Rowan Astronomy Sky-Watcher EQ6 / NEQ6 / NEQ6 Pro and Orion Atlas EQ-G  Belt Mod Kit

Rowan Astronomy Sky-Watcher EQ6 / NEQ6 / NEQ6 Pro and Orion Atlas EQ-G Belt Mod Kit

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Model:  rowan_neq6_belt_mod_kit
Part Number:  10000013a

This kit replaces the NEQ6' spur gear drive train with timing belts. 

Reduces spur gear errors, which reduces tracking errors.

Slewing is much quieter - the 'grinding' noise that regular spur gears produce is significantly reduced. 

Uses a 6mm wide belt and does not require the slot in the mount casting to be modified (required by some other kits). 

The pulley ratio is the same as the factory gears so Sky Watcher SynScan hand controller functions are unaffected. All gain and no loss :-) 

The pulleys are designed and produced specifically for the NEQ6 mount and manufactured to a high precision (Rowan don't modify off-the-shelf parts). 

NEQ6 Belt Kit comprises of: 

2 x 47 tooth pulleys. 2 x 12 tooth pulleys. 
2 x timing belts. 
4 x intermediate rollers and mounting shafts. 
2 x RA motor and idler mouinting plates. 
2 x Dec motor and idler mouinting plates. 
Stainless steel socket head bolts. 

Rowan NEQ6 Belt Kit Fitting Instructions

An optional stainless steel tool is available to easily remove the worm shaft bearing retaining rings. 

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Sky-Watcher EQ6 / NEQ6 / NEQ6 Pro Belt Mod Kit
14 April 2023  | 

Wery good upgrade.
I was putting this kit a side for a bit (scary project), but when i got started it was quite straight forward with good step by step instructions, total time ca. 2houre. This is also a good time to check all the berings on the mount. The mount sonds greate with the new belt mod. Did not need to chang eny of the driver settings in N.I.N.A, and i can now use N.I.N.A and my hand-controller at the same time if needed. The Bearing ring retainer rmovar tool is a must if you don't have special plyers.

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01 January 2023  | 

Received very quickly in France (3 days).
Mounted and tested the day after receipt, greatly smoothed my guiding.
I recommend !

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Rowan belt Mod.
02 November 2021  | 

Just purchased the Rowan belt mod from first light optics to revive my old Neq 6 pro as the guiding has been getting progressively worse for the past 12 months.
Took me an afternoon to complete the mod and with a few YouTube videos and the instructions include I completed the upgrade.
I now just done the final step and adjusted the backlash on the worm carrier and on my first test under the stars got the the RMS error on both axis down to 0.60 and with a few tweaks to the balance and some adjustments in PHD I think I will improve those figures.

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28 July 2021  | 

I am not very mechanical but after watching a few Youtube videos I felt capable to have a go. The results were very good and well worth the money.

While I had the mount apart I removed all the original grease, cleaned a few specs of flaking paint out as well. I was able to get many of the bearings via Amazon and replaced these while it was apart.

I have not really had the weather to test it yet but if the sound and smoothness of movement is a guide this really should be excellent. Learning how it all works has also made me more confident doing backlash adjustments as well and I now seem to have almost zero.

Bottom line is that this really is a no brainer.

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Like having a new mount...
20 May 2021  | 

My 15 year old NEQ6 has always sounded like a food blender with gravel in it, so I thought I would finally treat it to this upgrade. I didn't have any real difficulties in fitting the kit - once I got the mount stripped down. A couple of the original bolts needed penetrating oil and a gentle tap with an impact driver to get them out, which might be the biggest hurdle anyone doing this mod may have to overcome. I am no mechanic but the instructions are quite straightforward, though some patience is needed when fitting the dec motor back onto its new pulley block - I found it quite fiddly . If you have some circlip pliers you do not need the worm bearing extractor (I didn't buy it). Some long-handled Allen keys are also a help when working inside the case. The mount is now amazingly quiet when slewing (even at maximum speed) and is virtually silent when tracking. The upgrade is worth it just for this alone. I also fitted Rowan's zero backlash worm housing at the same time which (at a first test) has greatly improved the mount's guiding accuracy.

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Rowan Engineering EQ6 belt drive kit
24 October 2019  | 

Fantastic piece of engineering. Supplied with all the hardware and instructions. Delivery from FLO was swift and packed very well, a great service

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Excellent !
23 November 2018  | 

Excellent value
The order has been processed efficiently.
The service was efficient and prompt and the good value for standard components.


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