Baader Hyperion Zoom Eyepiece
Baader Hyperion Zoom EyepieceBaader Hyperion Zoom EyepieceBaader Hyperion Zoom EyepieceBaader Hyperion Zoom Eyepiece

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About this product

Model:  hyperion_zoom
Part Number:  2454826

NEW smaller, lighter Baader Hyperion Mark IV Zoom.

This 4th generation Baader Hyperion 8-24mm Click-stop Zoom is smaller (55mm wide) and lighter (290 grams) than its predecessor (the Mk-III model was 80 grams heavier). This makes it an excellent choice for use with binoviewers.

The optical quality and specification are unchanged - it has the same wide 68 degrees FOV at 8mm and 50 degrees at 24mm and features Baader's 'Phantom Group' multi-coating on all air-to-glass surfaces.

It also remains fully compatible with the Baader 2.25 x Hyperion Barlow (sold separately). 

As with previous Baader Hyperion Zoom eyepieces, the Mark IV model features an M43 thread for easy connection to a DSLR or T2 accessory via an optional M43 / T2 adapter. 

The click-stop mechanism has been improved - it has the usual 8, 12, 16, 20 and 24 mm indentations, but the mechanism is softer and more reliable in icy conditions. 

It has an additional four-millimetre 'back-focus' so is more compatible with spotting scopes that accept 1.25" eyepieces.

The longer back-focus, together with Baader's type A adapter ring, means it is more likely to achieve focus at infinity when used with a spotting scope and, when the 1.25 "nose-piece is removed, a 1 3/8" thread is revealed that enables the eyepiece to be screwed directly to Celestron Ultima spotters.

A bayonet adapter is also available, enabling the eyepiece to be used with Zeiss Diascope spotters. 

The eyepiece is supplied with 1.25 and 2" nose-pieces that feature Baader's patented 'Zero Tilt Safety Kerfs' for added peace of mind (less likely to fall out of the eyepiece holder). A yellow storage pouch is also included. 


  • Seven element, multi-coated optics for remarkable sharpness, contrast and colour correction.
  • Smooth zoom action with click-stops at 8, 12, 16, 20 and 24mm.
  • Parfocal across the entire zoom range.
  • Wide 68 degrees FOV at 8mm, 50 degrees at 24mm.
  • 12-15mm eye-relief and adjustable rubber eye-cup for comfortable viewing with or without spectacles.
  • Includes both 1.25” and 2" barrels - threaded for filters.
  • 'Zero Tilt Safety Kerfs' for a secure fit in the eyepiece holder. 

Customer reviews

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Baader Hyperion Eye Piece
23 April 2024  | 

Great product,very clear views,zooms in & out easily,well packed,quick delivery, highly recommended

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Excellent quality and flexibility
20 February 2024  | 

This is the eyepiece that spends most time in the focuser of my 125mm ED refractor. I was a little concerned prior to purchase about the possible internal component compromises of a zoom lens over a fixed length EP but I needn't have worried. This is a very good lens indeed. I have 3 Tele Vue Plössls and I struggle to see any noticeable improvement when swapping between the zoom and the Plössls. Perhaps it's just my old eyes! (well into my sixties now )
Having the ability to zoom out to get your bearings in the night sky and then zoom in on the target is a tremendous aid for visual astronomy. Also, the increased FOV of the zoom lens at high magnification makes it very easy to spend more time at the lens. Highly recommended.

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12 October 2023  | 

The Badder 8-24 zoom eyepeice is top quality as is First Light Optics, as always. Thanks.

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Extremely comfortable viewing experience
03 October 2023  | 

Lovely eyepiece offering a nice wide view, and being able to zoom instead of swapping eyepieces is a huge convenience.
Saying this is an upgrade from the little EPs that came with my scope, is an understatement
Great build quality and no apparent loss of brightness due to it being a zoom either.
Was just outside and had a great view of The Moon. Having the matching Barlow makes a great set.
Great recommendation from FLO again here.

Rating (max 5):  
More than i expected
22 May 2023  | 

This is the first Zoom i have bought. I own the Baader 24mm Hyperion which is a gorgeous eyepiece.
So coming from that to the Zoom wasn't a big step. Thing is..It is.. The zoom is very light weight. It covers all my viewing needs on my Lunt LS35THa scope and doesn't stress the diagonal or Helical focus action.
The image quality just blew me away. The solar disk is very bright. No dimming even at 8mm The features just popped into view and i didn't need to touch the focus at all.
if your looking at a Ha scope then buy this as well as it gives you everything you need in a light package.

Build quality is spot on. The click stop motion is tight with no slop.

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Great lense, really pleased that I bought it.
04 May 2023  | 

Bought on a recommendation from the store. Knew his stuff because this lense is brilliant. Can't wait to get a camera on it. Feels really well built.

Rating (max 5):  
Quality engineering
18 December 2022  | 

This level of engineering and polish makes this eyepiece a real bargain. Three different eye cups are included for every preference. The zoom is continuous and not just the focal lengths noted on the side, one can get the magnification JUST right for your area of interest. What's not to like.
This is a great choice for double stars and especially the moon. Some may prefer larger fov for the faint fuzzies, but for everything else you won't be disappointed.

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Useful Upgrade from the Mark III
19 November 2022  | 

I already owned the Mark III version of this great eyepiece and normally I wouldn't have bothered upgrading but due to FLO's great limited time offer, I sold on my Mark III and bought this Mark IV version along with the matching barlow and I can confirm that this is well worth the upgrade. A much more manageable size than the III and lighter too. Same great image quality and my own opinion is that the clickstop mechanism is better. I've got a 120ED refractor and I'm down to just 2 eyepieces, this one and a 40mm Swan. For my purposes, when the zoom eyepiece is this good then I don't really need any other primes. The only negative is that the FOV is a bit narrower at the 24mm end.

If you are looking for a zoom eyepiece without compromise, then this is it!

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30 August 2022  | 

I have shied away from zoom eyepieces since my first view through a 'high quality' 1960s zoom way back when. However I had a chance to look through a Hyperion MK 1V Zoom recently and that changed my mind. With my 11" SCT I get 119x - 350x with a twist. The eye relief is very good and also adjustable for comfort, comes with an optional eyeguard and zooms very smoothly. Distortion is minimal for this form of eyepiece and it certainly serves a place when viewing the moon and planets, my primary target for its use. I have a lot of expensive eyepieces that would fill the bill and being a fixed focal length might outperform the zoom, probably will to a degree. Then again I dropped a $300 eyepiece a few weeks ago, fortunately hitting the grass rather than the paving. With the zoom changing eyepieces is minimized and so is the risk related to dropping one. This came with a 2" adapter with a 1 1/4" central endpiece. Thus it can be used in either 1 1/4" or 2" eyepiece holders. However the 2" adapter isn't threaded for filters but I do have all I need in both 1 1/4" and 2" so no loss. For someone who may use this as a primary eyepiece, the 1 1/4" filter threads will cut the cost of very expensive filters like the L G2 UHC! I've given this 5 stars and also FLO a best buy! Here in the states these sell for $340 + tax so a $100 savings to me! Can't beat the deal and the eyepiece is already a proven winner.

Rating (max 5):  
Good quality eyepiece
04 August 2022  | 

I purchased this Baader Hyperion Zoom Mk IV to replace the earlier model Mk III that I sold several years ago when down sizing my collection. I have since regretted that decision. The new version is still made of quality material and is much lighter. I use this on a new GSO CC6 with great results. Use has been limited so I will write a mode detailed review at a later date. Eyepiece was packed very well and shipped quickly. I am very pleased with this purchase.

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