AstroTrac 360 Drive Unit

AstroTrac 360 Drive Unit

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The goal with AstroTrac 360 was to do the impossible: engineer a full‑size experience into the smallest, lightest telescope mount possible. And not only is it compact - it’s more accurate than ever. The new AstroTrac 360’s advanced friction drives and optical encoders deliver even better unguided tracking performance than the AstroTrac TT320X-AG.

About this product

Model:  astrotrac_360_drive
Part Number:  360DRV

Astrotrac 360 Drive - Meet the worlds most portable high performance mount.

Please note - this is for a drive unit only, useful if you already have the camera tracker and wish to upgrade to a full German equatorial (you will also need drive clamps plus counterweight bar and counterweights).

Astrotrac have always been know for exquisite build quality and attention to detail but the new 360 mount takes it to the next level with beautifully machined Aluminium and incredible workmanship, these mounts are a work of art.

Clever engineering is at the heart of the Astrotrac 360 with super precise encoders for incredible guiding and pointing accuracy and a friction drive system to remove backlash and ensure beautifully smooth guiding.

An innovative modular design makes the mount very flexible, use it either a camera tracker, single arm dual axis  or full German Equatorial mount. This modularity combined with low weight also makes it incredibly portable.

Control via WiFi from your phone, tablet or computer using the browser based virtual handset. Future software updates will include GOTO and support for popular 3rd party software such as SkySafari and TheSkyX.

Important - Omni clamp, Polar Scope and Berlebach tripod pictured not included but available separately.


  • Friction drive for ultimate precision, super smooth operation and zero backlash
  • High precision miniature encoders for highly accurate guiding and pointing
  • Modular design: Configure as a camera tracker, single arm dual axis or full German Equatorial mount
  • Weight in Tracker Configuration: 2.77 kg
  • Built-in WiFi enables web browser control from any WiFi enabled device using a 'virtual handset'
  • Works without a computer in standalone mode suitable for tracking / autoguiding.
  • Tracking rates: Sidereal, Solar, Lunar, 0.5x and 'Off'
  • 0.18 arcseconds encoder resolution, accuracy better than 30 arcseconds over 360 degrees
  • Tracking accuracy typically 5 arcseconds over 15 minutes
  • Requires 12v DC power supply rated to 1A, centre positive.
  • ST4 port for guiding

Camera Tracker

Split the AstroTrac 360 German Equatorial or Single Arm mount and you have two of the best tracking camera mounts on the planet. Double your results or double your fun with friends and family. Climbing Everest? - just take the one.

Instrument Mounting

The 360 Omni-Clamp answers all your AstroTrac 360 mounting questions. Clamp a scope or telephoto lens to the 360 drive in German Equatorial or Single Arm configurations with a Vixen dovetail. Attach one or more ballheads to the Tracker with back-to-back Omni-Clamps. The 360 Omni-Clamp permits quick release from the TW3100 Wedge.

Advanced Friction Drive (patent pending)

Ultimate precision. Super smooth. Zero backlash. More efficient than worm gears so less power required.

Tracking Performance

Built in premium Renishaw optical encoders guarantee high precision tracking all night long. Long unguided exposures at 400 mm focal length or more are now a reality with typical unguided tracking error of  5 arcseconds peak-to-peak over 15 minutes. Enjoy big mount performance at longer focal lengths  with the ST-4 autoguide port.


Raw encoder accuracy better than 60 arcseconds over 360 degrees ensures your camera will be centred on your target.

Secure Polar Scope with Reticle Illumination

The entirely re-engineered all metal polar scope snaps firmly into the AstroTrac 360.

Dimmable built in LEDs illuminate the new AstroTrac 360 polar scope reticle, so there’s no need for cables or additional batteries.


Swing the right ascension drive through 180 degrees and use the polar scope adjusters to ensure the polar scope is perfectly collimated for precise polar alignment.

Wifi Control

Wifi control from your phone, tablet or laptop

Web Browser Control

Forget quirky handpads and software installation. Control your AstroTrac 360 from your familiar browser environment out of the box.

Software Compatibility

Future software updates will include GOTO and support for popular 3rd party software such as SkySafari and TheSkyX.

What's in the box

  • AstroTrac 360 Drive Unit


Mount type (v1.0 software) Equatorial
Astrophotography equipment payload 10 kg (excluding counterweights)
Weight See next page
Power requirement 12 V DC, approximately 250 mA per 360 Drive
Maximum slew speed (v1.0 software) 3 degrees per second
Tracking rates (v1.0 software) Sidereal, Solar, Lunar, 0.5x, Off
Autoguiding rates (v1.0 software) 0.1x Sidereal
Encoder resolution 0.18 arcseconds
Encoder accuracy Less than 30 arcseconds over 360 degrees
Tracking accuracy Typically 5 arcseconds over 15 minutes
360 Edition Wedge latitude range 0 to 90 degrees (equator to pole)
Electronic polar scope mount 3x M4 screw holes (48.0 mm PCD, 100 degrees apart)
Hand controller Browser based software
WiFi 802.11b/g/n
Operating temperature range -10 to +35 Celcius
Component Weight  
360 Drive 1.85 kg
360 Edition Wedge 0.68 kg
OmniClamp 0.14 kg
Counterweight Bar with End Stop (each) 0.14 kg
Middle Counterweight 2.90 kg
Drive Clamp (each) 0.14 kg
Polar Scope 0.10 kg
Configuration Weight  
Tracker (1x Drive, Wedge, OmniClamp, Polar Scope) 2.77 kg
Single (2x Drive, Wedge, OmniClamp, Polar Scope, 2x Drive Clamps) 4.90 kg
German (2x Drive, Wedge, OmniClamp, Polar Scope, 2x Drive Clamps, 2x Counterweight Bars, Middle Counterweight) 8.08 kg

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