Baader Morpheus 76 Wide-field Eyepieces
Baader Morpheus 76 Wide-field EyepiecesBaader Morpheus 76 Wide-field EyepiecesBaader Morpheus 76 Wide-field Eyepieces
Baader Morpheus 76 Wide-field EyepiecesBaader Morpheus 76 Wide-field EyepiecesBaader Morpheus 76 Wide-field Eyepieces

Baader Morpheus 76 Wide-field Eyepieces

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About this product

Model:  morpheus_ep_4-5mm
Part Number:  2954204

Baader Morpheus eyepieces offer a wide 76° field of view with pin-sharp stars edge to edge, even with fast telescopes. 

Rare-earth glass elements and ‘Phantom’ optical coatings on all air-to-glass surfaces provide maximum light transmission. 

Blackened lens edges and interior enhance contrast and minimise ghosting. 

Long eye-relief and soft silicon-rubber eyecups make them comfortable to use, even when wearing spectacles. 

Sealed watertight housing protects the interior from dust and moisture. 

Glow-in-the-dark photo-luminescent markings make identifying the correct focal length easier. Also, a short light stroke with a flashlight will cause the text to glow for up to three minutes. So, even in total darkness, Morpheus-eyepieces can be easily found when lost on the ground. 



Designed to be as compact and lightweight as possible, so an excellent choice for use with binoviewers. They also incorporate an M43 thread, so suitable for photo/video. 

A new ‘Safety Kerfs’ finish (ridged surface) has been applied to 1.25” and 2” barrels to prevent the eyepiece from slipping in the focuser draw tube. 

Supplied with a winged eyecup and a ‘quick-draw holster’ storage pouch that can be worn on a belt. 


Optical Features

  • Full-field Sharpness: Sharp flat 76° field is unsurpassed by any modern Super-Wide-Angle eyepiece. On-axis sharpness and contrast rivals Baader's best planetary eyepieces while delivering nearly equivalent performance over the full field. Stars remain pinpoints as you move away from the centre, and the field remains flat and in focus, even in short-focus telescopes.
  • Long Eye Relief: Delivers close to 20 mm of eye relief, which, together with soft silicon-rubber eyecups, provides a comfortable viewing experience. Even when wearing eyeglasses.
  • Low Distortion: The Morpheus optical design delivers exceedingly low distortion (angular magnification distortion). Planets and lunar features retain Their shapes as they transit the field, and the true field sizes are close to theoretical. 
  • Immersive Views: The subjective 'spacewalk' feeling is not only a function of the field of view. Interestingly, some wide-field eyepieces with fields of 82 degrees fail to deliver the same viewing experience as others with similar fields or even some with smaller fields. Eye Relief (and the related large eye lens size) and ease of viewing (a combination of long eye relief and control of aberrations) also play a part. With this in mind, Baader designed their Morpheus eyepieces to deliver a truly "immersive" viewing experience.
  • Phantom Coatings:  First developed for the Hyperion series, Baader's Phantom Group optical coatings have been further optimised for use in the Morpheus range and index-matched to each of the glasses.
  • Internal Baffling: As with all Baader Planetarium eyepieces, the internal design has been ray-traced and baffled to minimise aberrations from stray light.

Mechanical Features

  • Optimised for Binoviewing: Every last bit of space has been squeezed out of the main body to reduce its diameter, making it an excellent choice for use with binoviewers (more space between the eyepieces for your nose!).
  • Weight reduction: Unnecessary weight has also been reduced. Most of a Morpheus eyepiece's weight is the glass lens elements! The body has also been sealed to prevent dust and moisture from reaching the inner lenses.
  • Foldable Eyecups: Soft silicon-rubber foldable eye guards (see images below) provide comfort and assist in eye spacing. A special winged eyecup is also supplied, which shields against stray light.
  • Safety Features: Baader has applied their new 'Safety Kerfs' surface to the 1.25" and 2" barrels to prevent the eyepiece from inadvertently slipping out of the focuser. The numerous shallow Kerfs provide additional grip and security compared to regular smooth-sided barrels without 'catching' on the focuser's brass compression ring (a problem sometimes associated with wide milled safety undercuts). Morpheus eyepieces also feature a waffle-patterned rubber handgrip for secure handling.
  • Photo-Video: Like their Hyperion siblings, all Morpheus eyepieces make excellent image projection optics. A hidden M43 photo-video eye lens thread permits the use of Baader's extensive range of Hyperion Digital T-Rings for direct-thread attachment of practically any imaging device.

