Baader Classic Q 2.25x Barlow

Baader Classic Q 2.25x Barlow


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Model:  baader-q-barlow-2956185
Part Number:  2956185
Brand:  Baader

This affordable Barlow from the Baader Classic Eyepiece Set operates at 2.25X when fitted to it's eyepiece holder or 1.3X when attached directly to any of the Baader classic eyepieces 1.25" filter threads. It may also work with other eyepieces with 1.25" filter threads depending on the barrel length and internal clearance.

The Baader Q-Barlow 2.25x achromatic barlow performs surprisingly well with short focal length telescopes including f4-f6 Newtonians. At these short focal lengths this is one of only a small number of barlows able to eliminate the reflections from stray light and the 'hot spot' associated with short-focus barlows. 

The inner mechanical design of the Q-Barlow contains a very effective baffle that does not reach into the light cone. This, together with finely polished fully multi-coated glass and blackened lens edges ensures maximum light transmission, definition and contrast over an evenly illuminated field of view. 

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