Atik 414EX
 Atik 414EXAtik 414EX 

Atik 414EX

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Model:  atik_414ex_mono
Part Number:  ATK0136

The new Atik 414EX is essentially the successor to Atik's 314L+ and is their most sensitive camera! 

"Overall we were very impressed with the Atik 414EX camera as it worked straight out of the box, was quick to set up and begin imaging, and was very sensitive indeed. We would recommend this camera to deep-sky imagers making the transition from a DSLR to a fully fledged cooled CCD."  Steve Richards writing for 'BBC Sky at Night' magazine July 2015. 

First some background: The venerable Sony ICX285 sensor with it’s excellent QE, minuscule dark current and relatively low cost has been a hugely popular CCD sensor for astronomy and, when fitted in the Starlight Xpress H9 and Atik 314L+, has done more to open up the world of astrophotography than any other sensor. But the ICX285 is now over 10 years old and things have evolved. The new generation of Sony sensors are better in every way with QE numbers that were previously unimaginable at their price point and the legendary low noise characteristics have been retained and improved.  
The new Atik 414Ex uses the newest Sony sensor - the ICX825! This is not just fiddling with numbers, though it is the exact same size and resolution as the ICX285. The new CCD features the same EXview HAD CCD II technology present on CCDs used for the Atik 428/460/490 cameras, but with increased pixel size. This combination together with Atik electronics make it the most sensitive Atik camera available with a H-alpha performance 60% higher than the 314L+! For sensitivity this new camera surpasses even the KAF-3200 with the additional advantage of zero blooming.  The graph below shows the striking difference between the ICX285 and ICX825:

But the 414EX is not only about high sensitivity. It’s cooler can easily achieve over 30ºC below ambient, and it is regulated, so your image calibration is consistent. And speaking of calibration, for most applications, the camera has such a low dark noise that dark frames are an option rather than a requirement. 

The Atik 414EX narrow footprint means makes it an excellent choice for used with Fastar/Hyperstar configurations, with zero obstruction, even on the 6″ version. It's compact size and low weight also reduces stress on the corrector plate to a bare minimum.

Atik's highly-acclaimed Capture software is included for camera control and data acquisition and plug-ins are included to allow use with Astroart and Maxim DL.

A universal (110-230V) power adapter is optional.

Camera Field of View Simulator

What's in the box

  • Camera body with 1.25'' adapter
  • 3-metre USB cable
  • 1.8-metre battery power connector
  • CD-ROM with drivers, software and user's manual (PDF)
  • Quickstart guide (paper)


Technical Specification

Sensor TypeCCD - Sony ICX825
Horizontal Resolution1392 pixels
Vertical Resolution1040 pixels
Pixel Size6.45 M x 6.45 M
ADC16 bit
Readout Noise5e- typical value
InterfaceMini-USB 2.0 High Speed
Power12v DC 1A
Maximum Exposure LengthUnlimited
Minimum Exposure Length1/1000 s
CoolingTermoelectric set point with max ΔT=>-30C
Weightapprox. 400 gr

System Requirements

Pentium III PC with 128MB RAM
Windows XP/Vista/Win7/Win8 (not RT)
CD-ROM drive
USB 2.0 port

Downloads / Manuals

The following manuals and downloads are available for this product:


Atik Series4 Manual (PDF)

Artemis Capture Manual (PDF)

Mechanical Drawing (PDF)

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