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What's in the box

  • 76° Morpheus© Eyepiece
  • Standard foldable eyecup
  • Winged / foldable eyecup for binoviewing
  • Storage Box
  • Three Dustcaps
  • Cordura eyepiece holster


Focal Length 4.5mm 6.5mm 9mm 12.5mm 14mm 17.5mm
Model Number 2954204 2954206 2954209 2954212 2954214 2954217
Barrel 1.25” / 2” 1.25” / 2” 1.25” / 2” 1.25” / 2” 1.25” / 2” 1.25” / 2”
Lens Elements 8 8 8 8 8 8
Lens Groups 5 5 5 5 5 5
Apparent Field of View 76º 76º 76º 76º 76º 76º
Parfocal Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
(ER) Eye Relief 17.5mm 18.5mm 21mm 20mm 18.5mm 19mm
(FS) Field Stop 6.1mm 8.75mm 12.1mm 16.8mm 18.85mm 21.7mm
Field Stop Displacement (Compared to reference plane) 0 0 0 0 0 0
Back Focus Gain (when using 2” Barrel) 21mm 21mm 21mm 21mm 21mm 21mm
Anti-Slip Protection Safety Kerfs Safety Kerfs Safety Kerfs Safety Kerfs Safety Kerfs Safety Kerfs
Photo-Video Adapter (under eyecup) M43 M43 M43 M43 M43 M43
(A) Height of Eyepiece Body (above reference plane) 102mm 97mm 95mm 84mm 85mm 79mm
(B) Length of 1.25” Barrel 24mm 24mm 24mm 24mm 24mm 24mm
(C) Length of 2” Barrel 21mm 21mm 21mm 21mm 21mm 21mm
(D) Outer Diameter 55mm 55mm 55mm 55mm 55mm 55mm
Weight 370g / 13oz 350g / 12.3oz 360g / 12.7oz 345g / 12.2oz 360g / 12.7oz 395g / 13.9oz


Customer reviews

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Morpheus 17.5
26 March 2023  | 

I bought Morpheus 17,5 eyepiece and would like to say if any w thinking to get one dont think I just get it is brilliant eyepiece for the price I used eyepiece delivered with me telescope celestron star sense 6 and Beader zoom 8-24 mm wich is very good optical as well but one I put Morpheus 17,5 just realised I am not goin use it anymore whatsoever more just made decision
The Mirhepus will be main eyepieces workable for me and I am going buy the another 14 mm now Briliant optical very easy to look through double cluster can see easily both of them in it moon cant believe how sharp and clear was last night absolutely brilliant what I am thinking now and hope will help the others if they thinking to buy some eyepiece be careful with purchase thinks and consider what telescope you have cause you can spend a lot of money and to be honest with you might not be happy I was very careful with it and bought Beader zoom first but it is for sale now on eBay not because is bad but because Morpheus is going be my choice to use every night since got it By the way FLO is grate service very helpful guys especially Alex who had very good knowledge I found Thank you FLO for brilliant service . Anywya if you need eyepiece dont go for small numbers first start from bigger number which is more comfortable to see on the sky usually 5 mm for example except for some detailed looking I would say is useless for me of course so I found myself 17.5 and 14 mm Morpheus will be my main eyepiece choice for ever Jarek P Hope I helped the other to make a choice Regards JareaP

Rating (max 5):  
Morpheus 6.5
04 March 2023  | 

Finally got a cloudless sky to try out my new Morpheus 6.5. Beautifully sharp view and a joy to use. My third favorite behind my Baader Hyperion zoom and my Baader 31mm Aspheric. Great service FLO, thanks.

