine. The focuser feels high quality and well made and easy to use, it comes with nice software and ASCOM driver which means that it can be controlled via lots of applications such as Kstars, SGP, and others!
Although it is a bit pricey but I really like it and would deferentially recommend it.

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Stylish design with good performance
Tuesday, 23 April 2019  | 

I have been gradually updating my AP kit so that I can spend less time imaging in the cold outdoors and more time viewing from the PC screen indoors. Being able to remotely focus was an essential element and so i was looking for something to attach to my small refractor (WO Megrez 72). FLO recommended the Sesto Senso which, although a bit expensive, looked like a more stylish and modern solution than some of the other 'Heath-Robinson' options on the market. The focus motor arrived from FLO in a few days and I was able successfully to attach it to my scope without too much difficulty. The main things to be aware of are (a) the grub screws are small and can be a bit fiddly, and (b) although there are a range of couplers included to match different size focuser shafts, unless the coupler hole is exactly matched to the shaft then you may need to adjust the setup a few times to get the motor and focuser shafts perfectly concentric (ideally to allow adjustment there would be 4 screws to attach the focuser rather than just 2).

From a software control perspective the Sesto Senso was very straightforward to set up, I use it with SGP via the Ascom drivers and so far (1 month in) it works perfectly on my rig. One small annoying feature: there is a white semi-opaque plastic top to the unit with a red light which flashes underneath when in use and can be a bit distracting in the dark. The other point to note is that I needed to balance my scope along the third axis after fitting the motor to counterbalance the weight hanging off one side.

Overall I am very happy with the performance of the unit, it only dropped 1 star in this review because of the value for money equation - though I see that FLO have now reduced the price which makes it an even more attractive option.

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Very nice design and manufacture at a competitive price
Tuesday, 19 February 2019  | 

I have been looking for sometime to provide a stepper motor drive for my first generation Explore Scientific ED102 which has a reasonable Rack and Pinion focuser. Up to now the options seem to be either expensive and convoluted (requiring a new focuser plus special adaptor etc.) or a bit 'Heath Robinson'. This new product caught my eye. The standard adaptor clamp for the SESTO SENSO is 25 mm in dia. I removed the focusing knobs from the ES 102 and measured the diameter - seemed to be about right (but the ES 102 is not in the list of compatible scopes). When it arrived from FLO, I found I had to carefully file away about 30 thou from part of the clamp in order to get it to fit snugly.

Now it's fitted it works a treat! Software installs without problems and is easy to use (although I have not tried the ASCOM driver yet). I am very pleased with the product - it is nicely designed and made, and easy to disassemble if needed. For me it is a much better solution than the alternatives.


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