Berlebach Planet for EQ6 & AZ-EQ6, HEQ5 or CGEM mounts

Berlebach Planet for EQ6 & AZ-EQ6, HEQ5 or CGEM mounts

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About this product

Model:  bb-planet-eq6-az-eq6
Part Number:  14020EQ6

Please note: Our price includes rubber feet, accessory tray and double clamps for extra security. 

Wood has a number of properties that make it the ideal material for supporting astronomy mounts. Not only does it look fantastic and is warm to the touch (great for cold winter nights under the stars) but Ash wood in particular has excellent vibration damping characteristics, which is why it is used for hammer handles and Berlebach tripods.

The Planet is Berlebach's most stable stable wooden tripod. Features include large wood cross-sections, newly designed clamping elements and a high load capacity for excellent stability with minimum vibration.

The ultra-flat design of the new tripod head with 105 mm leg joints guarantees maximum torsional stiffness.

If you are familiar only with steel pipe tripods then you are in for a treat! 

Note: The spiked feet shown in photo are not included. 




Weight: 11 kg (24,25 lb)
Transportation length: 96 cm (38 inch)
Minimum height: 88 cm (35 inch)
Maximum height: 126 cm (49 inch)
Load capacity: 100 kg = (220 lb)
Vibration damping: extremely good

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