Rating (max 5):  
Baader Morpheus 76 Wide-field Eyepieces with 100mm Binoculars
22 June 2022  | 

Eyepieces to be used specifically with Lunt Engineering 100mm binocular for observation of DSO's.
Living in Highlands no dark skies for awhile so restricted to terrestrial viewing.
EP's are well made and seem a good ergonomic fit with binoculars. No problems getting image into focus.
Eye placement relative to EP and comfort for viewing good. Clear image with good contrast: some colour "flaring" against
bright background but unlikely to be a problem for DSO observations. Eye relief (with glasses) very good. Improvements could be made with rubber eyecups.
In many reviews this issue has been flagged up: for me wearing glasses and having caps folded down not a problem.
FLO service, as always, excellent. Thanks!

Rating (max 5):  
Baader Morpheus 14 & 12.5mm
11 May 2022  | 

Fantastic eyepieces and so comfortable to use. There is a generous amount of eye relief and the image is crystal clear with no aberration that i could see. No ghosting or pincushion distortion. I will now be adding the rest of the range to my collection. The 76 degree FOV is more than adequate for me. Super fast delivery and well packaged by FLO as is the norm

Rating (max 5):  
Morpheus 12.5 EP
17 June 2021  | 

Did the usual should I, shouldn't I read the reviews of SGL and as soon as Flo got some in bought one, really impressed with the clarity, the veil has been lifted from my eyes and I will be adding to my collection.
As usual thanks to Flo for their 100% professional service.

Rating (max 5):  
12.5mm Morpheus
29 March 2021  | 

This eyepiece line really is quite remarkable, in that it offers spectacular views that are both seriously immersive, and supremely comfortable. The 76 apparent field is just about the maximum field the eye can take in at once, and so is comfortable for lengthy viewing sessions. The 12.5mm, which I bought from FLO and which was delivered the next working day, was bought as a medium power deep sky eyepiece for use in my 4" apo refractor, and it doesn't disappoint. The star images are exquisite and the image clarity a joy to behold. When fully dark adapted viewing through the Morpheus leaves a lasting impression, with nebulae both bright and dark, appearing almost in 3D against the finest, almost limitless, diamond dust starry background. After spending over 40 years as a visual observer and having used many of the great eyepieces offered by TeleVue and Pentax, the Morpheus is something very special in comparison, and at a fraction of the cost.

Rating (max 5):  
Morpheus Range
12 March 2021  | 

Ive been using the full range now for about 12 months now and its safe to say that I wont be looking for any replacements and that includes the famous expensive alternatives. These eyepieces are outstanding with comfortable eye relief and sharp immersive views across a wide field of view. Its difficult to pick out a favorite but the 9mm is excellent and the 4.5mm is great for planetary viewing, good magnification and contrast with a wide field of view

Rating (max 5):  
baader morpheus 6.5mm eyepiece
12 November 2020  | 

have not tried it at night yet (clouds). set up during the day and the clarity of the image was impressive and the solid feel of the eyepiece was good. happy with my purchase.

Rating (max 5):  
Morpheus 4.5mm - another stunner!
01 October 2020  | 

This is my third Morpheus, and it performs exactly as hoped. I wanted a little bit more mag for my 76mm refractor, and this new eyepiece gives me a tad over 120x. It made Mars really pop, and delivered the clearest, most detailed view of the planet's surface that I've seen so far. Love it! And it arrived very swiftly, thanks to FLO's excellent service - thanks guys!

Rating (max 5):  
Morpheus 6.5mm- wow
13 July 2020  | 

We finally had a fleeting high pressure this weekend so along with photographing comet neowise, I also couldn't wait to try out my new eyepiece- the 6.5mm Morpheus. This is the first Morpheus eyepiece I've bought and despite being quite low in the sky, the views it gave me of Jupiter and Saturn were incredible. Indeed I was able to observe the cloud belts of Jupiter and Saturn and I could easily see the cassini division in the rings. I own a tracking dob so I was also able to use this to observe M13 and hold it in the view. My jaw nearly hit the floor at what this eyepiece revealed! The eye relief was very comfortable and the eyepiece, although feeling nice and solid was not too heavy. Suffice to say I now want the set!

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