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Atik 11000

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Model:  atik_11000
Part Number:  ATK0046

The Atik 11000 uses the Kodak KAI 11002 CCD and comes in mono or one shot colour versions.  Its difficult to get an impression of just how big this chip is without seeing it first hand. The resulting images can be amazingly detailed and can be printed out at A3 size or beyond, or simply enjoyed at the computer.

Common features of the Atik 4000 and Atik 11000

While the other cameras in the Atik range use Sony sensors the large format cameras have Kodak devices. These have gained a great reputation in astrophotography and offer qualities not available in the Sony range of smaller sized CCDs.

To get the most out of the Kodak chips does require a complex camera. This is especially true regarding cooling.

The Kodak sensors require dark frames to be used to calibrate images and these must be taken at the same temperature as the image. In order to facilitate this, the cameras provide full, set point, temperature regulation.

The cooling is provided by a two stage Peltier element and a fan to drive air over the internal cooling fins to dissipate waste heat. This can typically provide 33 degrees of cooling and will be suitable for the majority of conditions.

For more demanding use water can be pumped though the cameras internal heat exchanger. When water assistance is used the maximum amount of cooling is dependant of the temperature of the water, with water fresh from a tap we see approximately 45 degrees of cooling.

With such potent cooling hot pixels and thermal noise is reduced but it important to avoid condensation on the sensor or the front of the camera. A high efficiency desiccant is used to dry the air around the CCD to prevent condensation on the CCD. To help prevent condensation on the front of the cameras they have heater elements to gently warm the window. The power supplied to this heater is controllable through software to enable it to be adapted to the environment and conditions.

The cameras are fully compatible with Atik's existing and highly regarded Capture software as well as Astro Art, Maxim Dl and CCD Soft through the use of the supplied plug ins.

The cameras only have two sockets. A 2.1mm socket, to get 12V power to the camera, and a USB2 port to take the images to the computer.

CCD Grades.

As standard the Atik 11000 is fitted with a KAI 11002 class II sensor.  This does allow for a small number of column defects.  Alternatively a class I sensor with no column defects can be specified.  Does the CCD grade matter?  Atik feel the price premium placed on the class I sensor is not justified when the camera is to be used for astro imaging.  Briefly, Kodak's grading scheme uses a test where the CCD is not cooled, exposures are fractions of a second and the sensor is read several times a second.   In astro imaging conditions for the sensors are very different as exposures are long, the sensor is cooled and readout takes several seconds.  Also its expected that the images will be corrected with a dark frame.  The result is that the grading tests do not reflect performance in astro imaging in a useful way.

Note: Atik only use the latest generation of KAI 11002 sensors having anti reflection coatings on both sides of the glass cover.  This reduces reflection artifacts generated between the CCD surface and the cover.


Sensor Type: CCD - Kodak KAI 11002
Sensor size: 37.25mm x 25.70mm
Horizontal Resolution: 4008 pixels
Vertical Resolution: 2672 pixels
Pixel Size: 9 µM x 9 µM
ADC: 16 bit
Readout Noise: 13 e- RMS typical value
Dark current: 0.03 electrons per sec at -20 degrees
Well depth: 60,000 electrons
Anti blooming: >1000x
Quantum Efficiency: 50%
Linearity: R squared test equal to 1
Interface: USB 2.0 High Speed
Power: 12v DC
Maximum Exposure Length: Unlimited
Minimum Exposure Length: 1/1000 s
Guide Port: ST-4 compatible
Cooling: Two stage Peltier with ΔT=-38°C, with optional water assist Full temperature regulation.
Weight: 990g
CCD to front of camera distance: 18mm
Thread on front of camera: M54

What's included in the box?
  •     Camera body
  •     3 meter USB cable
  •     1.8 meter battery power connector (Car lighter plug)
  •     CD-ROM with drivers, software and User's manual (PDF)
  •     Quickstart guide (paper)
  •     A high quality case with die cut foam inserts
  •     A universal (110-230V) power supply

Capture software is provided as well as plug-ins for MaximDL, CCDSoft and AstroArt.

System requirements: Pentium II class PC, with 64MB RAM, Windows XP or later (Vista included), CD-ROM drive and USB 2.0 port.

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