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Baader Hyperion Zoom Eyepiece

Baader Hyperion Zoom Eyepiece£185.00

NEW smaller, lighter Baader Hyperion Mark IV. 

Baader 2.25x Barlow for Zoom Hyperion

Baader 2.25x Barlow for Zoom Hyperion£79.00

Converts the Baader Hyperion Clickstop zoom into a 3.5mm to 10.5mm high power zoom eyepiece for greater magnification when needed. Also connects via the included T thread adaptor to a T ring for high power astro imaging. 

Triplet lens design for anastigmatic flat field suitable to complement the high image quality of the Hyperion Zoom.
Baader Morpheus 76 Wide-field Eyepieces

Baader Morpheus 76 Wide-field Eyepieces£169.00

Baader Morpheus eyepieces offer a wide 76° field of view with pin-sharp stars edge to edge, even with fast telescopes. 

Baader Hyperion 68 Degree Eyepiece

Baader Hyperion 68 Degree Eyepiece£98.00

The Hyperion is a comfortable eyepiece with a large field of view that is easily visible even with eyeglasses. A field of view of 68 degrees is regarded as ideal for astronomical observations and is the largest field of view that can be viewed without strain and without turning your eyes.

Baader Morpheus Rubber/Metal Foldable Eyecup

Baader Morpheus Rubber/Metal Foldable Eyecup£12.00

Foldable rubber eyecup with M43 metal thread.

Baader Classic Q 2.25x Barlow

Baader Classic Q 2.25x Barlow£39.00

This affordable Barlow from the Baader Classic Eyepiece Set operates at 2.25X when fitted to its eyepiece holder or 1.3X when attached directly to an eyepiece' 1.25" filter thread. 

Baader Hyperion Finetuning Ring

Baader Hyperion Finetuning RingFrom:  £12.00

With the addition of Baader's new Finetuning Rings, each Hyperion eyepiece can function as four eyepieces! 

Available in 14mm and 28mm lengths. 

Baader Classic Series Ortho & Plossl

Baader Classic Series Ortho & PlosslFrom:  £46.00

These new premium quality orthoscopic eyepieces from Baader are a worthy
replacement for their earlier Baader Genuine Orthoscopic. Baader
also offers a Classic 32mm Plossl which when used with the three orthos
produces a variety of useful and complimentary magnifications.

Baader Hyperion Eyepiece T-Adaptor (M43-T)

Baader Hyperion Eyepiece T-Adaptor (M43-T)£15.00

Permits direct coupling of any T threaded camera or accessory to Hyperion eyepieces (including MKIII Zoom) for classic eyepiece projection photography.

Note: The MKI and MKII Baader Hyperion Zoom eyepiece uses a different SP54-T adapter.

Baader Hyperion/Morpheus M43 Extension Ring

Baader Hyperion/Morpheus M43 Extension Ring£14.00

The Hyperion range and Morpheus range offer an M43 photo/video thread on top of the eyepiece, to allow attachment of any desired DSLR or T-2 accessory for mounting a video-camera by means of the optional M43/T-2 adapter ring #2958080. This spacer ring may be essential to stop the lenses from touching each other.

Baader Morpheus M43 / SP54 Adapter

Baader Morpheus M43 / SP54 Adapter£24.00

Morpheus® Adapter to convert the Morpheus M43 male top-thread into a SP54 male thread – without adding onto the optical height.

Baader 2'' Zoom Eyepiece Upgrade Kit

Baader 2" Zoom Eyepiece Upgrade Kit£37.00

2" upgrade kit that allows every 1.25" Hyperion Zoom eyepiece to be upgraded to have a 2" barrel.

Baader 35mm Eudiascopic ED Eyepiece

Baader 35mm Eudiascopic ED Eyepiece£139.00

The Japanese-made Baader Eudiascopic ED eyepiece is designed for maximum performance, not an inflated field of view. 

Baader Hyperion Aspheric

Baader Hyperion AsphericFrom:  £129.00

Baader's new Super-wide 72 degrees 2" eyepieces feature Phantom-group multi-coating, internal baffling and aspheric elements for a remarkably high level of optical correction.

Baader Hyperion eyepiece case

Baader Hyperion eyepiece case£52.00

This is the case supplied with Baader Hyperion Eyepiece sets.

Baader 2'' Nosepiece with Safety Kerf

Baader 2" Nosepiece with Safety Kerf£29.00

Baader ultra-hard 2" nosepiece with safety kerfs to provide superior grip and security from slippage.

Baader Classic Eyepiece Set with Q Turret

Baader Classic Eyepiece Set with Q Turret£195.00

This classic premium quality eyepiece set from Baader Planetarium offers a wide range of magnifications with the included Baader 2.25x Q barlow, three Baader Classic Orthoscopic eyepieces and a Baader Classic Plossl eyepiece. In addition, Baader has included its Baader Q Turret, an ingenious system that allows you to mount all four eyepieces and Barlow on your telescope, then simply rotate them to select your magnification.


Baader Hyperion 2'' Fine-tuning / Stop Ring

Baader Hyperion 2" Fine-tuning / Stop Ring£19.00

Baader 2" fine-tuning / stop ring with brass clamping ring and 2 thumb screws.

Baader Hyperion Eyepiece Set (Complete)

Baader Hyperion Eyepiece Set (Complete)£669.00

Complete Set includes: 5, 8, 10, 13, 17, 21 & 24mm Hyperion eyepieces and sturdy eyepiece case. 

Baader Hyperion Eyepiece set (Starter)

Baader Hyperion Eyepiece set (Starter)£399.00

Starter Set includes: 5, 10, 17 & 24mm Hyperion eyepieces and sturdy eyepiece case.

Baader Hyperion Zoom Eyepiece T-Adaptor (SP54-T)

Baader Hyperion Zoom Eyepiece T-Adaptor (SP54-T)£17.00

Permits direct coupling of any T threaded camera or accessory to the original Hyperion Zoom eyepiece (not Mk-III) for classic eyepiece projection photography.

Baader MicroGuide Illuminated Reticle Eyepiece

Baader MicroGuide Illuminated Reticle Eyepiece£151.00

12.5mm Abbe orthoscopic eyepiece with a fine laser-etched illuminated measurement reticle.

Baader Q Turret

Baader Q Turret£42.00

The Baader Q Turret is an ingenious system that allows you to mount four 1.25" eyepieces then simply rotate them to select your magnification.

Can also be used to mount a mix of eyepieces, barlow, camera, etc.


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