ZWO SeeStar S50 All-in-One Smart APO Telescope & Tripod
ZWO SeeStar S50 All-in-One Smart APO Telescope & TripodZWO SeeStar S50 All-in-One Smart APO Telescope & TripodZWO SeeStar S50 All-in-One Smart APO Telescope & TripodZWO SeeStar S50 All-in-One Smart APO Telescope & Tripod

Steve Ringwood writing for Astronomy Now Magazine.

"... here is a new product joining the serried ranks of robotic telescopes, namely the SeeStar S50 all-in-one smart apo from ZWO. 

Featuring a 50mm, f/5 triplet apochromat, this combined telescope and mount incorporates an electric focuser, digital camera, ASlair intelligent controller, robotic alt-azimuth mount and a filter-switching device. It is all encapsulated into a mean machine weighing just three kilograms, or five kilograms if you include the tripod. 

Using Seestar's app on your smartphone, all you need to do is tell it (using WiFi or Bluetooth) what you want to image and it will do the rest via GPS, on-board sensors and plate-solving the stars in its view. You don't need to polar align or worry about tracking your target. If you have no particular targets in mind, then it will suggest them to you using its list of the night's best objects.

Once you have captured your images, you can use Seestar to directly communicate your success to other astronomers worldwide via AstroNet. All of this technology is available for what seems to me to be an astonishing price."  

About this product

Model:  zwo_seestar
Part Number:  SS S50

The NEW ZWO Seestar S50 is a remarkable product that integrates a telescope, electric focuser, astronomical camera, ASIAIR intelligent controller, altazimuth mount, and filter-switching device into a single unit! With a body weight of only 3 kg! 

Using the mobile app, you can easily capture several sky objects such as the Sun*, Moon, galaxies, and nebulas. 


SeeStar S50
Carbon Fibre Tripod
Solar Filter*
Type-C cable
Quick Start Guide

Minimum device specifications:

iOs/iPadOs:  OS 12 and up, iPhone 6s and later, iPad/iPad mini, iPad A/R, iPad Pro

Android:       OS 8 and up, all Android phones RAM >/= 4GB, Tablets with Android OS RAM>/= 4GB


* IMPORTANT: Never image the Sun without the solar filter fitted! 


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01 July 2024  | 

Although I have seven telescopes, including a mammoth 12" Dob, I absolutely adore the SeeStar. Yes, you don't actually experience photons hitting your optic nerve from celestial sights but what a treat - it sets up in seconds, showing and telling you what to do.
Its incredibly portable and instead of "seeing" a few targets a night, it moves itself to many others - even displaying their position throughout the night.
I am from the old school of planispheres and red dotters. I was even suspicious of GoTos until I got my 8se, but the precious time you save, especially in Wales when you might get an hour of clear viewing, is priceless.
Because it's so cloudy where I live, I'd almost given up on seeing anything at night, so I thought I'd finally be brave enough to go solar. I never would have trusted, even with the very best solar filter, looking at the sun through a telescope but with the SeeStar it is fabulously safe. I bought the Baader filter too, but I like the orange one that comes with it.
Also be sure to purchase the gizmo leveller which is great fun and the lens cap. The photographs you'll get of the sun, moon, galaxies and nebulae are stunning but the planets - forget it. Purchase a mobile phone adaptor and use a telescope or even better, like I did, get the planetary ZWO585 camera. It's fantastic.
Another fun thing about the SeeStar - it even does terrestrial pictures. I can see sheep six miles away hahaha
Seriously though, for beginners or even really old pros like me trying out astrophotography - what a brilliant way to learn at a fraction of the cost of a regular rig.
Forget trying to follow the folded printed instructions to set it up. Watch youtube videos or download the manual and read it several times. You will need to know about your smartphone's WIFI connections and so many instructions assume way too much. If I was sixteen or a computer geek, there wouldn't be any problem at all. But get over that only hurdle and prepare to have incredible fun! Maybe even have it beside your regular scope at the same time. You can even recline in your lounger and run it from inside! What an absolute bargain!

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Works wonders!
30 June 2024  | 

What an amazing piece of kit, and worth every penny. I placed an order with FLO midday Thursday and received the Seestar, just 24 hours later, midday Friday. Setup is easy, the mobile app works a treat, and the images it captures are wonderful. Very pleased with this purchase.

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Superb bit of kit
26 June 2024  | 

I bought the Seestar as I travel a lot with work and can't take my rig with me. Often I am in areas with clear skies and frustrated. Ordered on Monday, arrived 2 days later. Set it up as there was a break in the clouds so I could view the sun. i was totally blown away. I am used to using my scope and camera but the results from this far exceeded my expectations. It will be excellent for beginners as well as more advanced people like myself. Could not recommend it highly enough. Service from FLO was top notch as always! Don't buy anywhere else

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Zwo Seestar S50
20 May 2024  | 

I have just recently got into Astrophotography and this little smart telescope has made that possible. I am amazed at the pictures it produces and it's variable use it provides it does solar, Lunar, Deep sky objects and scenery mode. I have been lucky with a few clear nights and took full advantage of this and got some great pictures of some deep images. Fantastic smart telescope. The delivery from first light optics was very quick ordered it on the Monday and received the telescope on Tuesday before 1pm.

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Seestar S50
12 May 2024  | 

Bought for my husbands birthday. Easy to set up. He loves it.

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Unbelievable machinr
09 May 2024  | 

I have always been fascinated by the night sky, and photography, but I've never owned a telescope. This purchase was my first adventure into astro photography and the results are spectacular. The Seestar S50 is very easy to set up and control with your phone. I'm very much looking forward to darker nights again. I cannot recommend this product enough. It's is awesome 👌

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Excellent product, works straight out of the box
07 May 2024  | 

Excellent product, works straight out of the box. Got perfect picture of the sun within 5mins after setup. Find myself every evening now looking for a break in the clouds wishing they would be gone. value for money and good build and easy to use. Great as Iím a newbie

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Bargain little device
02 May 2024  | 

I was a nay-sayer, it's not a real telescope, it's a toy, And it is a toy,
but it's a marvelous toy, that lets you plop it outside, and start doing EAA (electronically assisted astronomy)
Very impressive little device, very portable, easy to take anywhere.
Mine came with 2 cloud free nights to test it 👍
Recommended device, great to play with whilst my big rig is imaging all night.
Great to take to friends or families houses to show them some night sky objects.
Extremely easy to use, even if you've never done any sort of astronomy.
Bargain, you get a lot for your money.

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02 May 2024  | 

Arrived promptly. Easy to order. Kept up-to-date on order. This is such an exciting technology. I can now photograph deep sky objects from my back garden, with ease. This is a total game changer. A real WOW factor.

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The Seestar S50 is the business!
25 April 2024  | 

What an outstanding item. The Seestar S50 is a brilliant bit of kit. It has opened the world of astronomy/ astrophotography up to the masses and at a reasonable price. Itís easy to use and unlike the usual astronomy kits that you see that take ages to set up, cost a fortune, are complicated to use and take up lots of space, the Seestar is the complete opposite.
Well worth the price and the images are amazing.
It would be wrong of me not to mention that First Light Optics who were a pleasure to deal with, fast and efficient service and delivery.

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