SkyWatcher Auto Focuser

SkyWatcher Auto Focuser
 SkyWatcher Auto FocuserSkyWatcher Auto Focuser 


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Model:  swautofocuser
Part Number:  20929
Brand:  Skywatcher


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Hands-free DC focusing for precise focusing with the minimum of vibration. 

Dual speed push-button operation (fast & slow). 

Can be used with the following telescopes: Evostar models 90/102/120/150, Startravel models 80/102/120/150, Skyliner models 150/200/250/300 & Explorer models 150/200/250/300. 

Requires a 9v battery for operation, not supplied. 

Note: Please check your telescope's focuser knob is removable (Sky-Watcher sometimes glue them on). If not then this product will not be suitable. 

There are currently no specifications available for this product.

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Saturday, 28 April 2018  | 

I originally installed this on my sw200p no problems ,fine focus easily achieved highly recommend reasonably priced ,battery lasts ages ,now fitted to a 200pds though bit of tweaking involved not too much you just need 2x6mm spacers i used two M6 nuts on the bracket to be able to secure allen screw to focus knob spindle. the springy lead i found to get in the way but made up my own longer lead 6 meters (rj10) an inexpensive job and used a white lead easy to see in the dark ,makes focussing so much easier would recommend .

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Orion Friendly Focuser
Thursday, 1 March 2018  | 

Orion have an identical offering for much more money. This fitted perfectly and works very well on my Orion Xi 10 DOB.
Thanks for great service FLO

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Sunday, 4 February 2018  | 

Very easy and quick to install (a YouTube video made sure of that) on a SW 130PDS. I wish it came with instructions though. Come to think of it, it's not even branded. Neither the box or the product had any form of branding.

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easy mod
Tuesday, 31 May 2016  | 

fitted the auto focuser in about 10 mins.all the tools apart from a phillips driver are included as are other unneeded parts..nice smooth focus cuts down on shake.downers are the up arrow winds the focuser out and the down arrow moves it in..and to make large focus changes you fight against the motor drive.really nice easy mod..would be nice to run it from a power tank out of the box instead of batteries....recommended

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Good, but can't be disengaged.
Friday, 7 June 2013  | 

I've mounted this on my SkyWatcher 300P's Crayford. First odd thing is the hole for the focuser lock screw is on the wrong side of the supplied bracket. If you want to use the lock off, you'll have to drill a hole in the bracket. Silly mistake SkyWatcher! Apart from that is was easy enough to fit.

As noted by others,the fast speed simply isn't fast enough, which bring me onto my main point. There is no mechanism to disengage the motor to allow you to focus manually. The only way to achieve this is by slackening off the grub screw with an Allen key. Not ideal in the dark! This seem to be a major oversight by SkyWatcher. Why not fit it with a knurled nut or some kind of latch mechanism?

On the plus side, the control over the focus is very fine at the slowest speed. This allows you to achieve very tight focus.

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This does fit a 130P with the 2 Rack and pinion focuser
Thursday, 3 May 2012  | 

I thought I would just write a review which I hope will help other people who want to buy this for the SW 130p on the Syncscan Alt/Az goto mount.

I bought this from FLO and recieved it fine and OK as always. Anyway fitting is easy enough even though the instructions show the crayford focuser.

Using the parts and bracket supplied the focuser fits without modifcation and it works really well and can be fitted in about 25 mins with ease.

Just need clear skies to try it out now. Great item. This is with the black tube 130p with the 2" R+P Focuser.

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Auto Focuser
Tuesday, 20 September 2011  | 

I bought this for a SkyWatcher Explorer 130. Which you will note is not in the list of supported models but I thought I'd give it a shot. Therefore, I wasn't too surprised when I find I couldn't connect as-is.

The bracket supplied has numerous holes, no doubt to support the different models. Just none of them were suitable for mine. However, 30 minutes with a drill and I had holes in the right place and the drive was attached securely to my focuser.

I believe the previous reviewer's assumption that his focuser is just too big is probably correct. With the speed turned fully up, home to fully extended takes 35 seconds which is perfectly acceptable in my opinion. With the speed turned fully down, you can barely see the drive moving. This allows for much finer focus precision than possible by hand.

Would have got 5 stars if I hadn't of had to resort to a drill.

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SW Electronic Focuser
Friday, 26 August 2011  | 

Bought this to try out on a non-SW scope with a long-ish focal length of 1350mm. I was finding it difficult to focus manually due to the image moving so much when I touched the focus knob. My scope had a 1/4" shaft for the focuser axle, so I thought I might be able to get this to work with it somehow.

The SW Electronic Focuser comes with a selection of bits to assist in attaching it to various scopes, one of which is a flexible plastic coupler, which I ended up using successfully.

I can now focus very finely without inducing any movement in the image, so in this respect I'd award 4 maybe even 5 stars.

However, even with the focus speed turned right up it is still slow to go from one end of the focus travel to the other. This slow speed is fine when you are close to correct focus, but when first setting up your kit from a case where you have to wind the focuser all the way in to store it, it takes time to move to correct focus.

You end up using the manual knob on the opposite side to the electronic focuser to speed up winding the focuser out, but you are fighting against the electronic focuser - which probably is not too good for it & even then you can't move it that fast, just help it along.

It also feels like it is creeping along due to a less than fresh battery - like the battery is about to expire, which does not inspire confidence. Maybe it is just that my focuser is a bit too big & heavy for it.

BUT, once you are close to focus, it is great, to be able to focus with no image movement, you can even slow the focuser down for really fine focus control

If you can over look the initial wind out & the wind in at close of play issue, then you would give this more is a hard one to put stars on 3 seems too mean, 4 a little too generous, but taking into account the cost too - it is worth getting I think.

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