Sky-Watcher Enhanced Dual-Axis DC Motor Drives for EQ-5

Sky-Watcher Enhanced Dual-Axis DC Motor Drives for EQ-5

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Model:  enhanced_dualmotoreq5
Part Number:  20301

Also suitable for use with Vixen GP/GPE series mounts. 

Sky-Watcher’s new dual-axis motor drive with enhanced hand controller is essential for long-exposure astrophotography and a useful accessory for visual astronomy. 

It precisely controls the mount's tracking speed to compensate for Earth's rotation during long exposures.

The new enhanced handset has an ST4 interface for an Auto-Guider, such as Sky-Watcher’s own Synguider, and features SOLAR, LUNAR and SIDEREAL tracking rates plus selectable adjustment rates of 0.5x, 2x and 16x. 

The hand controller also has a convenient facility to invert the direction of the UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT buttons so the directions on the handset can match those you see through the telescope.

Designed for use in northern and southern hemispheres.

The DC motor drive runs on 4 "D" cell batteries (not included). 

Includes motors for both R.A. and DEC axes, motor cables, enhanced hand controller and battery pack. 

Note: Once fitted you will no longer be able to use the slow-motion controls and will need to use the motor control to move manually.

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A great help once fitting issues resolved
20 February 2024  | 

As mentioned by Ashley, I had the same issue with the declination motor fitment (on an EQ-5 mount), resolved using a stack of small washers in my case. I also had to get the RA motor replaced due to the misalignment of the output gear with the gear on the shaft of the mount. (I was able to loosen the allen screws on the replacement motor gear and move the gear outboard to align them). Many thanks to Chris for his unending patience in resolving these issues. Sometimes it would be so much easier with a phone call
Now these issues are resolved and I have had a few opportunities to use the motors I am happy that I persevered as being able to centre an object in the eyepiece, pop back inside for 5 mins to warm up and come back out to find it's still there is wonderful. Also, you can spend much more time looking through the EP and concentrating on the object in view without having to constantly re-centre which is a real boon. Like any new equipment it takes a little getting used to but once you understand how it all works it really helps with enjoying the sky as opposed to fighting with your setup.
I have perhaps been a little harsh by dropping 2 stars from the rating but this reflects the initial frustrations with Sky-Watcher quality control and not the functional rating in use which would probably be closer to 5-stars

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Good Budget Motor
28 January 2024  | 

Good budget , almost slient, motor drives. The motors seems very good quality, the control box could have better materials. The main directional buttons are nice and clicky but the other controls on the box seem quite cheap. One issue i found mounting the declination motor was that as you screwed it onto the mount, the tension on the bolt pulled the motor away from the gear so it wasnt a flush fit. Just bad deisgn on the mounting bracket, i found a small thin piece of metal to wedge in between the mount and the motor to minimise this twisting effect and it seems fine now. You get what you pay for i guess. It would be nice to have a slightly more expensive version with a wireless connection between control box and motors. And has been mentioned, you can still use the slow motion controls on the mount by slacking off the locking nuts on the motor gear. Theyre the silver part of the gear you can see in the picture.
Motor action is smooth and quiet. I cant testify to tracking accuracy as the weather has been rotten since purchase.

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Enhanced motor drive kit
12 May 2023  | 

This is a great little addition to your manual EQ5. It is smooth, quiet and has all the functions you need.The button directional setting is a great addition as well. It tracks great and I had the moon centered for 30 minutes without having to adjust the mount. Great buy.

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19 January 2021  | 

I received the motors and handset just over a week ago. Unfortunately, as per the labels on the packaging "MAY CONTAIN SNOW" the weather in Wiltshire has been abysmal! No snow, yet but not conducive to taking the 'scope and accessories outside!

I have tested the system (mount, accessories, etc) indoors but will have to wait for clear weather to give a final assessment - so, please watch this space!

In conclusion, my thanks to FLO for superb packing and prompt answers to my recent queries.

Regards, Rob Houston.

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Don't buy
09 November 2016  | 

I attached the motors to my EQ5, and found that the tracking is 10% slower than it should be. Useless for astrophotography. I have carried out all sorts of measurements, sent them to FLO, and they have passed them onto Skywatcher. I have already had the drives replaced which also lagged. I think I want to throw the whole lot away and start again.


This is puzzing. The Enhanced Dual Motor Kit is very reliable. Indeed we haven't recieved a single faulty one prior to yours. Clearly there must always be a first, but two in a row... We cannot explain. Please contact us, Gerard, so we can explore how/why this has happened.

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Great upgrade.
29 March 2016  | 

Debated for ages, whether to get a GOTO upgrade for my Skywatcher 200P, but decided that would take the fun out of star hopping and finding things for myself. Got the motor drives instead, making observing much more convenient, and keeping the image centred in the EP is worth the price alone. Incidentally, the slo mo adjusters on the standard mount can still be used, despite information to the contrary in the description; simply release a clutch on the motors and the manual controls work as before. Marvellous.


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