Sky-Watcher / Celestron PowerTank 17Ah

Sky-Watcher / Celestron PowerTank 17Ah

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About this product

Model:  sw-power-tank-17ah-20154
Part Number:  20154

Now includes two USB output sockets (5V, 1.5A) and a new multi-angle spotlight with thirty high-output LEDs. 

Take your telescope anywhere with this portable rechargeable power supply. The extra large PowerTank 17Ah is also useful as an emergency roadside accessory.

Includes an emergency light, siren, am/fm radio and booster terminals to start weak car batteries.

Please Note - The DC power cord with car cigarette light plus is within the panel on the back, shown below:


  • Multi-function rechargeable power supply for use with Sky-Watcher SynScan, SynTrek, SupaTrak, AllView and Virtuoso mountings, and computerised telescopes of other brands requiring a 12v DC Power Supply. Also a useful camping accessory. 
  • Radio – AM/FM/SIREN
  • Built-in Spotlight/Flashlight
  • Angle adjustable 30 high-output LED Spotlight
  • Built-in Circuit Breaker and fuse to Ensure Safe Operation
  • Diagnostics L.E.D. shows Battery Status
  • 2 x 12V DC output car jacks
  • 2 x USB output sockets (5v, 1.5A)
  • Cord Storage Compartment
  • Built-in booster cable set in a well protected compartment
  • Detachable flashlight with ON/OFF/FLASH function and diffuser
  • Built-in 12V 17Ah  Sealed Lead-Acid rechargeable battery
  • DC Cord with car plug is included
  • Mains charger, with UK & Euro adapter plugs

NOTE 1: The Sky-Watcher and Celestron 12V 17Ah Power Tanks are 'identical' so we stock and dispatch whichever brand is most available. 

NOTE 2: Please recharge your PowerTank after every use. Do not fully discharge your PowerTank. If the PowerTank becomes fully discharged through over-use or lack of use it will not accept another charge. 

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Sky-Watcher PowerTank 17Ah
Tuesday, 23 November 2021  | 

I was Looking for a second 12V DC supply unit to power my small portable kit (DSLR + Lenses rather than scopes etc)
Again followed the reviews posted on various forums and the Sky-Watcher / Celestron unit fared pretty well, much cheaper than my Li-Sulphate pack
I have tested the outputs and when fully charged (and conditioned) the Pb-acid pack and it's circuitry, under proper load, produced a very clean, steady supply
The light placement, with the red light on top, is very effective around the old mount and DSLR tripod alike
A tiny part of the plastic molding around the detachable red light was a bit rough - fortunately with excess plastic so a few rubs with fine emery cloth sorted that out in minutes
Very pleased with the unit - not tested it on a full nights session - English weather, either cloudy or recently very poor seeing
However the short duration tests have proved to be very promising
I do recommend this unit if looking for the sealed Pb-acid type units
Only giving a 4* at present due to not fully trialed and some minor rough molding (easily dealt with though) - I would expect to be 5* as thing are looking
FLO delivered this item in just under 12 hours from order - stunning service

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Very robust!
Monday, 4 October 2021  | 

I was a little shocked at the size and weight of this item!
Very well built and handy to have about even if you don`t have a telescope!
Only time will tell, but I have had two nights viewing using this and I am pleased with it so far.

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Power tank
Thursday, 5 November 2020  | 

Good solid item but really heavy, so be aware of that. If I could have afforded the Li version, then that would have been better. That said, I have used it once, and provided a good steady flow of power to my slt mount and dew heater, whilst the in built radio kept me amused (nice little bonus). Good for the price, just the weight to be cautious of. Really speedy delivery from FLO, so really happy about that. Thanks everyone.

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PowerTank 17Ah - Used on my CGX Mount - Recommended
Tuesday, 8 September 2020  | 

Thanks FLO for answering my queries on portable power supply and also the recommendation on this. Good choice. Ordered on a Tuesday and it arrived on a Thursday to the very North East of Scotland.

The Celestron Lithium PowerTank may have been my first choice originally but this solution was half the price which allowed me to purchase a few other items with my pocket money.

I have only had this two weeks and only managed five nights out with it but so far no issues. It lasts the whole session on my CGX with my SW200PDS on it and that is all I can ask for (maximum session duration was 3.5hrs). During the session I also use the red light to view my notes and night plan (possibly this will be a little too bright when the moon disappears from the later evening skies here) and I use the white light at the very end on the session as I leave my field to check I have not dropped anything, this works well. Not used the radio, however, tested and worked ok. Comes with a car socket charger (which I have not used as yet) and mains adapter which plugs into the side. Not sure how often you should charge, however, I have charged after every session but when I have used it for firmware updates or trying out something with the mount for half an hour or so I just do the next session on that charge too. For anyone's information, there are two connectors on the back that allows you to 'jump' your car, however, this is not the case of jumping directly from it. You are suppose to put the PowerTank cell onto your flat battery for half an hour, remove it, then start your car, it gives your flat battery a boost. I wondered how this was done before I bought it but it is clear in the instructions. Don't anticipate using that feature but thought it might be helpful if you are considering buying one to explain.
Anyway, five stars for this product, highly recommended for portable field power supply. I highly recommend buying this from FLO too, great team to work with and super fast delivery too.

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Power tank
Monday, 27 July 2020  | 

Got this instead of the usual car jump pack to power my portable set up,, I'm going to be powering a lattepanda with it, having to slightly adapt it to get higher amp usb socket,, hopefully the manufacturer can look into upgrading the USB ports to higher amps at some stage,, but it seems a cracking bit of kit so far,, and I'm happy I bought it, davy,, video astronomy forum


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