Asterion EQ3 Drive Kit Pro
Asterion EQ3 Drive Kit ProAsterion EQ3 Drive Kit ProAsterion EQ3 Drive Kit Pro
Asterion EQ3 Drive Kit ProAsterion EQ3 Drive Kit ProAsterion EQ3 Drive Kit Pro

Asterion EQ3 Drive Kit Pro

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About this product

Model:  ast_eq3_dk
Part Number:  EQ3-DK

The set of drivers DriveKit allows automating driving German equatorial mounts Sky-Watcher EQ3 as well as other analogs (see the full list in the Specifications). The basis of the set is a couple of drivers based on high precision stepper motors installed in metal bodies. Drivers’ bodies have fastenings which conform to the standard set-up sites of the mount.

Driving system EQ Star could be used both autonomous mode as well as driving from a computer or a mobile device (smartphone, tablet, etc.). Using the SynScan Pro mobile application (a standard software package), the system will provide all the capabilities of GoTo wireless control. And SkySafari users will get a convenient way to point the telescope directly from the maps of this modern planetarium.

Working on a personal computer EQ Star is compatible with astronomical software that supports the ASCOM interface (Stellarium, Cartes de Ciel, StarCalc, etc). EQ Star also supports a range of astrophotography and guiding software as follows: MaximDL, Guidemaster, PHD Guiding, etc. Working with a PC the controller enables automatic search for space objects similar to the GoTo system and their guiding for the purpose of astrophotography with long expositions. The PC connection is ensured by the cable provided by standard equipment, and the mobile devices are connected via a Wi-Fi interface.

EQ Star is compatible with a variety of platforms, drivers and applications that provides especially comfortable conditions for the mount driving depending on the assigned tasks. The standards equipment provides a hand remote control that allows comfortable driving of the mount during visual observations or the setup adjustment before astrophotography sessions.


  • Compatible Mounts: Sky-Watcher EQ3, Celestron CG-4, Orion AstroView and analogs
  • Type of motors: bipolar 1.8°/step (1/64 micro-step) 
  • Auto Guidance: Port ST-4
  • Accuracy: RA - 0.3", Dec - 0.5" (per step)
  • Power supply: 12-24V, at least 3A
  • Power Socket: 2.1x5.2mm ("+" per center pin)
  • Weight: 1.5kg

User Manual.pdf

Please note NO power supply is included with Asterion products

What's in the box

  • Drives for RA and Dec
  • Controller
  • Hand remote control 
  • Set of cables
  • Set of pulleys and belts
  • Set of fasteners and keys for mounting drives
  • Velcro 3pcs for cable management
  • USB flash drive with software
  • User's manual
  • Packaging

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