StellaLyra 6'' f/8 Dobsonian
StellaLyra 6'' f/8 DobsonianStellaLyra 6'' f/8 DobsonianStellaLyra 6'' f/8 Dobsonian
StellaLyra 6'' f/8 DobsonianStellaLyra 6'' f/8 DobsonianStellaLyra 6'' f/8 Dobsonian

StellaLyra 6" f/8 Dobsonian

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About this product

Model:  stellalyra_6_f8_dob

High performance 6" f/8 Planetary Dobsonian telescope! 

Designed and manufactured to a very high standard by Guan Sheng Optical (GSO) in Taiwan. 

With 6" aperture, a long f/8 focal ratio and only 22% secondary obstruction, this easy to use Dobsonian telescope is an excellent choice for observing the Moon and planets. 

Viewing the lunar surface will feel like you can reach out and scratch plaster! Venus and its phases are also viewable. In good seeing conditions you can observe Mars with surface shading and polar cap, Jupiters weather bands and a number of its Moons and Saturn with its rings, including the Cassini division, are also clearly visible.

Whilst the long focal length suits higher magnification visual observations, the 6" aperture and high contrast optics also provide excellent views of brighter deep sky objects like M42 / Orion Nebula or Galaxies like M81 and M82.

All StellaLyra Dobsonian telescopes are fitted with a quality GSO aluminised parabolic primary mirror with minimum 93% reflectivity and a silicon-dioxide protective overcoat to ensure the surface remains bright for years to come.  

Collimation knobs on the primary mirror cell provide easy collimation adjustment, without tools. 

This 6” model also features a surprisingly good CNC-machined 1.25" Crayford focuser for smooth, accurate focusing and zero image shift.

A fully multicoated 1.25" 25mm Plössl eyepiece is included so views will be clear and sharp, from the outset.  

The Dobsonian base is delivered flat-packed and is easy to assemble. 

Teflon pads in both axis provide smooth movement and tension can be adjusted to achieve just the right amount of resistance.

In Altitude a spring tension system prevents the telescope from moving during eyepiece changes.


  • 152mm (6") Newtonian reflector optics
  • 1200mm focal length
  • f/7.9 focal ratio
  • 22% secondary mirror obstruction
  • Parabolic primary mirror with minimum 93% reflectivity
  • Aluminium and silicone dioxide (SiO2) protective mirror coatings
  • Sturdy primary mirror-cell with easy grip collimation knobs
  • Rigid, steel telescope tube with 4-vane, all metal secondary Spider and adjustable primary cell
  • CNC-machined 1.25" Crayford focuser with non-marring brass compression rings 
  • Smooth, stable Dobsonian mount with Azimuth tension adjustment, 4 slot eyepiece holder and front carry-handle
  • Supplied with fully multicoated 1.25" 25mm Plössl eyepiece
  • 6x30 finderscope

Telescope Field of View Simulator

What's in the box

  • 6" Newtonian Reflector Telescope
  • Dobsonian Mount
  • 6x30 Finderscope
  • 25mm 1.25" Super-Plossl Eyepiece


Model 6" f/8 Dobsonian
Optical design Newtonian Reflector
Aperture 152mm (6")
Focal ratio f/7.9
Focal length 1200mm
Primary mirror BK7 Parabolic primary mirror, minimum 93% reflectivity
Mirror coatings Aluminum and silicone dioxide (SiO2)
Secondary mirror Minimum 93% reflectivity
Secondary mirror holder 4-vane all metal spider
Secondary Mirror Obstruction 22%
Focuser 1.25" Crayford
Mount Dobsonian mount with spring tension control
Finderscope Straight through 6x30
Eyepiece 25mm 1.25" 52º Super-Plossl with 22mm eye-relief
Tube outside diameter 176mm / 6.9"
Tube length 1100mm / 43.3"
Tube weight 9kg / 19lbs 13oz
Shipped size OTA 127cm x 36cm x 30cm / 50" x 14.2" x 11.8"
Shipped size Base 63cm x 63cm x 14cm / 24.8" x 24.8" x 5.5"
Shipped weight OTA 10kg / 22lbs 1oz
Shipped weight Base 13kg / 28lbs 11oz

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StellaLyra 6" Dobsonian Assembly Manual

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