Atik Titan Mono Dual Purpose CCD Camera

Atik Titan Mono Dual Purpose CCD Camera


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Model:  atik_titan
Brand:  Atik

The Atik Titan is essentially an ultra-fast guide camera, but, because it has a cooled Sony ICX 424 Sensor and can achieve 15 frames per second, it also serves as a dual-purpose CCD camera for DSO and lunar/planetary imaging.

Atik Titan Review 

Atik Titan v Digital SLR

The high frame rate captures fleeting moments of clarity when the atmosphere is at its most stable. This combined with 16-bit digitisation and very low noise makes the Titan an ideal camera for lunar and planetary imaging.

In addition, the sensitive Sony 424 sensor with low (5e) read noise and -20 degrees C cooling makes the Titan capable of long exposure deep-sky photography.

The Titan would also make an excellent ultra-fast autoguider!

Includes fully featured Dawn software for image acquisition and pre-processing.


Sensor: Sony ICX 424
Resolution: 659 x 494
Pixel Size: 7.4um
ADC: 16 Bit
Readout Noise: 5e
Interface: USB
Power: 12vdc .55amps
Cooling: Thermoelectric -20 degrees C
Weight: 350g
Guide Port: ST-4 Compatible

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