Astrotrac TH3010 Head Package

Astrotrac TH3010 Head Package

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Model:  Astrotrac_TH3010

NB: Our price includes a TH3010, stainless steel counterweight bar, one small and one large counterweight.

The ultra compact TH3010 makes it easy to mount telescopes on your TT320X. Carrying up to ten times its own weight, framing the perfect shot is easy with the TH3010.

Rock Solid

For maximum rigidity, the TH3010 is quickly mounted to the TT320X with three supplied 4 mm stainless steel screws. Alternatively, if you want to do a bit of visual observing, you can simply mount the TH3010 straight onto your camera tripod using the 3/8 inch camera threaded hole in the base.

AstroTrac TH3010 Head mounted

Easy Framing

Tight machining tolerances ensure you'll enjoy silky smooth motion in both axes as you frame your target for the perfect shot. Specially made stainless steel and aluminium locking knobs with fine pitch aerospace threads provide secure locking when carrying large loads.

AstroTrac TH3010 Head side

Telescope Connection

A wide variety of telescope mounting plates can be attached to the TH3010 including the popular Vixen and Losmandy quick release dovetail systems. Let us help you select the right dovetail bar and clamp for your telescope.

Tripod and Pier Compatible

The TH3010 is perfectly matched to the AstroTrac Travel System and can also be used with any photo tripod equipped with a standard 3/8" photo thread. Contact us to check compatibility with your equipment.

Ultra compact and lightweight

Thanks to its compact size, the TH3010 can be easily carried in your airline luggage. Get your holiday or vacation off to a great start by avoiding costly excess baggage charges. Weighing just 4 kg (8.8 lb), of which 2 kg (4.4 lb) is the counterweights, you'll be pleasantly suprised by how little space and baggage allowance your TH3010 takes up.

AstroTrac TH3010 Head deal

Beautifully Engineered

The silky smooth anodised aerospace alloy is perfectly complimented by the unique polished AstroTrac stainless steel knobs. You can be confident that the all stainless steel counterweight bar and counterweights will give you many years of corrosion free reliability and handling pleasure.

AstroTrac TH3010 Head mounted

The TH3010 is manufactured with loving care by highly skilled engineers at AstroTrac's factory in the UK using state-of-the-art CNC machinery.



Load capacity10 kg (22 lb)
Head only weight1 kg (2.2 lb)
Counterweight bar weight 1 kg (2.2 lb)
Small counterweight weight0.7 kg (1.5 lb)
Large counterweight weight1.3 kg (2.9 lb)
Head Deal total weight4 kg (8.8 lb)
Head height90 mm (3.5")
Counterweight bar length390 mm (15.4")
Tripod mounting threadstandard photo 3/8" 16 tpi
TT320X mounting screws3 x 4 mm x 12 mm
TH3010 scope mounting2 x metric 6 mm threaded holes at 35 mm centres


Please note: A Vixen-type saddle is available separately. With the saddle fitted the mount will accept any suitably-sized telescope fitted with a Vixen type (Vixen, Skywatcher, Celestron & others) dovetail. 

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A head above the rest.
Sunday, 22 May 2011  | 

The head on top of the astrotrac is what you use to aim your camera or telescope to find your target and to frame your shot. Before I bought the astrotrac head I used a photographic ball head. The ball head is easy to use because you can swivel it in any direction and aim it where you like. The astrotrac head is adjusted in two axes independently and to find your target you have to get used to altering one axis at a time. Because it's an equatorial mount it's not up, down, left and right either, but you do get used to it.

The big advantage of this head is the counterweight. This allows you to balance the load of the equipment so that when you unlock an axis to adjust it the equipment just sits there until you move it instead of flopping about like it did on the ball head. Having a balanced load means that the force on the astrotrac is straight down from above and not all on one side putting stress on the main bearing. If you use a heavy lens or telescope then this type of head is essential.

The only problem with this head is that there is no way to make fine adjustments. Once an axis is unlocked it is up to you to move it as slightly as you can to adjust your aim. The longer the focal length the more careful you have to be. Trying to center a planet with high magnification can be tricky!

I always use this head with my telescope and larger camera lens. For smaller lenses I still use the ball head.


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